18 Top Character Design Tips for Animation Films


Character design is not simple because it appears in cartoons, films, and animations. Designers take long hours to create an individual for a selected story. Character designing may also have complexities. However, the designers always aim to preserve them easily. It’s more than just readable functions; easy strains might be needed in character. It is also about where to emphasize and where to downplay based on the individual’s persona within the story. We have seen Disneyland cartoons, Tom & Jerry, Ice Age movies, Jungle Book, and more. Every persona in every one of the aforenoted has made a robust effect in our minds to remain alive forever. Creating a person is very complicated; however, the following pointers might be helpful if one has an idea of the character inside the thoughts.

01. Know the Audience

The audience of any creative project is essential in determining its framework. It must be the greatest step on the way to designing characters. The characters created for children are brighter in hue and have very primary shapes. If one is operating for customers’ tasks, one needs to comply with the individual specifications shared by your customer.


02. Know the Positioning

How the man or woman can be introduced inside the tale also plays a critical role in character design. In what medium may a person be visible? Additionally, there is an element to expose here. Generally, small mediums like cell cellphones no longer want intricacies in the characters as the huge displays wish to. Besides, regardless of the medium, the person designing constantly evolves with paper, pencil, masses of sketches, ideas, and more.


03. Analyze Other Designs

It would help to evaluate why a few characters are successful and a few are not. Do the right studies and analysis of the numerous characters acting in cartoon channels, animation films, commercials, etc.

04. Your Character needs to be Unique

Whether it’s shape, personality, apparel, or color, animation characters must be specific to face within the crowd. It could be an animal, a human, or a beast; the individual designs must be thrilling to draw the humans’ attention.

05. Drawing Lines and Styles to Emphasize

Lines, whether or not thick or skinny, need to be even and easily sculpted to create a cute, approachable persona and influence. People call for accuracy in the introduction, and features are very watchful of the perfection of the projected personality within the testimonies.

06. Magnify the characteristics

If the character’s place magnifies, it captures the visitors’ attention as it appears larger than existence. It also helps the target audience identify and recall the man or woman constantly, enhancing the character’s private development. It should include – a big nose, bulging eyes, palms with two fingers, and large head sizes.

07. Colors Make a Big Difference

Choose hues carefully, as shades make a big distinction and help your introduction emerge as considered within the crowd. Colors like black, blue, and gray have negative intentions, while light colorations – white, blue, pink, and yellow describe innocence and purity.

08. Attire and Accessories

Attire and accessories speak about the individual’s tendencies within the tale, except also about its social fame. Diamonds and jewelry represent riches, and untidy and messy clothes suggest a terrible lifestyle. Besides accessories like swords, flying tools provide the individual’s personality and function.

09. 2D or 3D?

You want to determine how to challenge your individual and how it ought to look from exclusive angles. 2D or three-D features provide a new appearance to even a flat photo. Suppose your introduction is going to run on 2D or 3D platforms. In that case, you then want to plot the height, weight, and shape of the man or woman very cautiously, as even a small mistake would change the form of the man or woman and make it look extraordinary from what you envisioned.

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10. Personality & facial expression

The personality of the man or woman is a significant rule to follow while growing. How it reacts in one-of-a-kind conditions and modifies its expression exhibits the individual’s function. The facial expression says it all, whether the person is dull or sporty or a genius or a pleasant one or has a detrimental and criminal nature. Movement of eyes, nostrils, or lips can inform whether or not one is explosive, disturbing, jealous, unhappy, glad, concerned, or scared. One can read the feelings from facial expressions relying on their temperament.

11. Character with desires

Whether watching a movie, reading a tale, or looking at animation, the lead individual’s aim is the driving pressure behind a character’s character. To create a dramatic angle to the story, a man or woman has to achieve goals like solving mysteries, helping needy people, and protecting people from evil characters.


12. Creating a heritage

A tale to return the person makes it more thrilling. Where it came from, the life to convert occasions in his existence were what made him think about taking up a challenging intention and many others. Can upload thrilling and galvanizing angles to the tale.

13. Investigate and examine

It is not necessary to follow the rule of thumb e-book each time. It additionally relies upon the artist’s temper on how the person’s character can be created. You ought to be open to experiments that could cause exciting outcomes.

14. Using paper and pencil is not a horrific concept

It is usually top to attract your person on paper first. Most of the exciting characters of yesteryears had been drawn when drawing with a software program’s assistance changed into a far-off dream. While working on paper, many exciting matters appear; this may now not be possible on computers. Besides, it offers the artist a great sense of making something with one’s palms and a purpose of giving life to a photo drawn on paper.

15. Let people proportion their thoughts

This will help if you, the individual, can interact with the target market or place the persona you desire in your introduction. Whether the individual can specify its traits as planned.

16. Think beyond your plans

It is important as an artist to envision your advent on exceptional structures. How it’d look on 2D and three-D systems. Which platform could enhance the traits more, and which would the target market like to see?

17. The right environment makes it famous

The environment wherein the introduction dwells and interacts is important to make audiences sense of the individual. It strengthens the life of the character in the viewer’s thoughts.

18. Breathe life into the Characters

Your advent must look like a real existence individually. Its facial expressions, the surroundings it lives in, and the character trends in every scenario near actual international characters make it widespread with the aid of the target market.