Essential Equipment You Need to Open a Coffee Shop


Coffee consumption is witnessing an increasing trend globally, and with so many coffee lovers worldwide, entering the coffee business is a great idea. So, suppose you are a coffee fanatic and have been lately planning to invest a part of your money. What can be more sensational than opening your coffee shop and surrounding yourself with the mesmerizing aroma of coffee beans throughout the day?

Coffee Shop

The best part is – you don’t need to go on to invest wildly in starting up this business. You need a great location, an attractive logo, a foolproof business plan, and essential coffee supplies to embark on your journey. Here is a comprehensive list of equipment you require when opening your coffee shop –

Espresso Machine

The first step to opening your coffee outlet is to source high-grade coffee beans and a quality espresso machine. Sourcing the right coffee beans is crucial to offer your customers good drinks. An espresso machine would be your outlet’s workhorse required to transform plain coffee beans into fresh and distinct flavors. While you will find used espresso machines on sale in the market, it is always advisable to invest in a new one to enhance the drinks’ taste and bring in more customers.

Coffee Grinder

Coffee grinders are a must to create and serve the best drinks in your shop. A coffee grinder lets you grind the coffee beans in-house and gives you easy access to its super-rich oils and soluble particles. So, to experience the unique taste of freshly ground coffee drinks, don’t forget to add a commercial coffee grinder to your equipment list. Explore an array of options available in the market to get your hands on the right kind of grinder.


Black coffee makes up a huge part of the sales for any coffee shop. Hence, a durable coffee brewer is vital for producing a substantial amount of coffee cups daily. Also known as a pour-over machine or a drip brewer, the machine brews coffee straight into the glass jars or the airports. These containers then keep the coffee smelling fresh and preserve its taste for longer hours. Keep 3-4 blends available to produce sizeable batches of coffee to cater to the clients throughout the day.

Refrigeration System

It is essential to keep your food items and milk fresh all the time, and for that, you would require a good refrigerator both for the display cases and the counters. Make sure you incorporate the unit to complement the room’s theme and help your baristas create drinks for the customers quickly.

Cooking Equipment

Most coffee shop owners prefer keeping a small collection of hot food items to diversify their menu and increase the footfall of even non-coffee lovers in their outlets. Easy-to-cook things like sandwiches, bagels, pastries, or freshly baked cookies require countertop convection ovens, and high-speed ranges are convenient to place on the shelves and are easily available at affordable prices.