6 Tips to Create Luxury Bathrooms for Your New Home


If you are one of those who dream of a luxury bathroom that is serene and relaxing, you are at the right webpage. For years, I have been helping people with bathroom décors that reflect their style or evoke the same pampered feeling like that of a luxurious spa. Creating a luxury bathroom isn’t a big deal for homes. Whether you consider contemporary styles or traditional ones, you can ultimately design a space where you can unwind at the end of a long stressful day and get ready on busy weekday mornings. All you need is close attention to detail and careful planning. Following is a list of tips to fill you with high-end inspiration and build yourself a truly sumptuous bathroom in your new home

Opt for Classic Chrome Finish

Luxury bathrooms call for a significant amount of investment. Hence, it should consist of elements and aspects that are timeless and remains in vogue even for years to come. The best way out is to use chrome fixtures and fittings. They not only accompany your marble schemes but are also guaranteed to stand the test of time.

 Luxury Bathrooms

Create a Minimalistic Feel

Luxury bathrooms are created both with and without extravagant opulence. While many people like the idea of adding extra glam to their bathroom spaces, many homeowners prefer the minimalist version. So, pick simple silhouettes and finishes such as wooden, concrete, or glass for achieving that. Complete the look with industrial style lighting fixtures and a free-standing bath.

Invest in Luxury Materials

Using high-quality materials is essential and definitely worth the cost when designing a luxury bathroom. Luxury materials and finishes add a more elegant and sophisticated feel to the room. Even marble, limestone, and travertine are also great choices. The most interesting part is they look great both on floors and on walls.

Go for Multiple Shower Heads

A double shower with good quality glass doors in your bathroom is indeed a luxe addition. Talking especially about the rainfall showerheads is soft and less grating, making your shower space a complete spa-like indulgence. I recommend the use of white hexagonal tiles and the addition of a recessed shelf unit along.

Bring in Illusion of Space

A super-sized backlit or LED mirror enhances the luxurious feel of any bathroom. When positioned right with statement lighting, it brings in an illusion of a bigger and brighter space and provides clear and better reflections of yours. However, if it is not your choice, then you can always go for simple glass mirrors.

Add a Touch of Greenery

No designer bathroom is complete without plants. Placing plants such as aloe vera, bamboo, and philodendrons not only help clean the air but also add a punch of color to your otherwise stale and monotonous looking bathroom. Besides, they are easier to keep alive – thanks to the high humidity in the bathrooms.