How to repurpose your CV to become a Software Developer


Rewriting your CV can be a daunting process, especially when making a transfer within the same industry. However, before you become a software developer, it is important to understand that hundreds of other applications will likely make their way to the same Human Resource Department you want to impress with yours. Therefore, you should always stand out in every aspect, beginning with an email address. Funny email addresses that contain meaningless characters would be ignored since they sound and look unprofessional. It will help if the initials or full official names are part of your email address. Remember, you are not applying to be a disk jockey in the local joint.

If you have no work experience or are a fresh graduate and have never written a CV before, you can leverage various internet sources for exemplary CV writing tips. Nevertheless, here is a formidable guide that will help you repurpose that CV to become a software developer:

Since you are switching jobs, your next employer isn’t interested in your history but the skills you bring. It would be best if you focused on transferable skills that would be of additional value to the employer in question. For instance, highlighting your target roles and proving your past skills will play to your advantage. Remember, the board doesn’t look forward to hiring someone to train on the job. They want traceable results.

  • Refresher courses

Employers love people who read continuously and are always open to new ideas. The best way to become innovative in software engineering is by doing as many refresher courses as possible. The best thing is that some systems can be accessed online at affordable costs. Remember, technology is ever-dynamic, and it will help if you learn about the emerging trends from a classroom perspective.

  • Highlight your interests

What are your interests in life? Why would you want to work for a multinational company? What’s your take on global warming and the greenhouse effect? Your potential employer wants to see an all-rounded employee who is interested in sound global and regional policies. Even if you highlight that you love playing golf, accompanying it with a compelling reason sounds like a good plan to draw the recruiting board’s attention.

  • Write from scratch

Lastly, you might also want to write from scratch because you don’t know who will review your CV. Moreover, many things might have happened when you wrote your last CV and now. Writing from scratch allows you to highlight all the above aspects without redundancy. It is also important to note that your past CVs probably focus on education history and internship opportunities. This time, you are focusing on your profile and industry experience. The above tips show that your CV is repurposed for that software developer position. The only thing you need to do to advance career-wise, even in private entities, is to build a successful personal brand.