Past Life – Wanting to Know Who I Was in My Past-Life


Before we tread into the domain of Past Life... We want to recognize the existing and the destiny carefully. Before indulging in our Past Life, we also want to know the cause of life’s adventure.


Starting from the start… Inside the chronological order because the evolution occurred… We shall find that we began the adventure as an Amoeba (unmarried cellular formation)… This changed into the primary manifestation that happened in the existence of each Human Being. Traveling similarly into the Past Life, we discover the evolutionary dispositions within every residing being that prompted this single-cell formation to multiply into mobile construction and multi-cellular organisms. (All these shape the middle of the past life of each Human Being).


With time… The multi-cellular organism advanced into an insect, then into plants, an animal, and subsequently, a human Being. It takes about 7.3 million manifestations before each journey culminates into the extent of a Human Being. A long journey of approximately eighty earthly million years!

This is not widespread; it is a small journey by our Soul (Atman) current within every dwelling. Here, while speaking of beyond life, we also need to remember that the Soul undertakes the journey within each home being and our body… The appearance form is, but the outer overlaying for every Soul (Atman), which is necessitated for our Soul (Atman), cannot get rid of the trash from inside on its personal. It requires a body for this reason.


Our Soul (Atman) never wants to look back into the Past Life… Then why is it so that the manifest frame… The form of a human being strongly desires to look into the past life again. Knowing thoroughly that it isn’t feasible to retrace our steps and walk into our Past Life… Nonetheless, the preference within most humans to appear back into the Past Life is very robust.

Why is it so… Why do we not get out of the clutches of the remembrances of our Past Life (if any) forever? Is it by any means viable to go back to the Past Life? No, it isn’t using a median human being appearing lower back into the past life; however, some astrologers and those with Tantric powers can appear back into our past life. But to what avail!

Trying to appear lower back into the Past Life consists of no that means… What had we been in our Past Life? What’s our relationship with our Past Life? Perhaps after understanding some incidents of the Past Life, we can exchange our future existence… Is the hope of many, why?

Why do we fail to consider that this phenomenon of reflecting on the Past Life isn’t permitted through God the Almighty? Had it been so… Each Human Being, as a substitute, each residing could have remembered all of the events of the past lives… However, the fact is, without a doubt, unfavorable. We no longer convey faint memories of our past lives when we step into the present lifestyles.

Remember for a second that in case you come to recognize that the first-rate pal of yours in this lifestyle was the cause of your loss of life inside the immediate Past Life… Might you convey the same courting as you are doing it now? Maybe… In no way!

Also, if you recognize that you had been born into the house of your present dad and mom to avenge your demise in one of your past lives… Then what could be your fate in this lifestyle? Would you continue to give equal recognition to your parents… Or perhaps you pass a step in addition and emerge as the reason for your parent’s loss of life on this life!

The total crux of the Past Life is relegated by using the energy of KKarma. KKarma and KKarma on my own play a crucial role from one manifestation to another. The residual balance of our acts and omissions in particular lifestyles is carried to the next lifestyle, simplest through KKarma. As we perform, so shall we get… Not anything extra or less!

Whatever resulted from our in-advance manifestation led us to the subsequent image. If the stability of KKarma resulted in our being born inside the residence of a cobbler… Then, by no means did it become viable that we might have been born in a king’s house. Yet, suppose we desire so inside the gift of life. In that case, we want to perform the KKarma, therefore, in the present lifestyles and most effective if the balance of KKarma within the gift existence on the fag quit of life lets in our being born in the house of a king inside the subsequent manifestation… It shall be so, and none can change our destiny!

On the contrary… If the Karma (the actions performed by us in totality) achieved by us within the gift life demands our being born inside a farmer’s house in the next life, then it shall maintain good… Come, anything might also! None can change the future of any being except the being himself. Even God the Almighty continually acts as an onlooker (Dhrishta, as we call it in Hinduism), never interfering with his work.

The balance of KKarma from one existence to another is handed directly to the next lifestyle via the complex procedure of chromosomes that get activated at some point in the other and father’s union. For this reason, the child incorporates the stability karma of all the preceding lives one has lived. It is like the stability of money owed in a stability sheet carried forward from one year to another. We speak of the year 2004, then we’re best involved with the final stability of the 12 months of 2003 for the last balance of 2002, which was already included within the balance sheet of 2003.

We also need to remember that the existing section of existence is part of the full adventure of eight. Four million manifestations can occur inside a Soul’s life(Atman, as in Hinduism). At the journey’s end, the Soul is liberated forever from the cycle of birth and death… Eventually, the Human Being is stated to benefit from Salvation (Moksha in Hinduism).

The Soul’s adventure from the first manifestation as an ameba to the final manifestation as a Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ, or Prophet Mohammed… It unfolds over most of eight.4 million manifestations. It is solely structured upon every Human Being while one wants to curtail the adventure and attain the Kingdom of Salvation (Moksha).

We additionally need to understand the opposition to the same old practices in account books… A few events of the beyond lives cannot fructify in that particular manifestation or the subsequent. It is viable that the KKarma enacted upon in a specific image can also fructify four expressions later, and that is the cause of all suffering currently on Mother Earth. Why so?

While contemplating close to Past Life… We need to understand that on the spiritual aircraft… We’re passing via something. The section of lifestyles isn’t always based upon the balance of the KKarma of the earlier lives, and the KKarma is completed via us within the present existence by myself. Likewise, it is liable that positive KKarma carried out by us in considered one of our preceding lives may additionally all of an unexpected fructify and break the sport (called Prarabdha KKarma in Hinduism). The vice versa may also take place.


Explaining the principle of Past Life further… We want to remember that we now find that many of those who preserve defy the set styles of society by carrying out a horde of sins but retain to enjoy privileges that need not be available. Explaining this also… This sort of phenomenon is simple for those people in their shops… A huge asset of pious deeds achieved in past life.

Only while the gathered balance of the pious deeds gets nullified in the gift existence shall these humans face the wrath of society. Never before! Tue also discovers precise people wearing out righteous deeds inside the present reality but keep suffering. It is handiest because they have very good negative stability of KKarma from the Past Life in their maintenance, and until this bad balance (from the Past Life) is nullified through the pious deeds of the prevailing life… Such humans can never enjoy happiness.

Recognizing the complex system of the Past Life isn’t always tough, yet trying to get back into the Past Life contains no meaning if we are struggling with the gift lifestyle. We want to perform pious deeds and collect Punya Karma (fantastic balance of KKarma) within the present lifestyles without heeding the Past Life in any way. There isn’t any different way to pop out of the bad past life.

Life has been made like that by God the Almighty. None can undertake his authority. Why brood over the Past Life and destroy the prevailing life? If we’re to get out of the ills faced with USAID on the gift existence, which resulted from the Past Life… The handiest manner is by no means taking into account the past life and concentrating on the affairs of the existing energy to accumulate more and more of Punya Karma (fantastic KKarma) in our choices.

This is the most effective manner out of our Past Life! Why damage destiny by indulging in acts (trying to regress into the past life) adverse to our main satisfied existence within the subsequent manifestation? We want to stay a life of awareness… Our every attempt leads to incomes Punya Karma (an advantageous balance of KKarma) in our desire… The best way to maintain a healthier and fruitful lifestyle! (It is time we stopped questioning what become I in a Past Life)