CardioTrainer For Android Review


One of my favorite Android Apps of all time, the CardioTrainer via Worksmart Labs, is now even higher. I ultimately mounted the replacement to this software program the other day, and wow, am I inspired. Let’s pass over what the CardioTrainer app is, how it works, and the way to get it.

Brief History

The CardioTrainer app launched it is the beta application in November of 2008, the very first day the Android Market went public. It presented the potential to map your vicinity through GPS, document your exercises, and provide you with an idea of how much energy you’ve burned. Worksmart quickly released a replacement to the app. They provide a premium membership, which lets you tune your weight loss and a race against your self-characteristic.

I downloaded the app in December of 2009 after the sweet purchase of my HTC Eris. Exercising inside the winter up north isn’t usually something I revel in. But, paradoxically, with the song’s capacity all of the mileage and time I’m setting into walking, hiking, or cycling, it has become nearly a sport to see how some distance I ought to go! I’ve used the CardioTrainer app for the past 7 months, and the feature experienced excessive outcomes.


How It Works

When you start it up, it goes to a starting screen and offers you the option to file your exercise at once. Once you click on “Start Workout,” the map display comes up and will car-begin logging your music. Choose the drop-down arrow after “Walking” or “Running” to alternate it to whatever exercise you’re doing presently. You can pick out distinct alternatives, such as if you are trekking outdoors that day, in place of strolling indoors on a treadmill.


Once you’re finished, hit the prevent button categorized “End Workout.” You now have the choice to either keep your exercise or discard it. If you pick to keep the workout, it keeps the history at the CardiacTrainer website. You have your own private URL you could visit at the CardiacTrainer website, and this is to be had below the Settings icon. Your music receives saved, and you can see an excessive level view of in which you have been. It presents more details together with time, distance, pace, and the amount of energy you burned on the right-hand side.

That’s it! Your exercising has been saved up to Facebook (when you have that choice enabled), and you could overview the history of it and see how many miles you’ve gone because starting to use the app. The History icon on the lowest menu indicates you ways you’ve got long past, what number of workouts, along with time and distance.

Move Your Bot

Another delivered function you can set up is a module known as “Move Your Bot.” You compete with other pals who are using the same app. The extra you use it, the more strength points you get. Whoever has the maximum energy points is the chief. I haven’t used this option very, an awful lot, as I actually have a restrained wide variety of friends using the software. You also can purchase a “Lose Weight” module for $2.99, which enables you music how much weight you have misplaced and offers you dreams on the way to lose a particular amount of weight.


Several alternatives are available to you underneath the Settings icon. Use miles & kilos Unchecking this feature will-will you use the metric device for tracking mileage and weight. Send track robotically. Unchecking this field will flip off its function, uploading your stored workout routines to the CardiacTrainer website. Enable Voice Output/Voice Output Settings. I even have this became off. However, you can have an audio alert tell you how a lot of time has been handed and if the exercising has paused. You can set your very own interval for how often it indicators you.

Music Settings

I generally run Pandora inside the background on my exercises. However, you could allow it to play the tune of your playlist mechanically when your exercising starts of evolved. You also can select which playlist to use; for example, if you create a playlist especially for running out, you could direct the app to play tracks from that listing. How wonderful!

Show Map

You can both use a Google Map display beneath the track or turn the Google Map picture off. GPS/Pedometer Settings These alternatives permit you to set the frequency that the GPS can be updated. I actually have mine set to every 10 secs.

Display tempo in place of speed

If you uncheck this selection, the pace will show miles in line with hour, in place of miles according to the minute. The default is to have this selection checked, and I actually have left mine that way. Use DMS Leave this on the default as properly. Calorie Calculator Settings Enter to your modern weight to get extra correct calories burned readings. As you shed the weight, remember to replace your new range!

Autostart & Autopause Settings

You can set the time c language for a way long you need it to run until it automatically brings your exercise. Set to Never to disable the autostart characteristic.



This is wherein you input your Facebook data if you need your workout routines to be published for your Wall. You also can upload a Facebook tab entitled CardioTrainer so that it will give you a graph of all of your workout routines! I love that characteristic but am now not so positive about the Wall postings. I’ve gotten some feedback from people, however, ordinarily high-quality feedback. I usually do not want to submit tons to my Wall except it’s significant. But, then again, even as I’m working out, I have the delivered incentive to head further or quicker due to the fact I know all my buddies will see how I did!

How To Get CardioTrainer

From your Android cellphone, go to the Market, do a search for “CardioTrainer,” installation, and run! It’s effortless and unfastened! You get an unfastened trial of the Lose Weight and Racing modules; however, I have not extended them. I may match forward and buy the one’s modules within the destiny.

Download it nowadays – it is an existence changing software! You could have a fun workout, improve your well-being and compete with your friends at an equal time. CardioTrainer is owned and licensed by WorkSmart Labs, Inc. No affiliation or freebies have been given to the reviewer of this app. Nicole Dyess runs Geeky Moms, a commercial enterprise dedicated to inspiring girls to use generation to their benefit.