Three Different Ways Of Getting A WordPress Blog Up And Running


This text aims to outline three unique methods of getting a WordPress weblog up and running. WordPress is loose blogging software, has many benefits, and is supported via a huge customer and developer network.

World Scoop

  • A “blog” is abbreviated from the term “weblog,” a form of online diary or journal.
  • Since their creation some years ago, blogs have been used for several purposes. To call some, those encompass:
  • – teens setting their thoughts and ramblings online
  • – hobbyists giving updates about their pastimes and passion
  • – human beings staying updated with pals in distant places
  • – expert bloggers updating particular niche products
  • – multinational organizations (MNCs) consisting of Microsoft & General Motors the usage of blogs as an advertising tool


Like a website, a blog has an international reach. However, preserving a blog is far cheaper, faster, and virtually less difficult than a conventional website. A blog’s content may be easily updated by submitting quick or long articles (typically blog posts) via an easy-to-use graphical interface. As a blog’s content is updated frequently, it appeals to human readers and ships hungry for clean content.


We install a bloggingneedtware program or platform to establish a weblog. Free software like Blogger and WordPress and paid systems like Moveable Type and Typepad exist. Blogger is owned by way of Google. It’s free and possibly the best way to create a weblog and your first submission within minutes! However, its functions are relatively constrained.

Thus, WordPress is a superb opportunity if you are seeking out loose running a blog software program. As it’s open-source software, it is supported by a massive community of customers and developers who assist each new and experienced Blogger. Not simplest function wealthy – it helps categories, pages, and trackbacks, to call some – it’s miles continuously being up to date through its center software program and through software plugins, which might be bonus software program components that extend the fundamental functionality of WordPress. For greater records, visit WordPress.Org.

Here are three different ways to get a WordPress blog up and jogging:

1) Via WordPress.Com

2) Via WordPress.Org

3) Via CPANEL’s Fantastico


Like Blogger, you may get your WordPress weblog and first put it up and jog within several minutes through! This online website is meant for humans to get a WordPress flavor without having to go through the fairly worried method through WordPress.Org (see the section underneath). If that is the primary time you have become your WordPress weblog up and walking, you need to give this a shot.

It’s as clean as going to WordPress.Com, clicking the button that asserts “Get a WordPress Blog Now>>” or something like that, and following the instructions there. And then, you start posting!

In this case, your WordPress blog could be hosted on and unfastened. Therefore, you do not want your very own web host. The simplest drawback is that there are boundaries, such as not installing your themes or plugins.


Instead of hosting your blog on, you could set up WordPress on your web host. (Of course, in this example, you need to have your web hosting account, preferably with a version of “CPANEL” and a clean-to-use graphical control panel to manipulate your internet host.)

Setting up the WordPress weblog incorporates the three major steps below.

Step 1: Visit WordPress.Org and download the WordPress installation files, which can be loose (considering it is an open-source software program noted earlier). Run your compression software (along with Winzip) to expand the files to your tough disk as the documents are compressed.

Step 2: Run your File Transfer Protocol (FTP) software and connect it to your internet hosting account. Then, upload the setup files to the area (if you have a couple of domain names hosted) and folder in which you want your WordPress blog mounted.


Step three: This step will be hard for the non-techie type if they manage to live on Step 2! You log into the CPANEL of your net host and create and configure your MYSQL database. After this, you must configure some documents to finish your setup.

Next, release your browser to access your weblog and begin making your 1st post by jogging the “wp-admin.Php” script that has been mounted. As you can see, this is the “every day”; however, it is a very tedious way of putting your WordPress blog in place. However, the effort you burn up is profitable as you could configure all WordPress factors, like installing the topic you want and adding HTML codes to include Google AdSense on your blog to earn some income.


Again, you put in WordPress for your net host, but this time through FANTASTICO. In this situation, it is not only necessary to have your web website hosting account, but it MUST include a model of “CPANEL” that provides for “FANTASTICO” – an advanced script installer that automates a 1-click WordPress setup! (Actually, a few clicks are wished.)

With FANTASTICO, all of the three steps above are automatic for you. All you need to do is log into the CPANEL of your web host and then click on the FANTASTICO icon, a smiley face. In the next display, click on “WordPress” and then click on “New Installation.” FANTASTICO will open a shape, and you fill in a few things like which domain (if you have more than one domain hosted) and which folder to install. Once you’ve typed within the data and pushed a button, FANTASTICO will deploy WordPress in a few seconds!

How is that possible? That’s because the installation documents are already at your internet host. This saves you time as you don’t need to download them from WordPress.Org, make them bigger, and upload them to your web host. Likewise, the database is robotically created and configured for you. Next, release your browser to get admission to your blog and start making your 1st submission by going for walks on the “wp-admin. Personal home page” script setup.

As you can see, that is the “favored” method of getting a WordPress weblog up and running within minutes. However, you may have all the advantages of configuring all factors of WordPress, including adding Affiliate Programs easily (including and Google AdSense to make a handsome profit month after month!