One Of The Best Realtor WordPress Themes For Real Estate Agent Websites


Do you realize what I love? I like getting a purchaser inquiry through my enterprise’s internet site. My enterprise website is one of the most cost-effective advertising activities I undertake. The purpose is so price-effective that I don’t pay for a high-priced internet site with hefty ongoing charges.

Web Posting Mart

Instead, I use a WordPress subject that I set up in less than a 1/2 hour. After that, I introduced hundreds of excellent content materials such as pics, articles, and films. This content material ranks properly inside the search engines, and I benefit from an exceptional deal of new commercial enterprise through this less expensive website.

Any business or expert can effortlessly build a high-changing website (turning internet site traffic into customers) using a WordPress theme. Realtors are no exception. In truth, there are WordPress issues constructed, in particular for realtors. One of my favorite realtor WordPress subject matters is AgentPress by way of StudioPress.

More than one actual property agent website equals more business. Beyond searching top-notch, while you use a WordPress subject from StudioPress, you can construct as many real property websites as you want with a single subject buy.


Why would a realtor want a couple of internet sites?

Let me illustrate with an instance. Suppose you sell each condominium and indifferent home in a city location. You recognize the demographics of those people. You additionally know that the blessings provided with the aid of a condo and detached domestic are extraordinary. Instead of writing about each on a single internet site, why not have one website online committed to condominiums in your area and some other webpage committed to detached homes? You can spoil it similarly, including waterfront, estates, homes for beneath $ hundred 000, and so on.


These separate microsites serve two important purposes. First, you seem like a condo professional. Second, you may target condominium consumers less complicated while your website is devoted to condo consumers and sellers.

I can let you know that the nicest aspect I discovered in jogging an offline provider-based commercial enterprise is gaining knowledge of building my websites and blogs. I even have numerous websites that concentrate on every form of customer. Now to the heart of the problem – the AgentPress Theme Overview

This realtor WordPress subject matter is built on the StudioPress Genesis Framework, which offers high-quality flexibility, customization, and extraordinarily smooth-to-use features.

You do not want to know any coding language of an internet site to get an incredible and convenient place going. At the same time, you use a WordPress subject matter, such as a subject matter designed particularly for realtors.

Real Estate Listings Search Function

The AgentPress subject by StudioPress is a perfect WordPress subject for realtors / real estate sellers because it’s designed to propose listings. You could also incorporate a weblog; your traffic can search your listings with multi-variable belonging search characteristics.

Because this is a WordPress theme, you can upload as much content as you want on any occasion without understanding any PC / HTML code. In truth, you can get this theme to your real property enterprise up and stroll without knowing any PC / HTML code. It’s particularly smooth to use and expert searching.

Search engine Marketing Ready

This realtor WordPress topic has a built-in SEO configuration panel, making it very easy to optimize your actual property’s internet site and weblog for search engine rankings correctly. Nevertheless, you want to perform a little off-site search engine marketing or rent it out. However, the on-site search engine optimization is very smooth to configure with AgentPress subject by WordPress correctly.

Navigation Made Easy for Your Prospective Real Estate Clients

The Genesis Framework offers numerous methods to personalize the navigation menus for your internet site and blog. Additionally, the AgentPress theme provides a property search function that is right for having your website visitors seek your property listings.

Ramp Up Your Realtor Marketing With Built-In Twitter

AgentPress includes a built-in Twitter widget that you may connect to your Twitter feed so your posts and tweets are tweeted to your fans. If you are into social media marketing, this is a must-have function on all your realtor websites.

Incredible Property Photograph Display Options

Your complete domestic page with AgentPress is your featured domestic gallery. You can add pics of your listings together with asset descriptions. You also have the option to have large featured property listings on the top of the home page that may be configured as a slide display, creating a dynamic-looking website.

What if you want a WordPress weblog?

Perhaps you already have a longtime realtor website with all your listings. If this is the case, recollect starting a blog or an estate WordPress internet site on something topical that targets your potential customers. It would help if you wrote a blog about nearby groups, sights, colleges, the economic system, indifferent domestic prices, rental-dwelling, and staging.

If that is wherein you desire to take your realtor advertising and marketing, recall any individual of the StudioPress WordPress subject matters (my preferred WP subject developer via some distance). You convert many topics into a private weblog without difficulty or using the default format.

What I Don’t Like About AgentPress

I must minor court cases approximately AgentPress. They are:

You can’t do multi-variable searches for listings. For example, if your traveler needs to search via rate and range of bedrooms, it can’t be carried out unless you install the “custom search” WordPress plugin and configure it for searches. However, suppose you join a listing carrier with an iframe code (or if your list provider offers a code for putting for your website). In that case, you may insert it for your WordPress subject and then have your full list seek the capability to set up on your realtor WordPress subject website. The drop-down menus may be sticky.

More approximately, the Genesis Framework.


1. Customization:

You can customize your footers, headers, and sidebars.

2. Generous license granted:

You are not confined to using AgentPress in the best area. You can build as many realtor websites as you want.

3. Featured Posts characteristics:

You can list your blog and submit titles on your house page and sidebar. For instance, when you have a chain of weblog posts, you may desire to make it very easy for your website traffic to peers; you may list them on your property web page and sidebar very easily inside the widget panel.

4. Widget pleasant:

Widgets in WordPress allow you to access a lot of content (text, pictures, and video) in various locations – any place the devices are configured. The Secret has a WordPress subject matter that gives many widget locations. AgentPress (and many StudioPress issues) offers many widget places, which provides you with big flexibility in quickly and easily putting all types of content material on your website.

5. Support:

The StudioPress discussion board is extraordinarily active. I recognize this because I’m on it weekly, getting recommendations and thoughts and helping build and customize my subject matter. There’s a restriction to the layout help you may acquire, but the StudioPress-accepted moderators are very prompt in answering questions.