Should You Believe the Mac Ads? Is Mac Really Better Than PC?


Going through excessive college and college with a PC was a frustrating experience for me, even a tech-savvy user. I constructed PCs for friends, knew Windows inside out, fixed issues myself… I wasn’t the common consumer. Still, I needed to conflict my honest share of troubles from viruses to hard disk crashes, to steady reinstall the running gadget for one purpose or every other. Some of the time, it changed because of how Windows could make gradual down over the years. Many of my friends also echoed this subject.

I had in no way taken into consideration Macs throughout that period, in most cases because of rate, but additionally due to obscurity. I didn’t recognize all of us that had or used a Mac outdoor of artwork specialists. In my Canadian elementary college, we had a few Macs, but no one used them. Like others, I also used my PC for games, a software that the Mac by no means surely took to, even today. So I dealt with the troubles.


When I had completed my degree and lower back domestic, the idea of a Mac appealed to me, and I offered a white Macbook. I observed this purchase up with two iMacs, a unibody Macbook Pro and a Macbook Air. I even was given the Apple router, the Airport Extreme. Why did I try this? I did not need to deal with the issues anymore. Although I preferred gaming and the PC platform’s openness, I wanted to have a reliable computer that I may want to deal with as an appliance. I seemed past the 9 24″ iMacs I lower back due to display screen problems because the promise of reliability changed into simply too exceptional.


Surely sufficient, they behaved like appliances for the most element—no troubles for a good period of time. No viruses, no crashes. Sure, I had to appear far and huge to find a software program to do what I desired, including downloading from newsgroups or converting videos to unique formats. Still, I figured that became part of the rate for reliable computing. I could even look past the traumatic things, like how gradual the 2.8 GHz dual-center iMac become at changing video compared to a PC of the identical rate.

But then I started to observe something. Macs were not proof against viruses, the manner the classified ads might have you ever believe. My Macs did seize a small, kind of harmless Yahoo virus that would send out messages even if we had been offline. I grew to become a blind eye to this. What took place subsequently truely opened my eyes. I became renting out my basement at the time and had placed my iLife CD and other Mac boxes and substances in the garage, so I decided to download it from a torrent web page quickly. It had a virus in it. This virus slowed the laptop to move slowly, and I did not actually word till I tried to restart in Boot Camp (the Windows partition). To my wonder, it was corrupted and basically long past, along with any paintings that I had on that partition. I then attempted to restart in Mac OS X, and that, too, changed into corrupted. I had even extra stuff at the Mac partition, and I misplaced it all (in conjunction with treasured photos).

You say, boo-hoo, you downloaded something from a torrent web page, you ought to recognize better. Should I? Is that what Apple advertising and marketing is leading you to accept as true? I wasn’t aware of the Mac virus and did not think I need to be, based totally on how Apple portrays itself and many Mac customers. That may be from a torrent site, but tomorrow, something you download from every other website online, a free program possibly, might also have a virulent disease. They will simplest unfold greater now that Apple computers are selecting up a reputation. There are tens of millions of humans shopping for Macs, wondering that they’re higher computer systems, inherently immune to viruses.

And it gets worse. The antivirus software for the Mac is simply horrible. It’s at a completely early level of development and infrequently gets up to date. It does not catch viruses nicely in any respect. Basically, it is useless, and I would not have labored in my situation. So you have no protection. I also suppose that if the Mac, which is overpriced first of all and marketed as being virus-evidence wishes antivirus, what’s the promoting point? PCs need antivirus, but at least the antivirus packages paintings and catch viruses. You ought not to surrender value, expandability, overall performance, or software program compatibility for no purpose!

Now take a look at this out. I needed to get my statistics returned from the corrupted Mac OS X partition, so when I changed into reinstalling Mac, I created a photograph of the partition. The installer proved the photograph, stated it became first-class. Later on, I turned into now not able to use it. It lower back sure technical mistakes, which I regarded into, and observed that different bad users had the same revel in! Nothing may be finished about it, and because it seems, even Apple’s technical workforce had a problem deciphering the troubles with the DMG (there are big threads about this at Apple’s boards).


So ultimately, I gave up the expandability, gaming, overall performance, and most of all, software program compatibility for something that truly messed with me worse than a PC would. The PC might have caught the virus, gotten rid of it, and I could still have the whole lot intact. I ended up selling the iMacs, and for the charge that I sold my 24″ iMac, I bought an Intel Core i7-powered machine with 12 GB of RAM, running Windows 7 beta for some time now, and not using hiccups at all. I as soon as heard an individual describe the virus difficulty for PCs and Macs as the following – Using a PC is like being within the US Army’s first-class tank, absolutely armored and heavily armed inside the center of a crazy battlefield, and using a Mac is like being in a t-shirt and shorts in the middle of a corn subject in Iowa. I think that analogy is adept; with a Mac, the chances are lower of being attacked (for now), however in case you’re ever faced with a deadly disease (and you’ll be sooner or later), you can be sure you’re going down massive time.