Creating A Network For Your Graphic Business


How To Start

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Though graphic design is very interesting it can also be complex and tedious and could sometimes lead to great frustration. In order to first be able to work with graphic work you must first have a client to present the work to. Though it may seem very straightforward it is sometimes hard to get a break where you can have a large number of clients that you deal with. Creating that network is not straight forward, you must devise a strategic plan and ensure to incorporate it as much as possible. Word of mouth goes a very long way! The first thing to do is to simply talk about it! Tell people that you are a graphic designer, do not be ashamed. Though you may not be where you would like to be in terms of creating your craft let people know what you do. The more you work on your craft the better and more confident you will become. Put those 1.67 high index lenses  to use when working in front of the screen all day. Some people feel that they will be working close to the screen all day therefore it would not be necessary to wear glasses, but it is important. You may even wear light blocking lenses as well but just make sure that you keep your eyewear on.

That First Client

It is most difficult getting that one client therefore you must go after them and not the other way around. When you finish telling your co-workers, your friends and family members that you are a graphic artist, they would contact you when the need is there but for the mean time what do you do? How about a free-bono? Create a free flyer for someone. Let’s say a friend is getting married or a family member is setting up an event; offer your services and see what happens. Try to offer your free-bono service for an event where lots of people will be attending. The more eyes the better! Ideally you would want to also be an attendee at the event so that when people start asking around they organizer of the even can simply point where you are and tell them that you were the one that took care of the work. In the event that you are not present at the event do not forget to provide a stack of your business cards to the organizer or the one in charge so that they can distribute them when prompted.  It is important to take note of how many business cards were printed and how many cards were distributed so that you have an idea of how many people were interested in your service.

When You Finally Get A Call From Your Client

When That first client finally calls you to ask you for your service be very courteous (as you always should be) and respond right away as you provide them with all the details required as to your functionality as a business. As previously mentioned word of mouth travels very quickly therefore if your service is on point it is just a matter of time before other people start calling you for their graphic design needs as well. Make sure to give it your hundred percent! No half work here, work with all your heart to ensure that they are satisfied with your work.