Competition Between Women – Does Beauty Cause Jealousy?


Women may be so beastly to one another. Women also can be the perpetrators of hate in the direction of different ladies. Women can instigate and preserve a path of destruction toward some other girl. It can be very uncomfortable to know that ladies can act just as aggressively as men and motive the emotional breakdown in others, especially closer to different women. There are many numerous and oddly peculiar reasons for girls behaving badly, and jealousy is one of these reasons.


When the inexperienced eye of envy glares from the pulpit of internal vision in a lady, the effects can range from mild verbal contact to being downright unbelievably heinous. Due to jealousy, a female may want to seem insane briefly. Some behaviors encompass verbal rages acting irrational and relentless; her stiffened body taut from the venom squeezing from each pore. Jealousy is amazing and may damage each the holder and the receiver.

I covered my perspective on the Beauty Myth in some other article. However, I wanted to pay unique interest to jealousy in a female because of beauty noting the Beauty Myth. The Beauty Myth looks at the overall effect on women, and I will be analyzing the mental effect on women. To surmise the idea and provide an explanation for the Beauty Myth, here is a short précis.


The Beauty Myth is an allegorical ideology about what a girl needs to seem conveniently general in society. Men, for manipulating over women, construct this ideology. The ideology of splendor as in the Beauty Myth isn’t always described. Consequently, there is no clean recommendations or demarcation.

There are many methods wherein a woman gravitates closer to making herself appealing and to soothe men, and the ensuing language, spoken or not, determines how women view themselves. Women then systematically enshrine the essence of the Beauty Myth by plundering themselves to a regime of incessant grooming, which includes the usage of surgery, cosmetics, and diets. A lady must not be privy to the Beauty Myth to be complicit in its language. The manipulate of girls via men renders ladies out of manipulating in mind and body as she strives to attain reputation. Remember, what the actual idea of beauty should seem like isn’t always described! Whilst that is occurring domestically for girls, the woman then sees other women as capability rivals. Women compete with other girls vying for the attention from guys growing warfare on every other that could appear comical to some but is in absolute confidence very debilitating for women reciprocally.

Women with no trouble take delivery of striving to obtain the ‘ideal’ weight and hold this notion even on the threat of their own health. In some contexts, this ideal is nothing short of experimenting with their existence. In a try and masks over her very own lack of vanity, a girl may originate a furtive opposition and her colleagues, peers, and even pals to appear to be the higher looking consequently extra acceptable to guys. Is the archetypal jealous woman real or fictitious? Just take a go searching you.

Women eyeing up different girls while measuring their own selves and sometimes leaving others feeling as although they are under well known. If a specific lady measures against another woman and feels she is greater attractive than she perceives her ‘rival’ to be, watch her physiology prolifically alternate in an instantaneous. If she perceives this same ‘rival’ to be featuring a characteristic, she is eager to, for my part, an advantage this same alternate in her physiology is obvious; however, this time, she retreats within herself. The Omni-presence of the Beauty Myth is certainly powerful even if not understood by its contributors. The idea of the Beauty Myth makes ladies jealous in the direction of other ladies an actuality.

Throughout my operating studies in a few groups, I even have once in a while felt it became higher to have a person as a manager than a lady. I work passionately to improve girls’ lives, so how can I in all likelihood justify the preceding assertion? Well, if your woman manager is coping with her very own set of poor self-perceptions and gracelessly perspectives, you as having something that she does now not, well, placed it this way, your running day can be hell. This information must now not be taken out of context. Women can control managerial roles efficiently. I am speaking about the woman manager who might also allow her position to denigrate every other girl primarily based on perceived chance. However uncomfortable, I am additionally admitting that women in ‘powerful’ positions can use this to feather their very own pride by lowering another girls’ intent. The inception of jealousy now not simply in thought however placed into exercise has a few very untenable trends for the recipient; the acts finished against her is not anything brief of bullying. Even in a casual group of friends, there may always be some rivalry taking place, a few shapes of argument stemming from the shortage of something, the underbelly being self-esteem. Yet, if we took a glance lower back into the lives of a whole lot more youthful girls (a long time four-eight years vintage), you could see a function in them that would explain the neuroticism that follows later on.

