Auto Lead Explosion Email Templates


The key while crafting emails to capability customers is to know precisely what to include in your message to elicit a reaction. But, the more responses you could get returned from these ability customers, the higher your threat to getting new commercial enterprise.


The technique I use to write emails is something that I call O.A.R.

It stands for Open, Attention, and Replies… I want to jot down the difficulty so the message gets opened; I want to get the reader’s eye, and I need to ensure I encourage them to reply. Following this approach has allowed me to get better than common go back on my time funding when prospecting with the “Auto Lead Explosion” gadget. Below are ten emails written in this style... 5 were written for particular services, and five were commonly written to appeal to as many capable clients as feasible.

Web Design

Subj: [Title Of Craigslist Post] – Inquiry


I am writing in response to your advertisement on Craigslist for website design… I would love to further inquire about the position and ask for your attention. Having performed a few preliminary studies on the _____ enterprise, I have discovered that it is pretty competitive… Many groups that do identical matters and combat are available for the exact clients’ eyes. That stated, my web layout offerings WILL help you stand out.

My websites are designed with a few things in thoughts:

1. Your photo and popularity… I might never design a website that I would not use for my agency. When I am done, you will have a first-rate-looking website in your location.

2. You’re a quit user (or consumer)… They may enjoy your Website greatly. Your Website will role YOU because the authority of their minds means they will come to YOU instead of someone else.


Let’s discuss how we can get started. You can provide me with your ideas, and I can show you precisely what I can do. For this email address, I need to set up a time to fulfill it in person or over the phone. Thanks, and have an excellent day.


Web Redesign

Subj: [Title Of Craigslist Post] – Inquiry


Having a terrible website can negatively affect your enterprise as it can be the precise motive why someone will select some other agency over yours. It’s excellent that you recognize having an internet site is not sufficient – you already know thatyou need a first-rate internet site wto keep your visitors and clients engaged!


My name is _____, and I am responding to the advert you placed on Craigslist to have your Website redesigned. I specialize in redesigning present websites into thrilling and specific internet houses that inspire site visitors to interact with your agency and offerings. That said, I can’t communicate exactly what I can do in your enterprise between a few emails… Let’s schedule an hour to talk on the telephone so I can show you precisely what my remodel method is and how it will assist your employer. I can be available to you the following day at eight am. Will that give you the results you want? Reply to this message to permit me to recognize if that’s good and your smartphone number.
Looking forward to speaking to you.


Social Media

Subj: [Title Of Craigslist Post] – Inquiry


My call is _____, and I am replying to the ad you put on Craigslist for social media assistance. I concentrate on assisting companies of all sizes expand a properly-rounded social presence that converts site visitors into shoppers and customers into long-term customers… As an instance of what I do, please don’t forget that there are over 1 billion lively Facebook customers in the world right now… I can work to interact with many users interested in your products and services. The result of giving up, of course, might be more earnings for your organization! That said, the above Facebook instance turned into just one example. I even have experience with all the foremost social media networks and am sure I can leverage them to assist your emblem in developing. Reply to this message to schedule a chat – no strings attached for direction!




Subj: [Title Of Craigslist Post] – Inquiry


I am writing to be taken into consideration for the placement of _______, which you posted on Craigslist. I usually no longer reply to Craigslist commercials; however, I felt forced to based on what you said inside the ad… I experience that we will have a collectively useful dating that could make certain t your agency’s long-term profitability you’re already conscious, having an internet site is not enough – what good is a website if no person sees it? To that give-up, my search engine optimization offerings are designed to drive natural traffic on your web assets so that you can have the risk of shutting down the greater commercial enterprise. The strategies that I use are simple but powerful. They are consistent with present-day tendencies and standards and could insulate your Website from future Google updates. While we start running together, you will see the traffic for your Website begin to grow, which will mean growth for your business. I do not, however, paint with all people. I can only take on new customers, which can affect a person, and feature information on what right search engine marketing includes. Let’s set up a time to speak so I can come up with information on exactly what I do…

I’m positive you won’t be disenchanted!

What is a superb time/cellphone quantity that you can attain?

Have an exquisite day.


