Top iPhone Apps For Lawyers


I may want to open this assessment of top iPhone apps for lawyers by way of rolling out clichéd expressions like, “it might be against the law no longer to buy those apps” or “don’t be observed guilty of serious iPhone mistreatment by no longer shopping for those top packages.” Because you’re likely to be rational, logical, and sharp-minded people, I am no longer going to insult your intelligence with such cheesy rhetoric; instead, this article will use best the difficult records and depart you to make the right selections your self. Here are the Top iPhone Apps for Lawyers:

iPhone Apps

Pocket Lawyer

Ever wished you can reduce down a pinnacle attorney, cram their encyclopedic expertise into your pocket and wangle your manner out of any tricky legal situation? If so, then this iPhone application is the best. The miniature realize-it-all would not simply offer records at the maximum commonplace crimes; it also presents details of the sorts of sentences for each crime and websites where the records (which record) are coming from. This application will be positioned a library’s really worth of information in the palm of your hand.

FBI Handbook

CSI has inspired a technology of wannabe forensic scientists prepared to take to the imply streets of America armed with a polythene jumpsuit and a fingerprint duster. Knowing the mechanics in the back of the FBI’s investigations is crucial if a legal professional will combine it up with the big boys inside the courtroom. One of the maximum convenient approaches to faucet into the Federal Bureau’s center approaches is that this iPhone software. It will pay to be prepared when handling a slick operation just like the FBI. That is why you want a slick iPhone utility like FBI Handbook to make certain you’re now not caught quick.

Cliff Maier Reference Apps

When you seek out a complete, well supplied, and authoritative set of felony courses, you ought to look no similarly to the Cliff Maier felony reference iPhone applications. The apps are not the best various, however accessible offline, which means you may constantly take admission to that crucial prison element even if your connection drops. Some of the prison apps with Cliff Maier’s aid are Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, NY CPL, The Constitution, Patent Rules; the list stretches on into the distance. Save yourself the torture of sitting bleary-eyed, hunched over a dusty felony e-book, and download as many of those guides as you can.

Court Days- Date Calculator for Lawyers

With so many statutes, dates, and cases packed into one skull, a legal professional can be forgiven for now not remembering each date in their busy time table. This iPhone utility can effortlessly calculate what number of courtroom, or calendar, days there are between given dates. Because every jurisdiction has one-of-a-kind observances of vacations, that is an on-hand app to hold round, especially if you work in more than one jurisdiction. This application capability in precisely the way the iPhone’s integrated calendar does and allows you to shop multiple dates on an unmarried display.

iPhone Apps


So many customers, so little time (and space) to look after them all… As your list of cases grows, the number of records you need to preserve prepared also will increase. This is sincerely one of the top iPhone apps for attorneys and ought to have for folks that ever locate themselves sifting through limitless piles of paper, case notes, and lists of factors. This all-in-one iPhone app allows you to govern and save all the vital statistics relevant to a particular case for your iPhone.


Reviewing your legal and bar exams may be a worrying task and a length to your existence while the twilight hours and caffeine turn out to be close buddies. BARBRI is one of the top iPhone apps for attorneys and regulation college students. It affords course outlines, lectures, and exercise questions that help you not mix a single critical case to your exams and beyond. The software program permits you to take the “BARBI venture” and see how a good deal of a prison eagle you’re and whether or not you’re flying high with the pinnacle brains in your peer organization or searching up on the rest.

Black’s Law Dictionary, Eighth Edition

If Hollywood is to be believed, then each lawyer has an infinite base of knowledge with every definition and felony acronym geared up on the tip of their tongue. Real lifestyles are a little specific, and being a veritable move of understanding does not come obviously for many lawyers. Black’s Law Dictionary for the iPhone is a great way to make sure that you by no means leave out a possibility to reel off a definitive listing of legal jargon. With over 43,000 definitions and three,000 top legal costs, you will never be misplaced for words once more.

Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite

In a more and more cell international, the workplace and all its contents are actually now not confined to, well, the office. This iPhone utility allows you to create, edit, send and transport critical information from your iPhone to your computing device and past. With this app, Word and Excel files are actually effortlessly created and edited immediately from your iPhone. Never go away home without your work once more with Quickoffice, which in my opinion, is essential for all types of business folks who own an iPhone. Placed, any listing of top iPhone apps for lawyers or enterprise human beings wouldn’t be complete without this app.


Where might we be without Wikipedia? Well, we would likely have fewer sentences packed with Ws, but we’d also nonetheless be laboriously thumbing via a conventional encyclopedia for a jumpstart on the records we want. Wikipanion is a wonderful unfastened iPhone app that can help any lawyer appear up a time period or case and get a pleasant evaluation. This app presents direct get right of entry to Wikipedia and Wiktionary through using some extremely good seek and formatting features that add up to a sleek and smooth-to-use interface.

iPhone Apps


Keeping abreast of the arena’s information is crucial if you’re aiming to be the top dog in the courtroom. NetNewsWire is an RSS reader iPhone app that immediately hyperlinks to all the weblogs and news websites across the Internet that offer RSS feeds. This app will sync to your home computer and will let you mark articles that you’ve study and keep articles to read later. Anyone who loves to get facts through RSS feeds needs to download this loose app.