Left-Brain Blogging for Right-Brain Marketers


Question: What do writers, holistic professionals and social entrepreneurs all have in commonplace?

Answer: They tend to be right-brain dominant.

Scientists inform us that the left facet of our mind is used for sequential wondering, speech, analysis and organized thought. The proper facet of the brain is used for creative thinking, worldwide perspectives, imagination, and innovation. After running for extra than four decades inside the innovative industries, an extra seven years as a coach and representative for holistic practitioners, and extra current paintings with social marketers, it’s far my statement that all of these people have a tendency to think in summary ideas — commonly associated with proper mind thinking. They are concept-driven people. They have a vision, usually driven with the aid of an emotion, and they work passionately — often tirelessly — to carry that vision down to earth.


The problem with that is that visions do not continually translate well while a right-brained individual is trying to speak them to others. Making their visions comprehensible to others may be a primary venture for individuals who see and revel in the arena thru the lens of abstractions, beliefs, and values. And making our visions comprehensible to others is what advertising is all about. This is one of the motives (there are many others) why visionaries often find advertising to be a daunting venture.



Why Blogging is Part of the New Marketing Paradigm

One of the most powerful varieties of new paradigm advertising is running a blog. Some people may surprise why I remember blogging to be a shape of advertising, so permit me to give an explanation for my reasoning. I believe advertising and marketing are virtual ‘the act of speaking the message that we have something of the cost to share’. It’s not approximately ‘promoting’; it’s about communicating. Blogging is, in my view, the way new paradigm marketers ‘sell without selling’. It is the manner of specific thoughts, shares information, gives advice, establishes believe AND engage in a communication with our target market.

It’s my statement that many new bloggers mistakenly assume running a blog is an ‘anything is going’ activity. That might be high-quality if your only aim in running a blog is to use it for non-public creative expression, but if you need to use blogging as an advertising and marketing tool, you can not use an ‘anything is going’ method. Here are the three most not unusual mistakes I see proper-brained human beings make after they weblog:

Blogging ‘every time they feel adore it’ in place of constantly and often
Blogging without an over-arching message or reason
Blogging in a circulate-of-consciousness way (just like the way they think)
Below, I’m going to study every of those errors, and provide my very own ‘concrete’ recommendation on how to turn them around, so your blogging can become a powerful advertising device.

The Value of Having a Regular Routine

In my enjoy, right-brained people tend to be pushed through ‘feelings’. This approach they generally tend to eschew routines, preferring to engage in creative activity whilst ‘they feel find it irresistible’. When they’re no longer in the right mood for something, they really don’t do it. While they could think this exercise brings authenticity to their paintings, it is my commentary that it could often hinder them from getting initiatives done and from setting structures in a vicinity that can assist construct their business enterprise.

The different commonplace trait amongst innovative, proper-brained human beings is that they tend to have plenty of plates spinning in the air immediately. They seem to need a variety of stimulation to be glad, and as a result, say ‘yes’ to plenty of projects. The end result is that they may be spread too skinny, and regularly forget to depart the ‘me time’ they need to do things like writing content material for their weblog. And because they don’t have a commitment to a machine of regular blogging, they don’t hassle to create time to do it.

If you wish to apply running a blog as a method of advertising and marketing you MUST build it into your ordinary business routine via assigning precise days on which you will WRITE and PUBLISH your articles. Make a schedule and decide to it. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too much commitment. Commit to 2 weblog posts a month to start and increase to one or posts a week after you have gotten used to the everyday exercise.

Having an every day running a blog recurring facilitates develop your AUDIENCE. When humans recognize your writing patterns, they’ll look for your posts and subscribe to your blog. If you do not display any consistency, your readers will experience no incentive to live in touch with you. I even have seen it personally in my very own blogging. I lately modified my own blogging agenda to make sure I blog twice per week, and my readership has TRIPLED in the ultimate 60 days. This has now not only impacted my subscriber list, but it has additionally increased my book sales and my ReTweets on Twitter. Creating a routine is one small exchange that could make a big difference.

The Value of Having a Message and Purpose

Many proper-brained enterprise owners will blog on incredibly aimless subjects. Others suppose running a blog is just about speak approximately their commercial enterprise. NEITHER is actual. Your blog desires to have a clear, definable, over-arching cause and message. For example:

The over-arching cause of one in all my blogs is to offer insight and assist in moral advertising exercise for social marketers.

The over-arching message of that equal weblog is that ‘we will heal humanity and the planet by using converting the way we sell’.
As such, EVERY article written both by way of me or guest members on my own blogs ought to deal with its over-arching motive or the message (or both). Being steady approximately your motive and message help grow your BRAND. You would possibly think you’re ‘repeating’ yourself however you might not be. Engage your right mind questioning and examine all of the innovative methods you may ship the identical message the use of exceptional phrases and specific ideas.

For instance, certainly one of my clients is a poet along with her first poetry ebook coming out the subsequent month. She’s been struggling to determine out what to write about in her blogs, and how they could help build a studying target audience for her books. So I advised that she undergo each of the poems in here book and pick out the over-arching message in each one. Then, she can smash that over-arching message into or 3 exceptional points. Each of these factors can end up a blog topic. If she does this for even simply 10 poems, she’ll have 20-30 topics. If she writes one blog submit every week, this list will take her through the subsequent six months of running a blog. Imagine how combining this plan with an ordinary blogging practice will construct both her target audience and her logo (and over-arching) message. This will, in the end, pay out in book sales, mainly as she brings more poetry books out over this coming year.

The Importance of Structure

This point has to do with the WAY many proper-brained human beings write. Unfortunately, I even have located that many people with the maximum stunning vision cannot present their ideas in a biased manner, either in communique or in writing. This is very frustrating for them, due to the fact they can not understand why other human beings can’t see what they’re seeing. This is a BIG trouble and calls for a lot of extra advice than I can put right into a sin