Advantages Of Using WordPress For Your Blog


Your marketing is to reach the right man or woman with the proper message through the right medium at the appropriate time. But many entrepreneurs get caught up in information like color schemes, the name of their URL, the usage of the right magic phrases, and selecting the pleasant font. After I began out, I also got caught up in the info.

This info is crucial and helps optimize your efforts; however, in case you’re saying the incorrect matters to the wrong crowd through the wrong medium at the wrong time. All the fancy and high-quality information will not count number in any respect. In this article, I will share the four critical advertising Rs’ to make you a sniper rifle in hitting the proper goal.


Right Person

To lay the inspiration for the relaxation of your advertising decision, you need to understand your target market. When entrepreneurs speak about the target market, it is a method of finding the proper individual. The right target market is divided into categories:

Demographic –

This statistics method is categorized by human beings’ age, area, career, intercourse, and income.

Psychographic –

This information defines humans primarily based on their hobbies, such as individuals who collect stamps or the kind of sports that human beings play. You can accumulate lots of these portions of facts on your internet site or test out methods after purchasing something from you. You can also ship a short survey to your customers via e-mail and offer an incentive or unique report if they fill it out, or you could additionally keep in mind arranging what is called a focal point organization where you gather a small institution of 15 to 25 of either your customers or your ability clients and probe deep into their minds to find out what makes them tick.


Here is an exciting true tale that you might need to know:

BMW asked all their clients to mail them snapshots of themselves in the front of their newly bought vehicle. You see, clients thought they desired to see how glad they had been in front of the recently purchased car, but to be sincere with you, they hung them in a room and used them for research. You will ask what sort of studies they are doing with those images. You see, for them to have a clean photograph of the precise candidate to target, they need the one’s pix. Clever?

Right Message

Once you can apprehend who you are talking to, you can start to understand their cause factors. In case you don’t know what trigger elements approach, it method emotional buttons with clients that get them to take action. You see, humans are emotional creatures. We purchase with our emotions and then attempt to rationalize them later with good judgment. If you can discover what they want and what drives them to shop, you may begin talking about those emotions in your advertising messages. Let’s think about the last thing you purchased for yourself; what became the promoting factor or message that pressured you to take action? You can truly do an “Ask Campaign” to discover the right news for PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and ask them what’s critical to them. If your installation is correct, they will reply with the solution to their cause points. It would help to discover which target market normally dangles out at the net. Post a query and spot how they reply.

Right Medium

The maximum number of people will use the Internet to talk to our target audience because it could frequently have the largest go-back on investment and lowest fee access. But think again, what if your audience is an antique person who hardly ever logs onto the net? You see, you want to understand the pros and cons of other mediums and the way they work. As you should understand, a few target audiences may be net-savvy; others can also examine newspapers or revealed books. So, if you can apprehend the everyday recurring of your target audience, you may begin to use more than one medium to talk to them. It would help if you hit them at the right time, but you may also need to recognize a way to attain them. Below are a few examples apart from the Internet:

Direct mail
Yellow pages
Now, all people will probably use the Internet, and due to that, we need to break this down also. Below is some example of mediums on the Internet:

Social Networks
Let me ask you a question. Do you have got the “top hand” together on your blog?
If you’ve already used WordPress for the weblog, yes, you do, and I will let you know why.

1- WordPress Is A CMS

Most humans assume WordPress is simply another blogging platform or software program. Try not to think of WordPress as “running a blog” software because you may use it when you need to create a blog.


WordPress is simple; however, the CMS or Content Management System can be used for static websites, e-commerce sites, corporation websites, and more. You name it. All you want to do is discover the proper subject, and you could get it unfastened on the Internet and the ethical guidelines on how to turn it right into a CMS.

2- WordPress is Scaleable

It can add thousands of pages to your blog. Start with some pages, and in a year, circulate up to fifteen,000. WordPress can deal with this easily, and you can even add more functions to improve WordPress’s capabilities using plugins. You also can easily get these types of WordPress plugins unfastened on the net.

3- WordPress is Open Source

Have you heard of the period “Open Source” and what it is? You do not pay each person royalties or month-to-month expenses besides your website hosting business enterprise and domain name to run WordPress. I think once in a while, human beings don’t comprehend the potential of “Open Source.” Imagine McDonald’s sharing their recipe with you and permitting you to add and improve their primary product without many regulations. Isn’t it cool? How I wish you could see the capacity right here. That’s the power of it! Without difficulty, you can hire a person to modify your WordPress weblog and turn it into anything you want. The potentials are unlimited, and you do not pay anybody any royalty or meaningless fees. That’s the top hand and the advantage for you for using WordPress! By the manner, I am speaking about self-hosted WordPress and now, not the free WordPress account at WordPress.Com

Right Time

This is hard to govern; as you already know, you virtually can’t force the proper time on humans. But wait, you could create the appropriate time with a “Once In A Life Time Offer” or “This Weekend Only Sale.” You see, by letting customers know that there may be an expiration date to the sale or a constrained delivery of products, you can create an experience of urgency to assist in making it the right time for your customers. If all of these four Rs’ are in an area, you may have a fast sale and be powerful along with your cash. Take this second to assume how you will apply these four advertising and marketing Rs’ to grow your income exponentially.

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