Five Car Modifications That Are Worth Splurging On


Not every car owner can invest in a new vehicle every few years. However, considering how the old car can start looking shabby and worn out after regular usage, you need plenty of fixes to make it feel straight out of the showroom again. Following are some ways to modify your old car and improve your ownership experience:

 Car ModificationsThorough Cleaning

There are always great outcomes in pampering your cars well. With miles of daily driving on the roads, the vehicle’s interiors and exteriors gather dust and dirt. Hence, in-depth cleaning at an independent garage is what you need to bring back the vehicle’s fresh feel. Ask the service station to carry out a complete cleanup, including steam processing, rubbing, and polishing. Also, pay enough attention to areas like the underbody, wheel wells, and engine bay.

Fresh Floor Mats

Floor mats usually undergo the most wear and tear. So, if your original floor mats have deteriorated, you should probably take them out and replace them with new ones, especially if you are planning to trade in or sell them soon. If possible, spend a little extra on water-proof mats that look good and prevent any mold development caused by wetness on the car floor.

Weather-Appropriate Tires

I cannot stress this enough but never cheap out on your tires. Your car’s entire performance, from accelerating to braking, relies on the quality of the tires. Therefore, buy a new set of car tires if they are older than 4-5 years. Also, keep two sets of tires and wheels – one for summer and the other for the winter, optimized according to respective temperature ranges. If you have extra cash, invest in alloy wheels to add some bling.

New Headlights and Horn

The bulb intensity in older cars tends to fade with time. If possible, replace your headlamps every 5-6 years to keep up with the roads’ visibility factor. Or else, get the lenses buffed with a mild cleaning agent or toothpaste for partial light restoration. Likewise, consider upgrading your car’s horn and ensuring its output level is under the road authorities’ prescribed limits.

Go the Armor Way

From safeguarding military personnel during war to protecting valuables and dignitaries, armored vehicles have come a long way. With armored SUVs or Sedans, you can unhesitantly travel through risky zones and keep yourself and your family safe from unforeseen threats. The best part is you can armor the existing vehicle you have with the help of a professional and enjoy the enhanced protection 24×7. ExecArmor, a recognized leader in the armoring industry with thousands of satisfied customers worldwide, sponsors this article. They manufacture armored cars, SUVs, trucks, and luxury and specialty vehicles.