6 Signs that Your Bathroom has Water Damaged


The bathroom in the house is the place that your whole family will use. So it should be both functional and stylish. Just as you take care of the rest of your house’s rooms, the bathroom needs to be looked after, too.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to detect affected areas in the bathroom. A broken pipe or a faucet will be visible, but what about the hidden signs like a leaky seal at the toilet bowl base, unstable caulking, and tiny leaks causing damage to the floor and walls? It is then that it becomes necessary to call bathroom remodeling professionals who can help you restore your bathroom. But before that, read some points to know what kind of water damage can affect your bathroom-

 Bathroom has Water Damaged

1) Excess Moisture in the Bathroom-

High levels of moisture are bad for your bathroom. Every time you bathe, it adds more water to the atmosphere of your bathroom. This moisture, if not controlled, will peel off the plaster and wallpapers, if any. The windows and mirror will always be steamed up. If you have a bathroom vanity made up of wood, it can soak water and become damp.

2) Growth of Mold and Mildew-

To easily detect the moisture content in your bathroom, look for mold and mildew-affected areas. The presence of mold is an obvious sign of water damage. The excess of moisture can help the growth of mold on different surfaces. Moisture dampens the area, such as tiles of the floor, hardwood floor or vanity, drywall, broken tiles, etc., which leads to the growth of mold that is highly infectious.

3) Musty Smell-

A poor ventilation system does not allow moisture to pass because the bathroom takes a lot of time to dry, and there remains the musty smell of molds. Your bathroom should not remain damp; therefore, use dehumidifiers to prevent it from a musty smell and dampness.

4) Unstable Floor-

Water damage can weaken the floor of your bathroom and make it appear a bit uneven. Water can seep through your foot to the subfloor and make it damp and soft. This can generally lead to gaps and cracks in the feet. Your toilet may also feel unstable because of the spongy floor base below it. It is a sign that your bathroom has been worn out and requires bathroom restoration service immediately to avoid further issues.

5) Slow Drains-

Does the water come out slowly through the faucets and taps of your bathroom? If yes, your pipes are clogged with dirt and grim. A clogged drain indicates that the water has nowhere to go, which causes the pressure to build up in the lines. This pressure can lead to pipe-bursting in severe cases or be a home to disease, causing germs. Therefore, call the plumber as soon as possible to unblock your clogged pipes, or you will get in trouble.

6) Dripping Faucets-

People tend to overlook dripping faucets, but over time, these small leakages can cause water damage. The next time you see any of the dripping faucets, get them fixed immediately.