Traveling with Disabilities inside the Caribbean


A trip to the Caribbean can be an assignment for someone with a bodily disability, handicap, or damage that impedes mobility; however, that does not make it impossible. People with physical handicaps, age-related mobility problems, or accidents that make it tougher to get around can experience a Caribbean holiday simply in addition to everybody else. With a touch of research and some considerate choice-making, disabled vacationers can make their desires of paradise a truth.

Disabilities inside the Caribbean

The most commonplace methods of accomplishing the Caribbean are airplanes and cruise ships. Most airways and cruise ship operators have accommodations for travelers with bodily disabilities; however, those can range from the corporation to the agency. Therefore, tourists are commonly encouraged to contact their airline or cruise operator before reserving their ride to discover what services and centers are for special-desired vacationers.

Choosing a Destination

Some nations within the Caribbean are more handicapped on hand than others. Due to the large number of tourists who arrive each year, many of the vicinity’s islands have lately been trying to enhance tourists with disabilities. By researching before leaving, travelers with bodily disabilities can locate an island best for their journeying wishes. Here are some islands inside the Caribbean that have made an extra attempt to accommodating those vacationers with physical handicaps:

*St. John:

In the beyond, the Virgin Islands had been notoriously tough destinations for site visitors with physical disabilities, but all that has been modified in recent years. St. John has been a pioneer for the island institution, which is becoming more touchy with the desires of disabled vacationers. Many businesses and attractions, including seashores, have added modifications, including ramps and different facilities, to make it easier for those with physical disabilities to enjoy the island. St. John even offers a unique all-inclusive package deal, including transportation, restaurants, inns, and sports for traffic with disabilities.

*Puerto Rico:

Another island in the Caribbean that has been enlightened to the desires of disabled tourists is Puerto Rico. The island enforces the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) simply because the United States even has a handicap-accessible seaside prepared with wheelchair ramps. The Sea Without Barriers at Luquillo Beach in Puerto Rico has a ramp that goes from the automobile parking space to a seashore platform and gives aquatic wheelchairs and different resorts for the bodily disabled. The facilities at this seaside, along with toilets and bathing facilities, have also been designed to be effortlessly on hand by beachgoers with physical obstacles.

Disabilities inside the Caribbean


Several hotels and other homes in Aruba offer centers that might be handy for people with bodily disabilities. Also, the island’s Queen Beatrix International Airport meets all of the ADA necessities and has fully-ready facilities,ined specialists, and a group of workers.

At the Airport

Navigating a worldwide airport can be tense and more than a touch annoying, particularly for those with physical handicaps. To make the technique smoother, disabled tourists must consider some things before arriving at the airport.

*Medical Certificates:

Just because a vacationer is disabled does not mean the airline will request scientific certificates. Still, airline officials may also ask for scientific documentation if there is a challenge whether or not the passenger can complete the flight without more medical help.

*Airport Accessibility:

Some of the smaller airports in the Caribbean might not have equal facilities for physically disabled vacationers in the larger airports inside the United States. Vacationers are counseled to contact every airport on the itinerary to inquire about the facilities supplied.

*Security Screening:

Passengers with disabilities will pass via the same security screenings as different passengers, which may be made tougher through a wheelchair or other mobility-useful resource. Remember that this could move gradually down the boarding method, so tourists must arrive at the airport a little earlier.

*Boarding the aircraft:

Many Caribbean airports are small, and airplane passengers regularly must take stairs to reach the tarmac. Some airplanes have lifts that lower disabled passengers to the tarmac with an airline worker’s assistance.


In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), many cruise strains impart more available facilities on cruise ships. More and greater cruise ships offer cabins with wider doorways and flat thresholds, wheel-in showers, onboard ramps, elevators, and sports, which are without problems available for visitors with bodily handicaps. Also, by taking a cruise instead of flying, tourists with disabilities might not fear the trouble of getting on and off the plane. One of the first-class cruise traces for disabled passengers is Princess Cruise Lines, which has been designing ships with wheelchair-pleasant cabins since 1984. Carnival, Holland America, and Crystal are other alternatives, particularly for disabled passengers and handicap-on-hand public regions. These cruise lines are shipped with centers like hydraulic lifts to get inside and outside the pool and casinos with wheelchair-approachable slot machines.

Upon docking, bodily challenged passengers may encounter issues like getting from the boat to the island and locating handicap-reachable sports. Some cruise lines have installed lifts to help vacationers get to and from the ship. While at the island, relying on the cruise line, handicap-accessible tours may be available, including various shore activities.

Hotel Accommodations

Disabilities inside the Caribbean

Most motels have handicap-reachable rooms. However, tourists with disabilities should contact their hotel in advance to discover extra information about the motel’s unique motels for travelers with disabilities. Just because a resort is labeled handicap-accessible does not mean it will always meet your travel wishes. Guests should name their lodges ahead of time to discover the particular measurements of doorways and lavatory dimensions.