Content Creation

Subj: [Title Of Craigslist Ad] – Inquiry

Good afternoon:

I am the content material advent expert you have been searching for! My name is ______, and I specialize in crafting specific and tasty blog posts, articles, product evaluations, ebooks, or any other content material you will be in the marketplace for. So you can see how gifted I am; there are several articles attached to this electronic mail that I have even crafted for past clients. I inspire you to sift through them – obviously, they’re all written with ideal grammar, punctuation, and drift. After you have reviewed my work, please contact me at this email address to discuss the finer factors of your undertaking. Also, I could suggest that you talk to numerous freelance writers about this venture – but please understand that you’ll no longer discover a higher creator than me. For the price, I fee, I am assured of that! I stay up for our destiny dating. Talk soon.


General 1

Subj: Your Business Wanted – Inquiry


My call is _______, and I concentrate on supporting small to mid-sized businesses marketplace their services and products online. As you understand, traditional advertising and marketing are becoming obsolete. For instance, placing an advertisement in the Yellow Pages will no longer yield its effects as soon as it did because no one seems there anymore. The problem is that over 80% of people search online for an agency to use when they need a product or service…

Can your agency be observed online?

To take it one step Further, over 75% of these humans will want to see your Website before they touch you… How does your Website look? Does it display capacity clients for which you are the chief for your industry? With that in mind, let’s take a while to speak about your business’s online presence. No strings connected to direction. Can we contact the base this week? What is the first-class time? I will stay up to speak with you then… I have a lot of no-value facts that I can share with you with a purpose to help!


General 2

Subj: [Their Company Name] – How To Increase Awareness

Good afternoon-

Thanks for analyzing this message – I’m sure you will explore something from it. My call is _____, and I concentrate on creating more attention for corporations of all sizes to use the net as a medium. In the contemporary day and age, you are losing out if you aren’t doing enterprise online. Positioned, billions of greenbacks are being spent online every and every day! Now, even in the case you do not want to conduct commercial enterprise online and get part of that “billion-dollar pie,” you continue to need to realize that human beings will have a look at your internet presence before deciding to buy from you at your bodily location.

They will examine yours:

· Website

· Mobile Website

· Facebook page

· Twitter

· LinkedIn

If you believe you studied but lack the above, hit respond to this message. I can assist.


General three

Subj: [Their Company Type] – Limited Availability

Good afternoon:

We still have a confined quantity of “no strings attached” net advertising consults for [company type] if you are interested… The price of this seek advice is $297, and you will get it for no fee. As you may or won’t remember, my name is _______, and I specialize in producing greater sales for small to medium businesses by using the internet as my number one tool. By having a well-rounded net presence that engages your capability clients, you may no longer see your basic revenue increase. Still, you may be the enterprise leader for your region. To declare your unfastened, seek advice and research extra response to this message. We will set up a time that is convenient for you to talk. I stay up for it!


General four

Subj: Internet Marketing For [Company Type] – Is this simply for us?


Yes, internet marketing is surely for you! Do you perform the [Company Type] niche properly? Well, many people look online daily for what you have to provide…

How are you engaging those ability customers?

If your solution is “we aren’t,” then it is a clever idea for us to speak. Give me just a few minutes, and I will show you how you can develop your business using the net as a medium. Of path, I offer paid offerings designed to do the whole thing for you, but our communication will be “no strings connected” – just stable data shared among organizations. However, if you sense strongly enough about our offerings to give us a strive after our talk, that might be outstanding (I will now not try to promote you at all).

So, what is a great time for us to speak?

Let me recognize you, and have a fantastic day.


General five

Subj: [Company Type Inquiry] – Need extra customers?


My call is _______, and I am an enterprise development professional specializing in getting [company type] more customers…How do I try this? Simple. I use the internet as a place to interact and connect with humans who are searching for exactly what you provide. By going for walk campaigns on your website, I can boost the number of focused prospects that land on your home page daily – from there, it’s miles your job to show them to customers.

Sound exciting?

It is! You are lacking if you are not using your internet site, Google, and social media to build your emblem and your organization’s bottom line. Internet advertising and marketing is H.O.T. proper now… By getting a no-strings-attached smartphone session with me these days, you are taking a step in the appropriate route…I can be reached at 123-456-7890 and am available this afternoon… To schedule your time, please reply to this email and let me know when you’ll call. Talk soon.