Six Amazing Ideas to Decorate your Kid’s Room on a Budget


Designing or decorating a kids’ room is unlike working on any other part of the house. Because the kids are at a certain age of fantasy and enthusiasm, inciting the same emotions and feelings is important when they spend most of their time. The best part is you don’t have to shed a fortune to update the room to reflect their personality. You need to be creative and spend time gaining fun-filled inspiration for them. Following are some great ideas to have your kids fall in love with their rooms –

Decorate your Kid’s Room

Add a new coat of paint.

You cannot even imagine how switching from plain white walls to colored ones can make a difference to your kids’ room. It can instantly refresh, inspire, and soothe the ambiance. However, you must pick an appropriate color because children are extra sensitive to the impact of colors. So, opt for shades such as orange, pale yellow, green, pink, or blue.

Use stencils to your advantage.

Using stencils, you can take the looks of the walls a notch higher. It can be either their favorite cartoon character or simple geometrical shapes. Adding them in various colors can add more interest and aesthetic appeal to the room. Also, they can be easily painted over, and new stencils can be used later.

Display their artwork

Suppose your child is a budding artist who always brings their paintings from school, frames them and hangs them on the wall, installs a string around the room, and pegs their drawing pictures to it. That will allow you to add more color and easily swap their older artwork with the new one as they progress.

Glow in the dark ceiling.

Nothing is as fanciful and amusing as adding glow-in-the-dark paint on the ceiling and using some stars and planet stickers on them. By doing that, you can create a glowing night sky effect in their room that they can enjoy while going to bed. Also, move a step further and hang planets (instead of simple stickers) down the ceiling to make it educational and fun at the same time.

Revamp the old furniture.

A practical and budget-friendly way to handle the old furniture in your kids’ room is to paint it. Whether it is the cabinets, wardrobe, study desks, headboards, or bunk beds, spruce them up with the new color scheme. You can choose the tone of the walls or go funky with multi-colors.

Place a bean bag.

Home designers consider the bean bags as spherical marvels that can be placed anywhere your kids want to sit and relax. They are manufactured with light and non-toxic materials and are easily available in various colors and sizes. If you invest in good quality ones, you can see them maintaining their shape and providing commendable comfort for years.