Things You Can Do to Turn Your Closet Clutter into Money


Recommerce or the act of reselling used items isn’t new. But it has gained popularity, thanks to the digital age. With more people selling their used items online, recommerce is continuously growing, with the fashion side making up 49% of the market. Reselling used items benefits both consumers and sellers. Consumers get the thrill of rare finds, while sellers get to make money from items they no longer need. To successfully sell your pre-loved fashion items such as clothes, shoes, and accessories, you will need to work hard on attracting customers. In this post, we’ll look at simple ways to get your resale store up and to run and stand out from the crowd.

Closet Clutter into Money

Sort, Check, and Clean

The first thing you need to do is sort the items you want to sell and do a quality check. Try putting yourself in your customers’ shoes. You wouldn’t want to buy something worn out, would you? Check clothes for loose threads or buttons and repair them. For shoes, make sure that their laces and soles are not worn out. If they are, replace them to improve the shoes’ condition. Use deodorizers to remove any unpleasant smell. For accessories such as bags and glasses, check for any damage and repair where possible. And don’t forget to clean all items. When reselling your pre-loved things, you need to make sure that they’re in the best condition possible.

Take Photos of Your Items

After sorting and cleaning your items, you need to take photos of your product listings. You could take mirror selfies to show your customers what the clothes, shoes, and accessories look like when worn. This way, your potential buyers could imagine themselves wearing those items. ; If you don’t want to be in the photo, you could take photos of your items hanging on a wall. You could even decorate it for a nicer backdrop. For instance, you could get a few sheets of colored paper and any paper cutting tool. Cut the paper into tiny pieces and stick them on the wall to create a patterned background. Try flatlays as well. Put your clothes, shoes, and accessories on a flat surface such as a bed or a table. The floor works, too! You could even add props such as sunglasses and books to make the photos more appealing.

Price Your Items Fairly

As mentioned earlier, the recommerce industry is very competitive. So you need to price your items wisely. If you’re not sure how to price your items, do a bit of research. Check the prices of similar items on different online marketplaces, especially the ones you plan to use. Please note the lowest and most expensive prices you’ve found and use them as benchmarks in pricing your items. Also, consider the condition and popularity of the items you’re trying to sell.

Launch Your Items to the World

The next step is to choose your resale platform and post your items for sale. For each product listing title or subject, use relevant keywords to find your items easily. It would help if you also wrote detailed descriptions. Include their measurements and colors. If you’re selling more than one stock of an item, specify the number of available stocks. You could also include when you bought the items or how many times you’ve used them, if applicable. Be very honest about the level of wear of your items, and specify other issues as well. This transparency will hinder disputes during and after the sale. Lastly, proofread your listings before you upload them. Spelling errors can make possible customers click away.

Get the Word Out

Once you’re all set, it’s time to promote! Start with a word-of-mouth campaign. Send personal messages to your friends and family, and invite them to visit your online store. If they say they’re not interested in buying, try asking them to share your site with people they know. You can also promote through social media. With over 240 million active social media users in the U.S., it’s a great platform to attract potential customers. Post photos of your items and use hashtags to widen your reach. If you have the budget, you can maximize social media by boosting your posts or running ads. This is especially helpful if you’re just getting started. There’s no better time to start selling your pre-loved and used items online than now. Instead of letting your old things gather dust at home, you can sell them online and earn extra money with only a few steps.