4 Things You Should Do To Prevent Mold


Whether you have lived in the same house for forty years or have bought a new home, it is crucial to take proper precautions to prevent mold growth. Mold is a tiny fungus that grows in the presence of moisture. Where some types of mold can be scrubbed with the right cleaning product, other molds require experts, and if not treated on time, they can cause damage to the structure of your home. Moreover, mold is harmful to your health, too. It can cause several health issues, especially for those with immune disorders and allergies. Its presence in the home can make you suffer from coughing, nasal congestion, upper respiratory tract infections, and throat irritation. For those with weak immune systems, the effects of mold can be severe. That’s why keeping the mold away from yourself and your home is imperative.


Now, let us see what the different ways to prevent mold are.

 Prevent Mold

Know the moisture levels –

You may not know the moisture level in your home, but it is important to keep an eye on these levels. If you are worried about checking the moisture level, buy a hygrometer. It will measure your humidity level and warn you if it goes up. The area of your home that demands extra attention is the basement; its humidity should be below 50%.

  1. Keep high-moisture areas clean – To prevent mold, it is crucial to clean the areas exposed to moisture more often. It includes your bathrooms and kitchens. Also, cleaning the countertops with special anti-mold cleaning products is recommended. Ensure the water is not trapped under sinks or anywhere in your kitchen or bathroom; otherwise, mold can become apparent.
  2. Keep roof and gutters clean – It is highly advised to check your gutters and ceilings to prevent mold growth. The dirt, debris, and leaves gathered in the channels should be cleaned twice or thrice a year. Otherwise, the gutters will get clogged, leading to water accumulation and leakages that can further mold.
  3. Check the airflow – When trying to prevent mold growth, consider the arrangement of furniture and other items in your house. It would help if you made sure that there is proper airflow in your home. When moisture gets trapped, the chances of mold increase. If you ever sense a musty smell in your house, then most likely, it is a sign of mold growth.

Never ignore such warnings and pay immediate attention before the situation worsens. If required, contact the mold removal company to protect your home and the health of your loved ones from the severe impact of mold.