Life is a Boot Camp, But It’s Also a Beach Party With a Beauty and a Bong


Life is, first of all, a Boot Camp. Exercise. Following Orders. Doing what you’re supposed to do to keep away from getting yelled at. Smiling due to the fact you’ve got determined it really works. Not smiling at hateful individuals who don’t like smiling, and getting to know that time and again. Learning the way to pressure, ride bicycles. Remember to run and walk? Probably now not. But existence in all of its magnificence and its “mundaneness” happens through the matrix of repetition—athletic prowess and plowing fields and petting your canine and affectionately loving your fondest one.

Serotonin Starts Building When You Walk

Life is a Boot Camp. But mainly it is a friendly one. However, if you don’t learn how to keep the guidelines, live within the strains, display up at the proper time, do what you said you would do, and pay your bills — you may go through in a high-quality variety of ways. Life is a Boot Camp, but the goal is to supply Divine Marines. The complete aspect is designed FOR you. They say that Serotonin (the extremely experienced true neurotransmitter) starts constructing your frame whilst you walk. Nature itself is telling you to transport. Nature is pronouncing: “Move, you’ll be happy.” You, as a Marine of any variety of viable ranks, because of the repetition of boot camp, will enjoy that extraordinary Pauline word: “afterwords – the peaceful culmination of righteousness.” So — the big point: Boot Camp is ideal for you!!


The Young One

The Repetition of Boot Camp constitutes the structure and the structuring of life. But life is so intriguingly super, other than being repetitious; we should in no way recognize an excessive amount of at the Boot Camp part when you watch a toddler trying to stroll. And it falls so many times you cannot count number all of them. You prevent and stare into their eyes. Their eyes are alive with glowing expectations. Unless they’re truely hurting, they will preserve on preserving on. And then that moment occurs, and their steps develop into piston-firing marches all over the back backyard.


The Old One

And then when you see an octagenarian plodding through each step, preventing arthritis that asks them to end, you see the splendor and class of preserving on and the last energy that lies deep inside the human soul which states — “If I can preserve on, then I am now not lifeless.” And then the step-with the aid of-step, it does not discourage itself it states: “If I maintain on, then I am putting forward my inner electricity!”


The “Beauty” part of lifestyles is nature, certain. Walk around every day and try and soak in the truth that there isn’t a view off of this planet just like the one you see for so many mild years; they can not be named or understood. We can suspend ourselves in absolute marvel over the splendiferous surroundings because we don’t know where the subsequent earth is. We can all enjoy that human beauty isn’t always for the distorted myth-driven, addled mind; beauty is what you notice in all of your friends, cherished ones, spouse and children, and others. Beauty is what your thoughts should have a look at because it etches itself around the canvas of our sizable brains.

Yes, when you see a poster of a young Marilyn Monroe, it is simple to be swept up in life’s classic forms. The female is remarkable because they can do all they do physically, have estrogen, and be absolutely functionally prepared to do all that life throws their manner. And the beauty of the male can be summed up in a sculpture of David, or favored as a younger athlete speeds throughout a discipline, freed from any of lifestyles’ issues because the wind bounces his locks in free abandon.

It is so smooth to intermix intercourse and romance with beauty, and it truly is actual that they’re inextricably knit collectively. But if we had been all sexless and sterile, splendor would nevertheless be splendor. Remember that each one of earth’s lovely wonders is down right here for us. Beauty is made for us, decided by us, and spun through the weave of our eyes’ complexity. It is actually one of the matters that makes existence what it’s far. We must recognize that “ugliness” manifests itself commonly in which destruction and evil have trampled the scene. Beauty consequently turns into a flag, a declaration, and music that says life is working out well.

The Bong

This word starts with a “B,” and the purpose is, to sum up, sensuality in all of its many bureaucracies. The Bong is our pronouncement. We were given a carousel of sensors that wire us in one of this style that we can feel the passing of a tiny breeze, the sound of a fruit fly, and the drunken feeling of so many various substances that you’ll want an encyclopedia.

Before you get your legal sensibilities all in a flight, or your hedonistic impulses burning, prevent for a minute and say to yourself. “On the only hand, one has to now not devour all that lies underneath the South American canopy” — but there may be greater in “heaven and earth than is dreamed of in our philosophy,” as Shakespeare stated. This is a delicate subject matter because of crime and politics, and likely the maximum debatable of the “Life is” subjects; however, that controversy itself tells us that there’s a lot of complexity for us, lots of it we gloss over, a lot of it we moralize over, a lot of it we paint over, a whole lot of it we obscure. Very little of this vast topic falls below quiet attention, and we can go away from it at that.

Ceremony’s Sake

Perhaps the first-class manner of touching upon the “drug” question and the “substance” query is to observe that many things in ancient history have been used in ceremonial conditions. Today, we tend to mass produce; mass eats and becomes completely spent because we “take it to the restriction” while it must be sniffed or sipped. That is touch upon our Age as a lot as it comments on the “Substances.” I recognize one individual who beverages numerous glasses of tequila at certain events. He calls it his ceremonial drink. He by no means drives after those events and is going at it with a close to reverence. He best does this approximately two or 3 instances a yr.

The “Bong” of life is a huge organic assignment too. Many of these materials are harmless at one stage and downright killing at other stages. Then there are tobacco and poppy, which have been the scourge of the species. Again, those issues inform us more approximately ourselves than the materials do. “Many a slip between tongue and lip” is an antique people pronouncing as it shows us the damaging changes that lie at our door constantly. Danger, hazard, and greater danger sit down right after serene, awareness-changing mild inebriation. Life is surely horrifying in this regard. It ought to make us greater reverent, but one way or the other, it has a tendency now not to.

The Beach

The Setting. Ah, sure, WHERE we do, our dwelling has a lot to do with what lifestyles are. Having a “roof over our heads” and getting the simple pleasures of life is any such precious aim. It makes life what we dream approximately. Turning over in our sheets and kissing the only one we adore. Napping on a sun-soaked seashore, screaming madly at a ball sport, chatting around a table at a bar, or soliciting for God’s blessing around a big Thanksgiving desk, all end up the “seashore” of our lives. In poorer countries, homes are constructed of tin and leaves, and urban bricks and scrap wooden. Not to compare systems, but the “seaside” tells us that a satisfied own family can stay in a tiny cube, and a howling angry couple can echo their epithets in a ten,000 rectangular foot citadel. “Here on this planet have we now not persevering with the region,” as is said in the Book of Hebrews, and this announcing does make us grateful for the homes and homes that we do have.


It Is Sure We Can Take Nothing Out…

Life is for our Training. It isn’t always for grabbing the first-class car or planting ourselves inside the nicest residence. It isn’t for redecorating or cluttering our seashore with excellent bongs and beauties that don’t recognize our names. It isn’t always a Boot Camp for purchasing out; it’s miles a Boot Camp for stepping into. The Boot Camp and the Bong with the Beauty at the Beach aren’t fed on by using. It is for our peaceful delight. When we, without a doubt, inhabit them around the physical and mystical nature around, we may be thankful daily, however now not taken in by using all of it.

For actually, anybody’s Boot Camp, Bong, Beauty, and Beach are one of a kind. That makes the whole prospect of residing extra amusing, extra variety-filled, and extra richly textured. Then as opposed to living in envy, we will stay in a state of surprise that there’s enough for all of us if we’d flavor it and appreciate it. Then when we “work out our salvation with worry and trembling,” it’ll be because we were in a regular state of reverence over all of it: The Camp, the Beach, The Beauty, and the Bong. “Mazel Tov” (Jewish Phrase). May the starry cover above you display itself wondrously over your Life.