Computer Repair Cons to Watch Out For


Like some other kind of provider-based totally business in the PC repair industry, there are a small number of humans on the way to pray at the uninformed. Listed underneath are some common laptop restore scams you may need to stay far from. And whilst a lot of these scams are carried out utilizing unlicensed shops and techs, it’s always an awesome concept to be knowledgeable so that you might also spot those rip-offs irrespective of wherein you can go in your PC restore.

Scam # 1.

You told me that your system is a complete loss and cannot be repaired, but the tech or shop occurs to have a used PC that they could sell you cheap. The tip-off here is that if the “tech” wishes your antique machine as a trade-in or to “recycle.” In many cases, the con right is that there is little to nothing wrong along with your gadget. The “tech” then sells you a gadget he got from any person else he pulled this same scam on after fixing something small problem your system had and sells it to the next man or woman he scams. And on and on. In maximum case you grow to be a decrease nice machine then you definitely commenced with, and the “tech” makes a massive make the most of you and the subsequent “repair.”


Scam # 2.

Parts were stolen and changed with low-quality parts. This can take place if the “tech” needs to take the laptop back to their savings or when you go away a laptop at a shop. The scam is they will take your higher quit components and update them with a lower give up the component and then resell your “higher” part(s) to anyone else.

You can avoid this rip-off by asking the “tech” to put in writing an inventory of all the components on your device with serial numbers earlier than you release the machine to be worked on. Also, tell the “tech” you’ll need all of your damaged components lower back if they want to be replaced. This will placed the tech on be aware you’re going to be taking a near examination of their work. If they may no longer stock your machine or don’t supply returned components, then it’s miles a large purple flag, and also, you need to take your system to somebody else.

Scam # 3.

Unlicensed Software. In many instances, humans will lose their software program CD’s & Install Disks, and the “tech” may also offer you a “copy” of the software you need. Much of the time, those are unlawful copies being offered, and you get harmed as you may now not get a guide from the software seller, can’t get many safety updates, and miss out on reductions to future versions of the software program. Also, many Unlicensed Software copies are infected with viruses and spyware.


The “tech” makes massive earnings off of software program he in no way paid for, and you left preserving the bag. If you’re advised, you want a software program to ensure you have become a felony replica with CDs, printed licenses, and product keys. If you have lost your software program, a real tech has to be capable of pointing you to the right area to name or e-mail so that you might also order replaced media at a reduced price. If they’ll now not help, then you definitely it’s a signal you are talking to the wrong “tech.”

Scam # 4.

This is a completely not unusual scam as many issues are software related on computers. It takes an excellent deal of time, knowledge, and enjoyment to learn how to find and fix the many matters that may go wrong with the software. The rip-off here is that the “tech” never even thinks about solving your problems. They reformat your hard pressure and reinstall home windows (normally with unlicensed software). You then instructed that all your information become corrupt, and it becomes the most effective manner to restore your device. The purpose this rip-off is so not unusual is the “tech” best needs to learn how to do two easy matters.

1. Install Windows.

2. Take your money.

This hurts you are 1st you can now not have any criminal software in your device, and second, you have misplaced all your records. Also, gadgets like printers and iPods will not paintings as their software is long past and wishes to be reinstalled. This scam may be very popular with “techs” that declare to be the “most inexpensive around” as they make a maximum of their cash on the extent. They will wipe and re-layout as many structures as they can each day. As they’re no longer “losing” time searching for a problem, they can make lots of brief coins, although their costs are cheap.

You can avoid this scam by using the annoying that you are called with an estimate before any repair is achieved and telling the “tech” they will no longer format your drive without your permission. It is humorous how many “Techs” on being informed will no longer be capable of repairing for something cause. A subset of this rip-off is “refresher upkeep”. This is wherein the “tech” will claim he has all of the software program needed to “refresh” your system to manufacturing unit/new. This is just another way to mention “system wipe,” In maximum instances, they are placed on hacked or stolen software.

Scam # 5.

Free Diagnostics, Flat/Super Low Rates. Could you do your activity all day totally free? No??, Are you certain?
The rip-off right here is dust simple. Once you drag your computer all over town, you’re not going to need to head select it up and ought to locate somebody else to repair it. So the “tech” gets his cash most of the time. And for some peculiar reason, your repair takes place to be extra than their low fee because your gadget or repair is unique in a few ways. Most “flat fee” rates are based totally on what tech would have charged by using the hour for the equal carrier, and in this situation, your restore takes much less time you’re caught paying extra you would have inside the first region.


When all is stated and achieved in the general public of instances, you will pay an actual professional less than many “cheap techs” emerge as getting you for in the end. You get what you pay for. Always hold that during thoughts. Check out any individual or commercial enterprise you propose to rent to restore your PC to your neighborhood BBB and your metropolis commercial enterprise license office, in addition to asking for evidence of any certifications they will declare to have. James Smith is a PC restore expert. He has been within the IT help field for nearly 30 years and owns RenoGeek, a small PC repair and support employer-based in Reno, NV.