Tasting the Food of Chicago on a Food Tour


I love food, and after I turned into the possibility of a food tour in Chicago, I jumped on the threat. I chose ‘Chicago Food Planet Food Tours’ because out of a complete 851 evaluations on Trip Advisor, they had simply 4 poor critiques and were rated #five of all excursions in Chicago. The excursion visits 6 specific locations and samples 6 exceptional sorts of food, even as on foot around the neighborhood, getting to know and eating as you cross.

Food of Chicago

I stuck a train out to the suburb of Bucktown/Wicker park because the excursion was no longer inside Chicago’s center. It didn’t take long and wasn’t high priced. I was instructed to satisfy at “George’s Hot Dogs.” Our manual introduced herself, and then all 8 folks becoming a member of the tour gave a little advent to mention which we had all come from. I turned into the simplest foreigner; all others were from America. We had been given an easy 4 page ‘Tour Guide’ that gave info of all of the places we have been because of a visit with their websites, touch info and commencing hours, and a map of the excursion. It had vouchers for every area we visited again after the excursion and blanketed a listing of different recommended restaurants.

The first stop on our tour was a conventional hot dog from “George’s Hot Dogs.” Chicago is renowned for its warm dogs but now not the ‘traditional’ hot puppies which you think of while you consider America. There isn’t any ketchup to be visible in this dog. After hearing about how George and his circle of relatives moved to America from Greece, we heard how his little warm dog eating place had become something of an organization in the region. So right here, we have been knowledgeable about the methods of the Chicago Hot Dog. A warm canine roll, a sausage, yellow mustard, inexperienced relish, highly spiced peppers, sliced tomato, a pickle spear, and celery salt. My word, it becomes scrumptious and nothing short of a complete length component – no samples right here. This hot canine won the award for “Chicago’s first-class hotdog in 2008”. I’m now not positive who has gained because then – those dogs are actually the first-rate!

When we had all completed, we made our way up the street to the following region called “Hot Chocolate,” created and run via Mindy Segal, a pastry chef with over twenty years revel in. The internet site states: “The urban café is a marriage of contemporary meals and desserts inspired via seasonal and neighborhood ingredients.” Mindy has gained diverse awards along with two consecutive years of the Time Out Chicago’s Eat Out Awards for ‘Best Pastry Chef.’ This woman knows what she is doing.

Food of Chicago

We have been served cold, creamy chocolate milk with a self-made marshmallow. It becomes so delectable; I completed mine a chunk too speedy. Others within the groups struggled to announce it become a little too rich or sweet. I hadn’t noticed… We found out that you could purchase packets of the mix and the primary 2 elements to feature to the chocolate powder were cream and complete cream milk – gulp. My waistline isn’t always going to be glad… However, it was so well worth it!

When we are done indulging in our chocolate drink and hearing about all of the decadent things you could eat at this restaurant, we headed a chunk also up the road to “Goddess & Grocer,” a gourmand deli and catering business that has catered for the likes of the Rolling Stones and Madonna. Walking in, my eyes twinkled at the sort of tasty treats available. When their websites state, “prepared-made salads, a fresh salad bar, sliced deli meats and cheeses, artisanal cheeses, rotisserie bird and a selection of groceries which include handmade goodies, cookies, and cakes, pasta and sauces, mustards, dressings and condiments, crackers, snack items, wine, and beer,” they aren’t kidding. This is NOT the region to come back to when you’re hungry!!! (or maybe it’s miles!)

It’s a glorious day, and we experience both the light and cool coloration. Before long, we arrive at “Sultan’s Market.” This middle Japanese food restaurant was opened 12 years ago through May Ramli. She grew up in Jordan and failed to visit an eating place until she turned into 18 yrs antique. When she opened ‘Sultan’s Market,’ she had a hit from the very start along with her domestic-made hummus. She nonetheless oversees the education of the food and the cash sign up inside the restaurant. The food inside the buffet bar that we walked beyond all appeared sparkling, tasty, and very tempting. The vicinity is spotlessly easy, the atmosphere particularly Japanese with mosaic lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Walking beyond an excellent variety of baklava trays, our institution was all seated together at some corner tables. After hearing about how the eating place got here to be, we served a pitta bread packed with falafel, hummus, and a cucumber salad. I become so full via this level; I am embarrassed to say that I fished out the hummus and cucumber salad and took some pita bread bits. However, I couldn’t manipulate it anymore.

You stroll in and decide… Hmm, I, in reality, feel like peanut butter and mango sorbet ice cream. You stroll as much as the counter and order it, and they make it – easy! Yes, they have a device that is capable of making your favorite flavors instant. With their fast-freezing liquid nitrogen machines (which look like something from the outer area), they’re capable of generating your peanut butter and mango sorbet in a count number of seconds. Nothing here is pre-organized.


What a super time we’ve got had. We’ve visible and learned about the neighborhood (a little one of a kind from downtown Chicago which changed into best); we have walked approximately 1.5 miles, which I claimed as my exercising of the day and tasted not 1 but 6 one-of-a-kind foods, all of which came with a bit little bit of history. It felt we had been sincerely experiencing the city and seeing ‘behind the curtain’ as opposed to just being a traveler.