Scott Dixon’s Crew Wins Indy 500 Pit Stop Challenge

James Hinchcliffe's crew defeats Team Penske to make it to the finals

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When you put a lot of hard work into one goal and you achieve it, that’s a really good feeling.

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A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.

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[blockquote style=”blockquote_style2″ align=”aligncenter” textcolor=”#000000″ background=”#ffffff” bordercolor = “#e80c0c”]Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.[/blockquote]

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Whoever is happy will make others happy too.

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Bloggers: As the Spirit Moves You


My wife and I belong to a Liberal, Progressive Reform Jewish Congregation in central New Jersey – Congregation Kol Am of Freehold. Our prayer books (siddurim) had been authored via our prominent and discovered, Rabbi Brooks Susman.

calendar-bloggers.jpg (2500×1154)

In good weather, our Friday nighttime offerings (Shabbat) are held exterior the various multihued and sweet-smelling plant life of a lush Garden of Eden. The wonderful fragrances of spring and summer time are often observed via the angelic voices of the choir and the tender guitar instrumental, which add to the heavenly environment of our placing.

Our bucolic and sensorial worship experience is greatly better via the poetic phrasing of inspiring and melodious stanzas and prayers written and recited by using Rabbi Susman (see one such instance, included right here) for the duration of offerings. Oh, how lovely it is whilst the heart is encouraged to sing a soulful track.

Within the pages of our prayer books are many passages that name for congregant participation. Everyone is encouraged
to actively take part in our offerings and to come to be a single voice united in reverence for God. There are many italicized stanzas special to study aloud by way of people. These religious and secular words comply with the ones spoken by using Rabbi Susman in a name and reaction way.

Passion Resides in All of Us: Let it Out

“Within the triangle of coronary heart, soul and mind are determined a nicely tended, often walked in, lawn of affection. A space for memory stands earlier than a bench, on which we sit down, misplaced in reverie for those we loved. Though some plants can be useless, the scent in their being lingers, joining with the aromas of these plants blooming nevertheless. They have left their mark long when they have left our presence. And we, tenders of that garden, provide thank you for all that changed into, for all that we hold precious. We understand that simply as seasons skip, so additionally cherished ones are born after which die. We, the living, inhabit the oasis between the ones two certainties of beginning and dying. We reminisce; and as did the gardeners earlier than us, we prevent on the vicinity where once bloomed the flora we loved and smile tenderly at their remembered splendor

Food-Blogger.jpg (4592×3064)

The Rabbi requests participation “because of the spirit actions you.” Congregants reply below their own free will; regularly moved by some non-public connection with phrases and their meanings. It is an incendiary flame that ignites a passion within most of us to study those phrases aloud with authentic conviction. It is like that after phrases encourage us. Is it now not?

Those we discuss with as the “Masters” are revered for their masterpiece works, that have persisted all through a long time. It is probable that they produced their finest contributions to the arts and sciences, as the spirits moved them.

Motivated by using his passion, Michelangelo spent four years developing his picture of heaven above the altar of the Sistine Chapel. He did so with the maximum appreciate for artwork and Christianity and with a painstaking interest to detail and close to perfection. Michelangelo’s every and each brushstroke changed into guided through his loving hand – reputedly – beneath the watchful eye of the God he so wished to delight. He painted heaven on plaster and moved people to agree with it was God’s “sky” at the eve of introduction.

It took Beach Boy Brian Wilson forty uncompromising and ardor-crammed years to – eventually – whole and release his “unfinished album”, higher recognized to most as SMILE. In 2004, the critics acclaimed it as his long-awaited masterpiece – the watermark of his brilliant profession. We applaud Wilson’s capacity to overcome his many non-public demons – moved via spirit – to create this incredible tune for his many enthusiasts to experience.

Rabbi Susman’s non-public standards have been equally uncompromising, as he magnificently wordsmithed each stanza of his inspirational prayer e-book. The completed product serves as an inspirational work, designed to move the spirit and to praise God; celebrating his mastery in growing the universe and populating the earth with a range of existence forms. We are humbled and moved via each written phrase and stanza of this prayer e-book. We are stimulated by using the Rabbi’s own passionate phrases, as well as the Torah excerpts and Talmudic verses he selected to consist of in reward of God. Rabbi Brooks Susman’s paintings may additionally simply be an undiscovered masterpiece within the mainstream, though it’s miles already mentioned as such some of the Kol Am small and growing congregation.

Bringing the crux of all this toward the Blogosphere – there may be an effective “take-away” for bloggers, like you and me. Isn’t it really that compelled running a blog normally results in mediocrity at pleasant? Does not having ardor and taking satisfaction in a satisfactory effort frequently lead to higher results?

When one’s conviction is self-evident in the spoken and written word, it serves to encourage an audience and benefits agreement (with the message) from many extra people. In the days of Abraham Lincoln, Stephen Douglas, and Joshua Chamberlain, rhetoric became taken into consideration to be a fashionable art shape. Today, many see rhetoric as little greater than a political smokescreen and vote-getting “tool”. Some may work as some distance as considering rhetoric a form of “brain-washing.” Too horrific. Back while our incredible leaders were trusted and trendy, the written and recited phrase carried plenty of extra splendor, weight, and integrity. The phrases of antique stimulated so many extra human beings than the speeches given, today. Fortunately, there are nevertheless many profitable volumes and articles to examine and inspirational places to move and concentrate to eloquent oratory. Bloggers have an opportunity to tell and have an effect on many at the net if they write nicely and show passion and conviction.

pexels-photo-990819.jpeg (1094×750)

When our minds and hearts work collectively in unison, it appears very just like a steel detector looking for misplaced metallic gadgets on a sandy seashore. In a similar experience, we regularly “Google” our souls for obscured thoughts and creative flair, which resonate inside of everybody. Once observed, it is our nature to need to very own and trademark our thoughts and ideas. We favor to percentage them with others for the fee and comforts they will offer. We are trying to find to unharness their inherent energy to transport others, as they as soon as moved us. Some of the greatest minds in our records produced their best achievements whilst the spirits moved them. They, in turn, moved hundreds of thousands with their inspired contributions.

Our Greatest Accomplishments Reside Within Each of Us. We Must Release them to the World.

We all have – the interior of us – the potential to create our personal masterpieces. Every one folk do. Many people are either too carefully guarded to share what’s in our minds or are too touchy and without difficulty encouraged through the myriad of poor evaluations tossed at us every day. If we allow ourselves to be stifled and ruled by way of the deflating phrases and bad recommendation of the humans around us, our ability to create and proportion (with others) is frequently close down. “Don’t write about that or paint something like this”, you may frequently be informed by the ones too afraid – them – to open up and share with others. Negativism less often comes from our enemies and more often from own family and friends searching out for us. These human beings are by chance doing us more harm than appropriate. Those inhibited with the aid of worry of risk-taking and paralyzed by means of terrible opinions are frequently the least creative, efficient and inspirational. What a loss to themselves. What a loss to others.

Many, who are able to “leap forward” (the negatives) and engage the world, achieve this by overcoming their internal demons; thereby permitting their creativity and spirit to the floor. For writers and bloggers, prescribing the drift of ideas is one underlying purpose of “author’s block”. We worry: “will others like what I actually have to say and the way wherein I say it?” So, we wait… And wait… After which, we wait some more for the spirit to move us to begin writing again. True, there are different motives for “author’s block”, however, it is plenty better while writer’s block springs from the impetus of situation for satisfactory content material, in place of from inhibitions imposed on us underneath the advisement of naysayers.