3 Easy Tips to Keep Animal Pests Away from Your Garden


Owning a garden is refreshing, especially when you can gain the most out of it. Having a garden full of sweet and beautiful flowers, lush green grass, and tall trees is any homeowner’s dream. But what is the fun of creating landscaping when woodchucks, gophers, squirrels, bats, and many other furry little wild animals can wreak havoc in our gardens? These wild little animals, if not controlled, can eat away the plants, jump around in your garden to damage the beautifully grown flowers and shrubs, create a mess out of disposing of garbage, and leave their droppings on your patio. This is not enough for bats and pigeons to intrude on your house and trees to form nests and damage the attic and roof. Therefore, Rem and other furry little animals from your garden have become the priority. Here are some tips that will protect your garden from these intruders.

1) Make your garden appear less attractive to wild animals- 

The wild animals will find your garden unattractive once you seal off their hiding and nesting places. Start by chopping the tall grass in your yard and eliminate brush piles—seal off the areas beneath decks and porches where they can crawl easily.

Limit their visit by covering the piled-up compost that attracts raccoons, squirrels, and skunks. Ensure that the garbage tins outside the house are appropriately covered; otherwise, they make a perfect place for animals to party on the garbage and create a mess in your garden.

2) Add Repellents in your garden-

Killing and shooting these wild animals is not a good option and can even be illegal; therefore, it is good to take precautions to keep them away from your backyard. Here are some repellents that will help you in the process-

  • Scent repellents- Scent repellents, garlic clips, mothballs, and castor oil temporarily keep predators away. They need to be reapplied to the area to keep them effective. Plants like castor beans and fritillaria are said to discourage rodents.
  • Visual and auditory scares- Auditory devices like ultrasonic repellers, motion-activated water sprayers, noisemakers, etc., and visual scares like reflective tape and faux predators can scare away intruders.
  • Pets- Dogs and cats can be useful for keeping critters away from your garden. Once these furry little animals come to know about your pets, they will deter you from coming to your place.
  • Incorporate fences- Exclusion is the most effective solution; therefore, barriers could be used to create boundaries. You can install them temporarily depending upon the season when intruders are high in number and take them off when not needed. The most useful thing is adding electric fencing around your garden at night.

3) Call the professionals- 

Sometimes, controlling these animals becomes difficult, especially when you are busy. However, you must get help from a professional wildlife removal company that can promise to solve your problem within a limited time.