An Introduction to Universal Law


Law is a vibration set into a region as a regulatory agency to assist humankind in their private increase and within the direction of their lives. Every Universal Law vibration was established at precisely the identsament and has never altered through even one beat in its primary structure. This Law can enlarge or agree in stature and scope but not in simple principle.

Universal Law is an increasing and contracting vibration, usually in movement. Each man or woman is accountable for his interpretation of the regulation and its application in his existence. If mistakes have been made after a workout, they could be corrected by every other action, known as karma. This constitutes the growth of Mankind. These legal guidelines were assimilated to stimulate your minds and to assist you in figuring out your truth.

Law is not a restrictive measure as it is a guiding principle to choose a proper course to avoid errors in pursuing your cause in life.Universal Law

Law becomes not hooked up to punish or cast off from people. Law is now not meant to ‘confine’ humans or keep them down in any manner. Law is statistics that have been given to Mankind to assist them in beginning a direction with the course. It should be considered because it is the primary tool in Mankind’s adventure to religious focus instead of something to be avoided and rebelled against.

When we think of Universal Law, we consider the Ten Commandments or the Laws of Moses because they are the primary laws that relate to Mankind right here on Earth. One can not come to phrases with the role of Universal Law in their lives and religious basis without first coming to terms with some other issue properly: do you trust that this planet is the simplest planet inside the universe with ‘existence’ on it? Are we the only species God ever created, the most effective species to which the regulation applies?



Every planet inside the universe that consists of lifestyles – life as we know it and as it’s miles unusual to us – has a fixed set of legal guidelines relating to the civilizations on that precise planet. Laws are not designed to be used on a prevalent foundation, for, as we said in advance, variations inside the regulation – as it is understood and applied using the souls on any given degree of consciousness – are important to house the various energy tiers determined with the aid of the planetary level of cognizance.

Looking at the physical lifestyles we enjoy here on Earth, we can see that the planet’s vibrations range up and down depending on the dominant cultures and the dominating cultural reality as centuries pass. The Law changes, expands, and contracts in a good way to adapt to the boom and the requirements of societies. This adaptability enables the Law to be like-minded with, instead of contradicting, the codes of the society wherein we live.

The Law Is Not ‘Carved In Stone’

UnAst became set into the vibrational lifestyles millennia ago; haUniversal Law has changed, grown, and advanced with Mankind’s degree of consciousness. As the level of focus rises, the want for trade inside the Law additionally rises. As the Law changes, the room at no cost expression increases, leaving the obligation of the person to make exact aware selections greater. With consciousness and knowledge comes a heightened sense of responsibility for the truth we create through our day-to-day interactions with others.

This isn’t to say that the regulation fluctuates; what fluctuates is your understanding of the Law at any given point in any shared life will become more obvious to you, and, as a result, your knowledge of the Law in greater intensity could make it seem that the regulation itself is ‘increasing.’ When society moved away from spirituality in those historical eras, it might have appeared that the regulation ‘contracts.’

In reality, Universal Law does no longer range. It has brilliant flexibility in its scope and first-rate differentiation in the manner it’s miles being general and carried out by Mankind. However, the regulation itself in no way varies. The stability of the Law itself is the simplest way to ensure uniformity of the pattern of boom for all souls at each stage of existence.

This uniformity of the regulation keeps the ‘divine order’ of the universe. That way, the whole lot that occurs in your existence is consistent with Universal Law; there aren’t any injuries relating to your religious experiences. It approaches that the entire lot in your life takes location at exactly the right time, exactly how it wishes to take vicinity.

In different phrases, as your soul grows and develops, the regulation should increase to house your increase. You get hold of, at the early level of your improvement, a ‘partial regulation.’ As you develop, more and more of the scope of the total regulation is found to help you understand and comprehend the Law.

Understanding and applying Universal Law to at least one’s day-to-day way of life is not restrained to people. The scope of know-how is nicely accelerated on the group, cultural, and planetary degrees.

Law as opposed to Free Will and Conscious Choice

The objective of each soul is to acquire an awareness level of union with God, to stay their lives on what we call ‘a degree of God-consciousness.’ For many people, dwelling their lives in line with Universal Law offers complicated emotional obstacles, most of which are associated with the difficulty of free will. How can a person express their unfastened preference and simultaneously give themselves as much as the higher energy at play in their lives?

When and if the time comes inside a given lifetime with a purpose to area your whole being and welfare within the fingers of the Creative Source – while you are asked, on an inner conscious degree, to stroll His direction as opposed to the route of your emotional choosing, and allow Him to manual and launch you thru your internal connectedness to the essence of God Himself – a release is effected. You’re now not responsible only to yourself. Within your relationship with God, you’re One with the Creative Source, and your obligations are joint duties. This truth applies to every motion you undertake in the course of the path of the balance of your lifestyles.

To many people, this process of turning into One with your God essence is considered a relinquishing of ‘loose will.’ Is it? What are we giving up? Are we letting go of these factors of ourselves, or are we establishing ourselves as much as the possibility of mixing of cause and could with God Himself that expresses our Oneness with God on a chronic foundation? Introduction

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