Uniform Education an Education Revolution in Tamil Nadu


Education can act as an effective tool for lowering poverty and unemployment and reaching a sustained human improvement. When we as compared our us of a education with different developed/developing USA, the education in our USA is not appropriate to the current situation/realistic lifestyles. All over the sector governments are strictly comply with the manner of producing libraries together with schools, colleges etc. Because the emperor Napoleon stated the “Build up libraries in any other case we would build up prisons”.

Generally, all of the international locations are understand the importance of higher training. In Nineteen Eighties American president Ronald Regan takes numerous steps to enhance the higher educations. In a survey, many of the 10 global’s quality universities, nine universities are located in America. Most of the countries are including the primary education as a human proper. In our India itself the schooling first-rate in business enterprise colleges and private institutions are having large variations. For example the education system in institutions like IIM, IIT is differing from another group. IIM an IIT institutes students are having extra destiny blessings like employment, revenue, and many others. Rather than the opposite institutes. The syllabus difference between Tamilnadu and Kerala. We can provide lots of greater examples to prove inequality in our training system.

According to human aid development branch record in our India simplest 77% of the scholars pursuing their higher secondary research. In which 61.6% of the scholars stop their research in between of better secondary. The general no. Of faculties, schools are increased slightly when compared to previous years but the schooling best is a downfall. Even although the students will know they cannot capable of getting an activity because of the nonrealistic syllabus in lots of training establishments. It is the right time to introduce the “education revolution” thru uniform training.

Uniform education:

In the present day situation most effective the richest college students are able to get fine training in metric and personal faculties. The authorities of Tamil Nadu going to introduce uniform education gadget in removes the inequality in education. In 1960’s Gotham commission insist authorities of India introduce uniform education in each state and additionally the committee careworn to improve the allocation of finance to the training with that committee’s recommendations the government of India brought “Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan”. But the result isn’t as much as the extent. The Government of Tamilnadu comes ahead to introduce the uniform education with the advice of Muthu Kumaran committee. Uniform education will reduce the weight of the college youngsters via reducing the no. Of books and notes and additionally. It will make pull stop to the indirect collection of the amount from the youngsters by means of the manner of the use of textual content books. It is the best aspect in a single aspect but in different side the best of government college now not up to the speed of personal schools.

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Uniform schooling’s different vital content is creating or building near through faculties to kid’s. But the government of Tamil Nadu doesn’t provide any topics concerning the closest school systems. The Government of Tamil Nadu additionally failed to consist of the medium of commands as Tamil. Because Mr.Muthukumaran committee strongly stressed about supplying of training within the mom’s tongue. The schooling minister also failed to consist of the very critical content material of uniform schooling is appointing enough no. Of teachers to each child in the Government Schools.

1. The Government must develop the infrastructure centers. The Government colleges aren’t having enough infrastructure facilities like in non-public colleges.

2. It most of the agricultural faculties the instructor scholar ration is too low (5 lessons: 2 instructors). Merely introducing not unusual syllabus we can’t anticipate uniform training improvement in all colleges. The State Government has to come forward to allocate greater finance to the schooling development.

3. Most of the politicians like PMK chief Ramadoss expect the State Government need to come forward to provide LKG & UKG schooling to all the rural college students. Because all the urban vicinity students are going within the Ist well-known after completing these publications. But most of the rural students are joined without these publications. So far four committees are organized to analyze Indians schooling function. All those committees are recommending one factor severally this is “nearby faculties with mom tongue commonplace schools”.

Four. A child should get its schooling without going a long distance. For that Government should assemble more no. Of colleges in rural areas. So for the Government failed to defined about the nearby faculties production.

Five. Government college teachers are becoming extra earnings than the non-public college teachers. But the bypass percent is simply too decrease than the private faculties. The government didn’t supply more attention to praise the academics and additionally punishing then whilst they may be lying to.

6. Every 12 months Chennai Municipality gets Rs. 70 crores as schooling tax. As consistent with I April 2009 situation the idle quantity is Rs. One hundred twenty crores along with his amount the Chennai municipality can improve the 250 corporate faculties to celebrity class. The government should concentrate on spending amassed amount towards college training development.

7. Even even though the Government faculties are giving unfastened lunch, no fees, loose uniforms, and free textual content books, still most of the middle low-class peoples are involved to get the appoint shape the personal schools. The Government must supply been attention toward this movement it must find the cause.

8. Most of the agricultural students are stopped their schooling in between (nearly 70% of the students prevent their training within tenth STD) instructions. The cause is poverty and additionally, the faculties infrastructure schooling plan, take a look at the formation and additionally job possibility from the schooling. The Government has to try and trade the training system of our nation. Each student must be confident with process opportunity.

9. According to ultra-modern file from 1000 students, only 50-60 students are having the functionality of getting jobs. It arises because of nontask relevance syllabus and additionally loss of library facilities in our schools. So the Government ought to growth the library centers in each & each college.


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Uniform schooling machine may additionally create a schooling revolution in Tamil Nadu and it’ll scatter over all of the states. The Government will also make keen interest in the direction of the training system in our u. S. A .. We hope the uniform education syllabus will lessen the imbalance between the agricultural scholar’s understanding and concrete pupil’s information. It is the time to create a schooling revolution for our use. We consider our kingdom forward its first footstep towards training revolution. In uniform training, the not unusual syllabus is one of the footstep, still there are numerous footsteps are inform people we have to move them if you want to get a great education and also to offer pleasant schooling to our nation college students. The government may additionally do and God will help them.