Five Silly Mistakes to Avoid When Kitchen Designing and Renovating


Kitchens are often called the heart of the homes, where the best delicacies are prepared, and mommies spend most of the time with their kids. Considering the importance of these areas, they are most popular to renovate. People love to spend a substantial chunk of their money on renovations to improve their kitchen’s function and boost their property’s overall value. They use this project to transform an old boring kitchen into a modern one and augment sustainability to the greatest extent.

 Kitchen Designing and Renovating

However, kitchens are also complicated to handle. There are dozens of different things involved with planning and designing, and a single mistake can make you repent for life. Of course, proper preparation can save your costs from sinking, but there are a few silly mistakes you need to be aware of all the time.

Inefficient Garbage Setup

Everybody knows that the kitchen is the primary producer of trash. All the organic food waste, bottles, cans, plastic containers, wrappers, and bags are found here and are indeed the biggest nuisance in keeping the kitchen clean and sanitary. So, when recreating your kitchen, ensure a proper garbage disposal system. If possible, install a trash compactor and separate containers for your paper, glass, and recyclable plastics.

Immoderate Style

A few design concepts stay relevant and classic for years to come. Others change after the same season and fall out of fashion quickly. Thus, a highly trendy idea in a home improvement magazine on Pinterest is generally risky in investment and harder to sell later. Therefore, whatever color, style, and material choices you make, consider how they will be perceived five years later. Try to research timeless design options and stay away from being too voguish.

Lessor Improper Lighting

Generally, every kitchen requires task lighting, accent lighting, and overall illumination. Lack of any of these types of lighting can make the cooking and kitchen tasks challenging and the area extremely gloomy and dull. To avoid that, install a combination of LED ceiling, strip, hanging, and track lighting.

Poor Ventilation

Cooking aromatic meals one night can leave an odor for days later. This usually happens because there is no way for the air to exit from your kitchen. That is why home builders prefer to install high-quality and efficient ventilation systems in kitchens. Good ventilation improves the air quality of your home and extends the lifespan of your electrical appliances, especially your refrigerator.

Inadequate Storage

You ought to have the right kind of storage space in your kitchen. Not having sufficient space in your newly renovated kitchen can make it look messy and unorganized. So, make way for custom-built kitchen cabinets with drawers, shelves, and special racks for spices or dishes. However, do consider the amount of space you have in the kitchen. After all, it will create the initial aesthetic and should be worth it.