How to Make a Professional Music Video at Home


Today, many who move net-browsing run into spoof tune videos that get thousands and thousands of perspectives. Sadly, more than half of those who got one million+ view missed a possibility of earning $20,000 or more from just that YouTube adds. Why is that this so? I will assist you to recognize the give up of this newsletter. Shall we get returned to the subject?


For individuals who assume it is not viable to make a high exceptional music video from home like the ones you see on tv, I am right here to tell you that it IS feasible to make even BETTER movies. You may not be able to create one as accurate on the primary strive, but who is? It takes perfection; following those 5 steps:

Step 1: Music

Of course, a song video isn’t always a song video without music. Find an instrumental that you need to create music to and download it. An appropriate application that I suggest for downloading instrumentals might be Frostwire. You can download it from frostwire.Com. It is completely free to download and use. Or so it turned into the ultimate time I checked. Be cautious whilst downloading from Frostwire, though. The first two or 3 documents at the top are usually tricks, but you could, without problems, inform them apart. The false ones are commonly healthy. You seek phrase for word, letter for letter, and decreased case. Also, check the report size to the proper of every result. Instrumentals and songs are commonly at an average document length of one,000 Kb for every minute of music. So if an instrumental you’re searching out is about three minutes long, the file size should be around 3,000 Kb. The top’s false ones are commonly at a small record length, around 10-30 kb.

I used to use Frostwire till I began growing my very own music with music manufacturing software. If you want to make cash from YouTube, I advocate you’re making your own instrumentals as I do. Anyone can learn to make a simple beat. Some appropriate track manufacturing software I propose to apply for the PC might be Fruity Loops Studio. Today’s version is FL Studio nine, but FL Studio 5, 6, 7, and 8 are just as suitable. If you need to pay for it, you may purchase it at your neighborhood laptop save or online at flstudio.Com; however, if you want it without spending a dime, I advise you to operate Frostwire when you consider that it can additionally download applications totally free too. For Mac users, your pc should already come with a song manufacturing software program known as GarageBand. In my opinion, GarageBand’s units sound extra professional than Fruity Loops. Both applications have person manuals in the help menu, and Garageband has an amateur tutorial. For every other tutorial, I endorse that you search YouTube for Fruity Loops Beginner Tutorials or Garageband amateur tutorials.

Other PC Music Production software consists of Reason, Sonar, and Nuendo. Another Mac track manufacturing software program is Logic Pro. The track enterprise itself specializes mainly in software referred to as Protools. It’s like-minded with each PC and Mac but is commonly the software program favored for studio recording. If deciding to use Protools in any respect, I recommend that you buy it instead of downloading it for lots of motives. Trust me on this one.

Step 2: Lyrics


Of course, tune videos do not ALWAYS have lyrics, but in case you decide to, make certain you write lyrics to the instrumental and preserve them for the studio recording, which we can get to later. (Lyrical tip: Keep your lyrics fairly easy, and it may be more marketable! Make it hilarious or comical, and it could get greater performs! Ex. Search “White and Nerdy” on YouTube)

Step 3: Home Studio (Session) Recording

The pleasant software program for studio consultation recording starters is Cool Edit Pro. Cool Edit Pro is the best PC well matched even though. I discovered it by myself via experimentation, however for tutorials, I’m certain you can find them on YouTube. There is also a person manual inside the assist menu. You can also download Cool Edit Pro without spending a dime using Frostwire. For the Mac users, another time, congratulations! You can report your self-using Garageband! To do so, after you have got finished growing your instrumental on Garageband, at the pinnacle, click on Track> New Track> Real Instrument> Create. You will notice that on the left, music for recording appears. This is titled “No Effects.” If you have a microphone plugged in, test it out via talking into it. The green bar next to “No Effects” must rise whenever you speak. If not, take a look at your System Preferences for Sound and transfer to Built-In Mic/Internal Microphone. Most Mac laptops have a built-in microphone. Most of them are found on the left speaker at the lowest right aspect but handiest on laptops. Your microphone may be discovered for PC laptops in the pinnacle of the reveal inside the middle, left, or right corner.

For greater advanced users, consultation recordings can be performed with Protools. You can purchase microphones. However, the reasonably-priced ones are typically not precise recording microphones in any respect. If you’ve got an integrated microphone, you’re in good fortune; because agree with it or not, it is higher than most microphones beneath $50. Just make sure you adjust the volumes of every separate recording you do consequently, regardless of which mic you use. You could make a terrible mic sound lots higher than it does by changing the volumes.


Hook up your camera to the laptop and shipping all your video clips in a folder. For PC video manufacturing novices, I advise using Windows Movie Maker. It comes with each Windows computer. If you can not locate it, click on Start (or the windows icon for Vista customers) at the lowest left side of the screen. Go to Programs> Accesssories> Windows Movie Maker, or Programs> Accessories> Entertainment> Windows Movie Maker. If you can not discover it in either of these locations, go to My Computer, open up the Local Drive (commonly C:), and go to the Program Files folder. Look for a folder referred to as Windows Movie Maker and look for the startup icon. For Mac customers, there’s iMovie. The videos can be dragged or imported into both of those packages to use. If your PC or Mac got here with the Adobe Collection, you could additionally use Adobe Premiere Pro, which is like-minded with each computer. Adobe After Effects is a more advanced software to use for special effects. However, you can effortlessly study it thru 10 short tutorials at videocopilot.Net. A much extra superior video editor is Final Cut Pro for the Mac customers, utilized by real industry movie makers.

There are video tutorials for all of that software on YouTube, but, in my opinion, Windows Movie Maker is ridiculously smooth to use. Still, Adobe Premiere has greater equipment and consequences than you could do on your video. Adobe Premiere also has inexperienced screen keying, which Movie Maker does now not have. If you’re seeking to make song video production or tune production a future career, I endorse you to inspect a university known as Full Sail University. It is known as the “Harvard of Entertainment and Media Schools” and has one of the three exceptional movie programs within the world and the pinnacle 5 Recording Arts programs. It is a high-paced faculty, and you may obtain your Bachelor’s in both program in 20 months. To look further into this school, visit the Full Sail website.