Selection and Maintenance Of Material Handling Equipment 


If you are curious about selecting and maintaining material handling equipment, this article is for you. Please go through it and gather some knowledgeable tips.

Material Handling Equipment Selection 

In the market, you can get a wide range of material handling equipment classified as general purpose and special purpose equipment. The equipment you choose depends totally on your requirements and the conditions of the industry.

Material Handling Equipment


Ithe best equipment only permits smooth and continuous production flow. Suppose you choose the best equipment based on the requirements of your industry. In that case, it helps to reduce the production time, lessens the number of accidents, incurs less fatigue to the operators, and promotes better working conditions. Moreover, it diminishes the cost of material handling.

The following are the factors that are considered for selecting material handling equipment.

  1. Material to be moved.
  2. Type of production machines.
  3. Type of material flow pattern.
  4. Material handling equipment cost.
  5. The lifespan of the equipment.
  6. Amount of maintenance and care required for handling equipment.

Material Handling Equipment Maintenance

It is crucial to take proper care of material handling equipment to prevent the occurrence of points of congestion. The flow of the production line can only be maintained if the material handling equipment is in proper working condition. By far, the best maintenance technique that experts suggest for material handling equipment is Preventive Maintenance. In this, you have to inspect and examine the equipment frequently. Also, never forget to pay special attention to the required equipment. Inspection and examination are essential to ensure no hidden issue leading to a breakdown.
Moreover, while examining the equipment’s performance, don’t forget to check it for minor defects. Ascertain that the equipment is well lubricated and appropriately adjusted and that all the required repairs are done promptly. Moving further, let us discuss three main stages of preventive maintenance, which are as follows.

  1. Inspection – All parts, whether open or covered, are inspected for wear and tear. A pro highly recommends never missing the inspection routine of your industry’s equipment if you want them to serve you for years.
  2. Repair – After a thorough inspection, the parts of the equipment that need improvement are fixed. An expert rectifies all the minor defects.
  3. Overhaul – Overhauling includes dismantling the entire mechanism and replacing all damaged parts.

Lastly, buy the material handling equipment from a trusted source only. It is crucial to purchase premium quality equipment to not wear out easily because of continuous usage and to serve you longer. Also, the seller should have enough inventory of high-quality material handling equipment to meet your industrial needs.