Top 10 Performance Tires That You Will Love


Nothing sets a car’s look apart like a nice set of custom rims and tires. Shops that sell custom wheels and tires should offer a full range of custom tires from top brands like Lexani, BMF, Avanti, and others. These shops should also have professionals performing the installations, where the customer is number one, and attention to detail rules the day. A bonus is finding any shop that offers wheel and tire financing along with their installation.

Top 10 Performance Tires

Choosing performance tires is an important decision, as this is literally where the rubber hits the road. A little research is done to select the best tires for you. Here, we explore the ten best-performing tires to help you find that perfect wheel and tire combination.

Toyo Tires

This American company has been delivering tires worldwide for over 70 years. They have a complete lineup of premium tires that will work for everything from a Ferrari to an off-road trailblazer. That includes luxury cars and economy cars alike. From Toyo’s offerings, three are selected as part of our top ten. Note these are not in any order (i.e., best to worst) but are numbered for convenience.

Proxes III

This tire looks like it is doing 200 MPH, just sitting still. It is available in 17-, 20-, 21-, 22-, and 24-inch rim sizes. It is designed primarily for performance-focused pickup trucks, crossovers, and SUVs; it is also home to passenger cars. Its warranty is for 40,000 miles and five years for artistry and materials.

Proxes R1R

This high-performance tire is designed for serious drivers looking for performance way beyond the ordinary. Rated as a summer tire, it is available in various rim sizes and comes in a run-flat version. It has a five-year artistry and materials warranty.

Proxes Sport

Touted as an ultra-high-performance summer tire, the Proxes Sport is designed for luxury vehicles, sports cars, and high-performance sedans. It is at home in wet or dry conditions and always provides superior traction. It is made of hi-tech materials and comes in various rim sizes from 17-inch to 22-inch. It has a 25,000-mile, five-year artistry and materials warranty.

BF Goodrich

With over 150 years of experience, you’re in expert hands with BF Goodrich. They have a wide selection of performance tires, and the models presented below only scratch the surface.

G-Force Rival

Advertised as an extreme performance summer tire intended for sports cars, muscle cars, and pro-touring cars, this is one good-looking tire. It delivers a powerful grip with a space-age structural design. It has a six-year artistry and materials warranty.

G-Force Comp-2 A/S

This ultra-high-performance all-season tire was developed for sports cars, coupes, performance sedans, and occasional muscle cars. This tire can handle anything you throw at it. It is designed for maximum grip in all conditions and has an aggressive tread pattern. It has a 45,000-mile six-year warranty.

Radial T/A

A bit more garden variety than some offerings listed, the Radial T/A is a tried-and-true all-season performance tire. It has a wide and low profile, well suited for sports and muscle cars. It is of sturdy construction with a road-gripping tread pattern. It is backed by a six-year artistry and materials warranty.


Falken is a well-known leader in high-quality, high-value performance tires. It is partly based in Rancho Cucamonga, California, after starting in Japan. Falken has since established itself as a top ultra-high-performance tire manufacturer.

Azenis FK510

The Azenis FK510 is an ultra-high-performance summer tire primarily geared towards sports and performance vehicles. It performs superbly on wet or dry surfaces and is built with high-tech materials. Its design makes rocket scientists envious. It has a five-year artistry and materials warranty.

Azenis RT660

Like its cousin, the Azenis FK510, the Azenis RT660 is an extreme-performance summer tire. It specializes in dry traction and is even recommended for competition use. It works well in damp conditions and uses a motorsports-inspired tread compound. It, too, has a five-year artistry and materials warranty.

Azenis RT615K+

This extreme-performance summer tire is also intended for muscle cars, sports cars, street rods, and performance sedans. It uses many technologies in the Falken above tires and is sturdy as a tank. It, too, has the same five-year artistry and materials warranty.

Fuel Off-Road

Fuel Off-Road is famous for its Gripper tires for trucks. They are tailored for serious off-road driving.

Mud Gripper M/T

This mega-rugged 10-ply tire is for the dedicated off-road enthusiast. It has a very aggressive tread pattern and is built to perfection. It can also be used on the highway and has been designed for a quieter ride. It has a 12-month road-hazard warranty with replacements at 100% of the original cost.