MsgConnecting Desktops and Mobile Devices


First of all, what can we name a framework? We anticipate a common code providing commonplace functionality that can be selectively overridden or prolonged via consumer code to offer the specific capability. The framework is a unique case of a software library, and its key capabilities are reusability and a nicely defined API. Second, we must not forget to speak about mobile tools. Most are smartphones, PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), tablet computer systems, and netbooks. Talking about PDAs, we have to say a collection of EDAs, Enterprise Digital Assistants, that is very similar to PDAs; some feel are extra particular, designed and programmed for positive organization tasks, often providing incorporated records seize devices like barcodes and smart card readers.

Most PDAs run on specialized operating systems, some of the Windows family (e.g., WindowsCE, Windows Mobile, Windows PocketPC, Windows XP Tablet Edition), others on Linux, Palm, etc. For clever telephones, very popular are Android and BlackBerry working structures. Considering all this, we can call a mobile device a few fairly small PCs that work on one in all systems mentioned above. Though now and again you may pay attention or read speculations about notebook vs. Laptop laptop, in this text, we don’t anticipate a traditional notebook to be a mobile tool; instead, we can refer to it as a laptop.

Mobile Devices

So What?

You must develop software for the organization stage to deal with a plant, business office, or hotel! Why resort? Why not. Everybody knows something approximately in, and nobody knows the entirety. Its technology is complicated enough to use the maximum number of mobile gadgets noted in the previous phase. For example, you’ll need to create a database, and a maximum of cellular devices (EDAs of lodge personnel) will speak to it. The hotel wishes for a robust security gadget to identify its personnel and check their entry rights. This gadget can be carried out logically on data-seized devices integrated with EDAs, like fingerprint scanners.


Likely, our motel doesn’t always seem superb in the traveler business; however, please do not trouble approximately it. We need this hotel no longer to enjoy a holiday but to illustrate the skills of MsgConnect, which are tons higher.

What Do You Have to Care About?

First, you have to design a database, and of direction, it will not reside on the mobile device, so don’t forget to set it somewhere in a dependable place. Maybe use Cloud Garage? This database will keep the whole lot about your motel, from real traffic and reservations to vacant rooms to liquids and foods available and required. We will no longer have to hassle about the system’s commercial enterprise logic; besides, you must think about several desktops or notebooks for high-level office managers. From time to time, they will make requests to the database, something like: “How many vacant rooms can we have for now? Is there sufficient scotch in stock? What is the visitor NN? Take a look at our date?”

And ultimately, keep cellular gadgets in mind! Each hostess has to have an EDA and every bartender as nicely, with a barcode or clever card readers available. Some of the safety guys could likely have EDA with an automatic identity machine embedded. Not to mention climate control, which needs to be automated and driven with the aid of cell devices with embedded systems; however, now and then, a few responsible individuals have to have an opportunity to intervene in its capability, optionally a laptop or EDA.

Multiple Platforms

PDAs and EDAs are to be used to spread different systems like clones of Windows (e.g., WindowsCE, Windows Mobile, Windows PocketPC, Windows XP Tablet Edition), Linux, Palm, and others. An extraordinary number of clever telephones run on Android and BlackBerry systems. You’ll likely address several distinctive structures. You rarely can control all these things on a single or a few associated networks; manifestly, this can make speaking between computer systems no longer trivial.

PDA Operating System companies commonly provide a manner for synchronizing records among desktop working structures and their product. However, there are numerous extreme boundaries. Fortunately, MsgConnect gives you a way to overcome these obstacles. MsgConnect is primarily based on exchanging messages – blocks of information with a fixed part with predefined fields and optionally a facts part. Using letters, you could send instructions to different methods, get hold of replies, transfer the facts through more than one technique, and do plenty of other useful matters. Having taken the idea from the Windows Messaging Subsystem, MsgConnect isn’t constrained to Windows most effectively. MsgConnect becomes efficiently ported to exclusive platforms. There will be implementations for Windows, Android, BlackBerry, Linux, FreeBSD, QNX, Windows CE/ PocketPC, JavaT (SE/EE, ME), and .NET structures. More platforms are to come.

How Can You Manage?

It’s not clean. It’s tough to connect dozens of computer systems running on exceptional systems and cause them to talk to each other, except you are the use of MsgConnect. MsgConnect (study Message-Connect) substantially simplifies your software development by looking after all your low-level duties. It became designed to be small, speedy, and effective and offer the whole provider simultaneously. With MsgConnect, you may not have to write and painfully check multithreaded server code; you won’t need to split the statistics movement into messages and dispatch those messages. All your efforts will be directed at commercial enterprise good judgment, while MsgConnect cares about statistics and message switches. MsgConnect was born to emulate the Windows Messaging subsystem for sending messages across the community. The concept turned into a success, and Eidos’ engineers prolonged it. Now, MsgConnect is extensively used by developers to implement facts switch among packages strolling at the same laptop or on numerous mobile gadgets like Android, BlackBerry (thru Java Mobile), iPhone (С++ version for MacOS X and iPhone/iPad). While using the equal idea of message queue utilized in Windows, MsgConnect presents a good deal greater reliability and functionality like identity, on-the-fly compression, encryption, and integrity checking of the message being sent obtained. With MsgConnect, you do not care about moving facts; as a substitute, you just ship messages (that may include all important points).


With MsgConnect, you use techniques just like Windows’ messaging subsystem – SendMessage to send a message with an affirmation of a 2nd party, PostMessage to transmit data without confirmation, and SendMessageCallBack to ship a message and be notified through user-defined callback habitual.

Client-server generation

Naturally, a number of the duties for your resort management may be completed using traditional consumer-server technology, for example, the maximum of requests to the database regarding inventory fees, booking of rooms, and so on. The client-server structure won a tremendous place in contemporary networking because of the ease of logical corporation and renovation. The idea of communication between a consumer and a server isn’t always hard to design, create, and report. However, from a technical factor of view, the advent of powerful server software can be protracted and painful. The matter can become worse if the server needs to ship the unrequested data to the customer, i.e., act as a client itself. At this stage, one has to remodel the entire protocol stack to add one of these possibilities. MsgConnect dramatically simplifies the information exchange system by supplying a flexible and green messaging paradigm by presenting an unbiased bi-directional communique via an unmarried connection (you just split one link into two). Moreover, MsgConnect gives an easy way to create event-pushed communications between clients and servers, and the sort of scheme is commonly extra smooth to lay out and is a lot more scalable.

Peer-to-peer records switch

Each node in a distributed gadget based on MsgConnect can act as a purchaser and server concurrently. MsgConnect can use a single connection to transfer messages independently in both guidelines. This capability is probably compelling when your application has to alarm some sure PDA or return some alerts, such as a low inventory of meals or drinks.

Standard Protocols

With MsgConnect, you use all the strengths of fashionable protocols, including TCP and UDP, if your target platform helps them. You may use direction for that cause your OS’ native API, for example, WinAPI in the case of Windows. But deciding on this manner, you’ll have to write distinct code for each platform; while deciding on MsgConnect and the use of its API, you obtain the reusable code. With MsgConnect, you can use the power of heterogeneous systems and networks ranging from Unix servers to Windows-based PDAs, EDAs, and smart telephones.