Young women are tenacious; they may be decided and self-assured. They can appear bossy and is aware of the way to get their needs finished. They can control others for their profits without blinking. The young lady knows who she is and will combat management in her circle. (This description is archetypical of young females before society teaches them that their voices are not heard, another dialogue!) Often, the younger female who views herself as mentally and emotionally sturdy will search for pals who seem to be the alternative to her tendencies. This way, she will continue to reign. When she does befriend some other younger female who will outwardly present with the identical strong trends, they may continue to be pals. Still, they will revel in bouts of competition in the direction of every difference. However, why they would remain as friends needs similarly explaining. The need to reign is secondary in religious terms to the more important element of getting, nurturing, and preserving friends. While the need to reign is robust, this method is borne from the pressures placed on them from their outdoor world. The want for friends is borne from their inner world (unconscious) and is plenty more potent than the need to reign. Young women, growing ladies, and grown women will discover a relaxed location with each different that comprises their competition as long as they may be friends. So does this mean that the Beauty Myth perpetuates the traits already found in women and makes use of them towards them? In my opinion, most, in reality, a YES.

The competition between ladies to enhance self to surpass their ‘rival’ isn’t carried out explicitly. There are no phrases that are used that decide such acts of contention; the opposition is clandestine. There are times while a woman will depict her sense of being at the struggle when she negatively calls at the ‘flaw’ of her rival, teasing her approximately her perceived ‘afflictions.’ Or when a lady has been seemed to have ‘done’ the mythological splendor, the backlash from her peers is all too obvious. The sniping, the backbiting, or maybe the silent remedies towards the terrible woman are tools that might be used to illustrate the pain ladies experience towards their ‘rival’ but borne from their personal loss of a fine self-identification. The need to reign (starting at an early age) is an ever-gift but made more complicated after becoming older and now also vying for popularity from men.

Young women within the playground demonstrably sending a few different negative girls ‘out to Coventry’ merely for having a remarkable pair of shiny shoes that the reigning woman does not. The teenage woman activates her pal because the boy she likes isn’t reciprocal along with her interest-seeking sports—the new lady at paintings makes the standardized company uniform look highly perceptively attractive even without trying. Supermodels are dicing with their health to be the thinnest, therefore prettiest among their friends. She has learned that this guarantees non-stop paintings for her. Media depict heritage scenes of the clichéd women behaving beastly closer to each other in the identical try and reign and be ordinary. Movie celebrities all seeking the decreased weight because the digicam ‘puts on kilos,’ and the media shouts out any imperfections on a girl in a public way. Not all publicity is right publicity! Women start feuds with different ladies just because of perceptions based on appears. Especially worsened if the lady celebrity is newsworthy and over-uncovered. All girls are somehow suffering from beauty and might emerge as, coupled with a normally feminine trait, make bigger into jealousy. The degrees to which jealously can enlarge to rely upon what the attacking girl feels she has to gain to extinguish her rival or similarly how she has to lose.


Here are some factors of jealousy:

Fearful or cautious of being supplanted; frightened of losing affection or position; resentment or bitter in contention; having to do with or springing up from emotions of envy, apprehension, or bitterness; vigilant in guarding something; Intolerant of disloyalty or infidelity, autocratic.

They want to experience beautiful consequently ordinary by self and others is inextricably connected to having higher vanity. This will increase the competition in and for ladies. The ‘rewards’ are both self-serving to women and for guys. However, the Beauty Myth’s Omnipresence makes a positive fire win for guys jealously; whoever wins the opposition can not lose. Until ladies construct their shallowness on feelings of individualism, compassion for other girls, and other girls’ reputation and equally beautiful functions, the war with jealousy will continue. The Beauty Myth continues to reign over the girl who thinks she reigns. Until girls remember that they’re guys’ half of-witted feel of delusions and could in no way aspire to true equality, they remain incarcerated spiritually. The introduction of ‘the female’ wishes to take place and the way that is executed is with the aid of understanding who they’re and get rid of self from men’s expectation. Women then need to build up spiritually through becoming aware of their inner resources to begin the change off with men for equality due to the fact, for the time being, men do no longer should trade with girls on identical grounds.

My call is Marcel Hibbert-Roye, Certified Social Worker and Life Coach. I work as a Strategic Lead Developer for Women. My specialism is developing emotional cognizance in females as I am enthusiastic about improving women’s lives. I have devised a 6 Step Program that promotes proper emotional fitness using accessing facts held within the unconscious mind to the conscious thoughts. The result is having more control over the mind, feelings, and behavior.

We have several cards that can be used to initiate and stimulate conversations for females, particularly helping them through tough studies. Some cards still remind the woman that she is really worth it! Help improve your lifestyles by using higher know-how you and why existence is experienced in the way this it’s miles. It is most effective if you have the equipment for exchange, will change happen.