The Perfect Blog Posting Schedule


“How regularly do you publish to your blog?” is a totally famous question, to which there may be no right or wrong solution. Twice a month? Twice per week? Twice a day? Just one time an afternoon?

You’ll locate quite a few one of a kind blog posts promoting distinct scheduling for blog posts. Most of them propose posting once or twice per week, maximum. Here’s my take on the issue – the 2 blog posting schedules that rely on, and to what kinds of blogs they are relevant.Understanding Posting Schedules

First of all, you nee to remember that there’s no right/wrong solution for this query, as I’ve already stated. Different timings may or might not paintings for one of a kind forms of blogs.

The following recommendation is not something that I accept as true with works for every single weblog, however, it is what works for maximum (after my studies).

How User Engagement & Blog Posting Are Related

First of all, it is a fantasy that readers might be annoyed in case you replace your blog daily. It’s definitely a delusion, and not using an actual evidence to returned it up. One of my all-time favorite blogs sends me an email each day or each two days.


I adore it. It offers me greater information than a month of Sundays of autoresponder messages from any other web log.

That stated, customers also do not thoughts in case you submit best once per week. Truth be told, readers are most effective looking to see how they can advantage out of your weblog – it truly is pretty a great deal the most effective cause why they are there and why they signed up on your e-mail listing (until they are friends or circle of relatives.



Alright – let’s get all the way down to the posting schedules.

Daily/Multiple Times A Day

Oooh! I feel I’m going to initiate quite a piece of controversy with this one, are not I?

But sure – I agree with that posting multiple times in keeping with day can be beneficial to blogs. If for some motive you’re now not available to post more than one instances a day, then you definitely need to strive to post at the least once an afternoon. For almost ninety-five% of humans reading this post, that’s what you ought to be doing.

You need to definitely publish this regularly in case you run one of the following blogs, or have interaction in one of the following business strategies.

Informational/Tips Blogs

Take this weblog as an instance – it offers in particular with running a blog, Internet advertising and marketing, and search engine optimization recommendations. In other words, it offers precious facts to folks who examine this weblog regularly.

To be branded as an expert in your niche, your weblog desires to have a whole lot beneficial, quality content on it. If which means posting 3-five instances a day, pass beforehand.

Most blogs on the Internet (along with yours) will fall into this class.

Personal Blogs

Let’s face it – private blogs commonly don’t get much traffic. The preceding rule about readers coming completely for personal advantage over again applies here.

There’s little gain a reader can gain out of your personal blog until you’re A.) Hilarious or B.) An excellent creator who can preserve people spellbound.

Chances are, you’re not either. But allow’s simply assume that you decide to head ahead and start a personal blog regardless. You should be posting once consistent with the day.

For maximum non-public blogs, I wouldn’t advise more than once an afternoon (due to the fact hey – human beings like to have a bit time to reflect consideration on themselves, and now not just you).

However, once consistent with a day is typically essential, if you need any form of traffic. This is because that the individuals who do follow and study your weblog regularly glaringly suppose you’re an exquisite author or humorous. And, they need their everyday dose of outstanding funny (however once more, do not overdose).

The Benefits

No doubt about it, there are positive blessings you get from posting every day which you won’t get if you post much less regularly.

Search Engine Optimization

Although this can’t be outright confirmed, it’s turning into clearer that Google favors blogs that submit content material on a normal foundation during the day.

When you submit a brand new post, Google is routinely notified. Eventually, their spiders get to crawling your pages and ranking them.

If they are notified quite often, meaning your blog regularly. If your weblog regularly, meaning that your blog is energetic and regularly offering content material in your readers.

All matters said, this may be confirmed, however, it’s a well-known fashion I see after undertaking studies within the SERP’s.

Alexa Ranking

Although posting 10 times an afternoon mean that you will routinely be promoted to the top a thousand blogs, the blogs that engage a better frequency posting timetable regularly rank better, in comparison to blogs that put up less regularly with the equal pleasant requirements.

Case Studies

I recently came throughout a forum thread where an Internet marketer laid down his method to go from $0-$200/day in AdSense profits in months flat.

What he essentially did turn into outsourcing cheap content material writing jobs to freelance writers. He employed numerous ’em, posting on his blog 30-forty times. Every. Single. Day.

The end result? He’s sitting pretty with $two hundred/day in AdSense profits. In months, flat. And it truly is best one in all his on-line corporations.

Let’s take every other instance. An excellent buddy of mine, for whom I recently visitor published, has a prestigious Alexa rank of 44K, gathering a total of 14,000 page views every unmarried day.

He posts not less than 3 times an afternoon. And it is taken him measly years to be at where he is right now.

That’s pretty correct if you inquire from me.

On The Other Hand…

However, this rule doesn’t follow to all forms of blogs. In truth, posting multiple instances a day, or maybe as soon as each day, could be disastrous to sure blogs.

Business Blogs

By commercial enterprise blogs, I suggest blogs that belong to already established, offline companies – Wal-Mart, for example. These types of blogs need to now not – I repeat, must no longer put up more than twice per week (and in reality, as soon as a week is all you want to be doing).


Simply due to the fact the ones sorts of blogs are not supposed to be up to date frequently. Most of the time, they’re virtually about discounts or business information.


scheduleThey haven’t any need for search engine optimization (until it is a neighborhood provider human beings certainly search for online). In essence, it’s just a front that says “we’re online too”.

Do You Have Something Worthwhile To Say?

Have you something worthwhile to say? Something that will sincerely assist/encourage/motivate human beings? Do you?

Do you not?

Then don’t say anything.

Simple as that. If you are now not sure about whether or not you need to blog ordinary, then blog if you have something to say.

However, try to keep a few sort of consistency. If you get unexpected post inspirations, then move ahead and write the weblog posts, but don’t publish them – but.