7 Amazing Things to do in Barbados, Caribbean


Barbados is one of the most visited spots for active travelers, with plenty of historic homes, sporting events, and golf courses. This is a relatively small island, stretching just over 20 miles in length, but the size isn’t everything and with some great destinations pitted against white sand backdrops,


You can spend your entire vacation in one of the villas on the beach in Barbados and experience the best relaxation you’ve been looking for while appreciating the stunning surroundings that will truly surprise you at every turn. You’ll be amazed and discover plenty of ways to spend your time as the sun continues to shine. Whatever you’re looking for, peace, sports, or nature, Barbados has everything, and if you’re looking for more information, here are some of the top things to do in Barbados.

Barbados’ Gardens

From Barbados’ sugary sand coast, walk inland, and you’ll find this island abundant in amazing tropical gardens. The horticultural scene in Barbados is booming with diversity and color. You can visit one of the most popular gardens in Barbados, the Andromeda Botanical Gardens, adorned with medicinal plants, orchids, and palms. At the same time, Fisher Pond House has a paved promenade decorated with petunias, hibiscus, roses, and beautiful water features.

Welchman Hall Gully

This three-quarter mile-long gully is great for all hikers. It is in a collapsed cave in Central Barbados, St. Thomas Parish. This tropical, luscious forest manifests the island’s deep love and understanding of plant life, natural history, and cultural heritage. A gully created this and is home to native plants and towering trees. The natural beauty of this place will surely give you the feeling of enchantment. Wake up early in the morning, as it is the best time to visit this spectacular scene when the chattering troop of Green Monkeys is fed. You can see this place on your own, but another option is to join a guided tour to hear some fascinating facts and stories about the site and its history directly from the knowledgeable guide.

Harrison’s Cave

Harrison Cave is located in the central uplands of Barbados, in the parish of St. Thomas. This popular attraction in Barbados is one of the most magnificent natural wonders. Inside this cave, you’ll have the chance to explore these dark, exciting caves full of stunning stalagmites and stalactites. This cave is best characterized by the amazing streams that flow through the caverns and the crystal-clear pools that reflect the limestones’ spectacular formation.

South Coast Boardwalk

South Coast Boardwalk stretches across Hastings Beach. This scenic boardwalk runs from fancy Bridgetown to Rockley Beach along the south coast. Built parallel to the powdery sands of Hasting Beach, you can take a walk to experience this amazing view of the South Coast Boardwalk. Here, you’ll see phenomenal ocean pictures lined with bars and restaurants. The best way to appreciate the views of this boardwalk is to stroll during sunset, which will surely take your breath away. Once you’ve reached the end of this boardwalk, ride a taxi to Oistin’s Fish Fry and enjoy succulent tuna, flying fish, mahimahi, and swordfish. While waiting for your food, explore the arts and crafts stalls and listen to calypso tunes.


With the abundance of stunning, azure waters, it’s easy to find perfect diving spots on this gorgeous island’s coast. Plunge into the pristine reefs of Barbados underwater, and you’ll experience amazing marine life. You can also find some leatherback turtles gliding through the waters and dolphins happily playing together. Reef sharks and schools of flying fish are just stunning to watch. Once you’ve reached the depths of the SS Stavronikita, you probably won’t want to leave the place. Located in 120 feet of water off the west coast, this Greek freighter is over 360 feet long. This is definitely and undeniably the most popular diving spot on the island and is also perfect for underwater adventure and art exhibitors.

Surfing the Soup Bowl

Located on Barbados’s rugged east coast, in Bathsheba, Soup Bowl has become the mecca for surfers and body-boarders because of its stunning Soup Bowl swells. If you’re a professional surfer, you’ll surely enjoy this place, and it is perfect for mastering your surfing skills. The island’s east coast is ideal for relaxation, as it is less touristy and commercial. This part of the island is about a natural, rugged coast and fun while enjoying the wild side of Barbados.

St. Nicholas Abbey

This stunning attraction is located in Saint Peter. St Nicholas Abbey is perfect for fancy people delving into Barbados’ rich heritage and culture. Here, you can find a plantation house, rum distillery, and museums. It’s also a perfect place for relaxation, where you can easily spend your whole day strolling through the colorful gardens, visiting the rum distillery, trying out the best dining in the decadent restaurants, and wandering around the Great House. Rum plays a big role in Barbados culture, and St. Nicholas Abbey’s distillery is the best place to learn more about the island’s important rum legacy. There are four distilleries in Barbados, and visiting at least one can see the process from barrel to bottle.