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Well, if that could have been said to me by my father once I turned two years of age, I might have understood. But today, my computer tells me that when I am 34, I marvel at why I spent $1500 on my PC hardware and software to experience the (unrealized) blessings of this splendid and innovative information technology.

 Computer Security

Today’s online world is unsafe. None of today’s PC users can declare that they by no means had a computer virus difficulty or a PC protection breach. Now, if you matter, there’s a wide variety of PC customers worldwide; they’ll soon be 1 billion by 2010, according to analysts. When I see all of the PC viruses, infections, trojans, and whatnot around me and examine it with the 1 billion harmless computer customers worldwide, I, in reality, feel sorry now, not only for those billion customers but for myself, too. But once more, as a common consumer, I ought to admit it turned into not all doomsday for the entire industry considering 1987 once I began to use computers. So, as a responsible member of this awesome IT revolution, I ought to proportion some of the fine pointers and tricks I learned to apply to make the minimum room for productivity on my PC.

Please note that it is instructional for someone with fundamental laptop usage information. For newcomers, I would endorse asking for a neighborhood expert’s assistance before attempting whatever is stated in this tutorial. In that case, make room for a charge from a deep pocket. For your very own convenience, print this tutorial for step-by-step instructions. You must run all software program utilities, including Format, Scandisk, FDisk, or Windows Installation Setup.Exe files. Right now, make sure they exist by typing a DOS command dir at the CD drive letter. If you don’t discover it with this simple directory command, use dir/s filename to search the record. For instance, to look at the fdisk.Exe file, type dir/s fdisk.Exe.


Before formatting your tough disk power, please ensure you have a proper backup of your crucial information files, including Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and many other files on a CD or some other media for backup, which you have been admitted to. In this tutorial, we expect you to have a CD Writer established to take backups on Writeable CDs. Their potential is normally 700MB or much less. It would help if you recollected using Zipping software like WinZip or WinRAR.

 Computer Security


If you can fortuitously log in to your Windows OS, you should run the HiTech Fireman CD-Writer software program to return all your data to an empty CD. If you don’t recognize how to do it, read their consumer guide for the specific training set. If you couldn’t get admission to your Windows OS, examine on.

Here, we assumed that f:

is a CD Writer power. Now, repeat the identical for all your files to be returned. When finished, run cdtools.Exe command i.E. Cdtools f: to finish by choosing the alternative “Disc Finalization”. If you may lower back up your data using the above-cited process, ask an outside expert to assist individually or through the net. If all fails, overlook your data for all time and keep putting in a new OS, as stated in this tutorial.

Backing up Your Drivers:

An exciting device to state here is software that automatically backs up all your drivers of CD, modem, sound card, VGA, USB, printer, or anything presently set up in your gadget. But this software program works only in an operational Windows OS and no longer in DOS. Maintaining a backup of your drivers on a CD by using any such software program is a good and time-saving practice. Its name is Driver Genius Pro, and it is industrial software, no longer freeware.


You can also skip this selection and pass straight to the Formatting Hard Disk alternative if you wish to use other beneficial walls that could contain your information. Before proceeding with this feature, ensure no helpful records are left on your PC to be subsidized. This choice will delete all of the PC partitions and create new ones.

See the URL [http://www.

Compguystechweb.Com/troubleshooting/fdisk/fdisk_scr.Html] for specified instructions along with screenshots. Now that you have created the number one partition, you can continue to format the newly created partition. However, the consumer-friendly business software program k, Partition Magic,ses PowerQuest to manage your walls without problems after installing Windows.


Now that you have created new walls, it is time to format them and start putting them in Windows. This is how you’re making your C: force usable via your Windows OS for setting up. Boot up your laptop with Windows CD and type layout c: command on the spark off. When induced for maximum size, press YES. After the whole processing, you’ll be supplied with the successful C formatting record: pressure. Select your new drive call and press ENTER to finish.


Microsoft has made it easy for a novice to install a new OS on a newly formatted partition. It is all wizard-based, and you should click on NEXT whenever you are asked a question. Boot up your laptop from the Windows CD and pick the Start with CD Option. When on DOS spark off, exchange to the CD Drive it simply created, normally d: if you have only one partition C. Now type command setup.Exe to start the home windows installation process.


During installation, make sure you name your PC well per your choices and pick your areas and time quarter. When finished, the computer will reboot, and at some point, in the next reboot, it may ask for some drivers of your Sound Card, VGA, Network, or other connected devices. Provide the considered necessary driving force CDs and find the trails of suitable drivers. If unsure, depart it like that and press NEXT to ignore. When your home windows are set up as an entire, you may set up Microsoft Office, set up a net connection, and use it as generally as you will. As stated in the subsequent phase, please ensure you install all of the safety software programs with anti-virus, anti-spyware, adware, and different software programs.