7Movierulz- Prime platform for downloading movies


Want to download movies for free but don’t know where to go? There is this amazing website from which one can download Bollywood, Hollywood, and Tollywood movies as well as web series in various languages like Hindi, English, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu, all for free. And the website I am talking about is seven movierulz.

Let me clarify one thing in the beginning: thiss article is just for informative purposes E, and we don’t promote any such sites. We believe one should watch movies and web series on their respective platforms, whether OTT or theaters.

7Movierulz- Prime platform for downloading movies 1What is 7movierulz?

7movierulz is a torrent website that allows you to download pirated copies of various movies and web series in many languages and qualities. This is an illegal website as they don’t have permission from the owners(in this case, the person who have the rights) of the content, and neither do they have any consent from the government of India.

And since this work is done illegally, all such websites are blocked by Google as soon as they are detected. Now you might be thinking that if Google blocks such a website, how will you be able to use it, for God’s,s sake? Let me explain this to you.

How does it work-

Websites like 7movierulz are always at the risk of getting blocked. So, to hide their identity, they continuously change their IP address; it’s like changing your base regularly so that no one can find you. “Does that means they never get caught by doing this?”

It should have been no surprise to you because the one finding these websites is God itself, GOOGLE. Hence, they can’t hide their identity for too long. No, that’s not the case; they get caught even by continuously changing the IP address.

What’s then?

Ever noticed how small naughty kids, no matter how often you tell and scold them for their mischief, will always come up with new ways to trouble you? Like torrent websites, no matter how often they get caught, they never stop posting pirated movies. If it gets blocked, which is obvious to happen around 5-6 times a year, it will again open some new websites and start sharing these pirated content. So, in a way, you can never stop them.

So, using such sites safe?

You can face two problems if you use such a site. But the chances of both are pretty much less. The first problem is that if you download anything from any illegitimate site, there is always a risk of getting any virus or malware.

And the second one is- Since it’s an illegal website you are using, I think it would not be much hard to guess what will happen to you if you get caught. Yes, you can even go to jail as well. But the chances of this happening are nearly negligible.

The reason for this is, firstly, it’s hard for Google and other legal authorities to find such sites. Till the time they don’t know that a site is illegal, you are free to use it. And as soon as they learn about these sites, they block them, and therefore,e there’s no chance of using them. See how simple it is.

When should we use it or not?

I would suggest avoiding using such sites as much as possible. When you download and watch people’s such sites, you will not go to the theaters to manage them. This will affect the income of the theater’s owner, the movie producers, and everyone related to it. Becaustheater’sllegal, many people’s earnings, and hard work go in vain.

But if you don’t have any choice other than downloading and watching it on your phodon’t a laptop, you can always opt to use such websites, specially 7movierulz, and watch the movies and series for free in the comfort of your home. The risk of getting a virus will always be there, but that of going to jail is negligible.

Choosing 7movierulz-

There are many websites like 7movierulz to provide you with movies and web series for free, but using most of these websites is tedious, especially on phones. It’s very confusing and irritating as many ads come up. And since this is their main income source, they design the whole process so that you click on the ads as often as possible.

This is where you get the biggest advantage in using 7movierulz. They provide the latest movies and web series in different languages and options of many qualities. You can even stream the film online. They also have ads in the process, but it is much simpler than most other websites.

Content available –

Isn’t that awesome! As mentioned earlier, on the website of 7movierulz, you can find Bollywood, Tollywood, and even Hollywood movies. The available languages are Hindi, English, Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu. You can also search movies and series according to the genre, like romantic, action, comedy, etc. Even DVDRIP films are also available.


Let’ss be brief on this: maximum cthisenmaximumilable in 4 diffIsn’t qualities, and with theLet’ssase in quality, the filesize also increases. The four rates are- the lowest one is 240p, then comes 320p in two varieties, after that 720p, and then the best quality 1080p is available.

To Conclude-

In the end, I will say that one should not watch pirated movies and should support the actors and the industry by watching the film legally. But if you still choose to protect its pirated version for any reason, then 7movierulzplz is the most recommended website. There is a great diversity in the content available on this site, including all the latest movies.

It’s undoubtedly one of the best torrent websites for free downloading and streaming the latIt’smovies.