3 Things to Do to Make Your Wedding Day Memorable


Wedding planning comes with all jitters. There is nervousness lurking around. Among that, you are expected to make the most rational decisions, whether choosing a wedding venue, finding a perfect dress, creating a guest list, deciding on gifts, or searching for a professional photographer. All the couples out there would agree to create their big moment memorable for everyone. While it may not be as challenging as it may sound, you would need to focus on the right things to pull it off enjoyably. First of all, you need to get over the feeling of “it’s a big day” and slip into “it’s a great day to enjoy with my loving family and friends and celebrate a new relationship.” Secondly, get over the obsession that everything has to be utterly perfect, just like you see on social media and in celebrity magazines. To err is human, and you should not be over-expecting from yourself. Remember – the more the stress, the greater the chances of messing up. So, stay calm and pay attention to the things and people that are meaningful to you. This way, you will create an experience special, full of fun, and a unique reflection of you and your spouse. Here are some amazing ways to make your wedding entertaining not just for you but also for the people who choose to be a part of it –

Set the Ambience

Planning a great party starts with considering the guests that are going to contribute to making it so. Right from the food to music, everything has to be organized to create a long-lasting impression on the people present there. You don’t require expensive catering; limited meals would do well provided they taste delicious. As far as good music is concerned, don’t go on spending a fortune to bring the most hippy DJ to the wedding. You can rent out a great music system at a lesser cost and ask any friend of yours to create a cool playlist of songs that you and your guests would enjoy.

Wedding Day Memorable

Get Creative with the Venue

You will see most of the weddings in a church or at party halls. If you wish to get unique, then plan an outdoor wedding near a beach closest to your city or some forest area to create an adventurous atmosphere for people who will be attending the party. You can even plan destination weddings. There are a lot of companies that can help you organize your wedding at your dream destination. This way, you can make your wedding more of a vacation experience with your partner-to-be and all your dear ones. However, you need to ensure if your budget doesn’t pose any restriction in the process.

Encourage Guests’ Involvement

Nothing can be as fulfilling as seeing your guests enjoy their heartiest time at your party. If you really want your wedding to be unforgettable for the attendees, you better not give them any boring experiences and make them feel like they are at just another wedding party. Arrange some fun activities or friendly game competitions for them and have them actively involved with everyone around. Keep their children also engaged with crayons, bubbles, puzzles, and small treats.