11 Ways to Market Your iPhone and iPod Touch App


While there is no magic formulation or single advertising action that can do the trick for you, these techniques can provide you with a framework that will increase employer publicity, sales, and earnings. Marketing your iPhone/Touch app is definitely a method that can take time.

I will help you recognize that we’ve no longer determined price reductions to be the exceptional method. We to start with a concept this is probably very effective because the App keep structure is an installation to rank programs via the number of overall downloads. Higher overall income and total downloads by price category aren’t presently recognized with Apple’s gadget.

Keep in thoughts as an instance that if your app was $5 and you decided to lower it to $0.99, you’d have informed sell five times as many to interrupt even. Now you would temporarily increase publicity in this manner but at the cost of maximizing your earnings margins. At the same time, you are maximum apt to do nicely at the beginning of your product existence cycle. Customer assist troubles may additionally grow through an issue of five as well.

That being said, there’s nothing wrong with adjusting your app’s charge in the starting to locate its satisfactory marketplace rate (which may alternate through the years). There are 24,455 apps and counting, so allow’s bounce in and get started out!

1. The World (iTunes App Store) Is Flat

Consider your potential global marketplace right from the moment of conceptualization. There are human beings all over the planet keen to use and advantage from quality applications. Initially, we supposed to encompass the metric machine and local foreign money in our app, however, decided to push it lower back until version 1.1. We had been so eager to begin the submission system with Apple and this ended up negatively affected our sales with out question. I endorse taking that extra time to make your app beneficial to the worldwide community, or even a few key markets (China, Russia, Central and South America, Japan, and Germany come to mind).


What does this suggest? If currencies are used, car-locate the consumer’s neighborhood currency beneath their device’s general settings; and, if applicable, cope with forex conversions. Make your internet site, commands, and sales pages easy to apprehend and use photos to assist your textual content. Consider that for many human beings, English may be their second or third language. Make your software program more intuitive by using deciding on symbols over textual content anyplace viable. Reach out to bloggers in your area of interest marketplace in Europe and Asia. Include a complimentary promo code in your correspondence. It cannot hurt.


Consider this: we obtained nearly $1,000 in sales from Italy because of a single online submit written in Italian! You can also cross with this and feature your income web page and assist instructions translated into principal languages like Spanish or Chinese. Prices for exceptional paintings range, and you’ll want to get a person fluent in the language to double-check their work.

Remember, there are sixty-five special versions of iTunes around the sector and counting. Single apps can be evolved for use with the iPhone and the iPod Touch. How huge is the marketplace for each? Apple does not breakdown the income of man or woman product traces. A conservative estimate of 4.4 million iPhone income and 22.7 million iPod sales for the final area could be approximately 7 million in three months. That’s an average of 78,000 new devices coming online every day. Incredible and nearly horrifying. It can not remain forever; however, wow!

2. Create a Lite or Demo Version

Apple we could builders offer each a loose and paid version of the identical app, and a free pattern is probably the most a hit advertising and marketing strategy ever. People want to strive for things. There are masses of Crapps (crappy apps) accessible, so why need to humans hazard money on an app they recognize not anything about from a company they know even less about? If you may give human beings a taste that is just enough, they may purchase the whole meal from you! In this manner, you eliminate plenty of the risk.

There are several techniques for this, but ensure the lite version income web page is obvious in its boundaries vs. The paid or full model. If you truncate the app too much, people might imagine it’s a whole dud and sees no fee in paying you something for the premium launch. Give humans a clean idea of what they’re stepping into, and this strategy may want to make you rich. Developer Ethan Nicholas offers motivation to head this course in a current Wired piece:

When iShoot was released in October, business becomes slow for some time. And then Nicholas determined a few spare time to code a free model of the app – iShoot Lite, which he released in January. Here’s how that helped: Inside iShoot Lite, he advertised the $3, the full version of iShoot. Users downloaded the free version 2.4 million times. And that led 320,000 happy iShoot Lite players to pay for iShoot.

3. Go Free

Now that is something that can be taken into consideration for distinct reasons. Right now, “in-app” advertising and marketing lacks sophistication. When I say that, I suggest we don’t have Google AdSense yet. I’m certain it is coming, but embedded marketing that doesn’t relate to the content in any manner is honestly intrusive, in my personal opinion. I nevertheless study certain developers making tons of money with embedded app advertising. However, it’s hard enough to get human beings to click on ads if they are applicable. When they may be no longer, the press-thru price is pretty low. If your app is something that people use time and again, advertising can nonetheless work. In my view, we did not find it successful as it’s a lot easier to make about 70 cents off of a 99 cent app than to earn an equal amount with ads. You could also upload a PayPal donation button as AppCubby did, but this, in all likelihood, may not be just right for you until you have got a huge pre-existing patron or fan base.

You could also introduce your app without spending a dime. Get human beings using it, speaking approximately it, and acquire tremendous comments. Then begin charging humans. Perfectly applicable to Apple.

Looking at it from a protracted-term attitude, you may absolutely give away the first app to get human beings talking, create a base and build your emblem. After all, not anything spreads like unfastened (mainly properly loose). You can use this to acquire contact data and comments from your preliminary customers and flip them into clients to your subsequent app or product. Be sure to encompass a “share” characteristic inside your free app (inner all of your apps!). Make sharing as clean as viable.

4. Send Out a Press Release

Pac, a loose (or nearly free) press launch distribution provider, and the MacNN (Macintosh News Network) syndicate (loose to submit) is clearly worth the fee of submission. Competing offerings can rate over $600 for distribution in the United States by myself, so these are precious and much less high-priced alternatives. They say the clicking release is dead. However, these services immediately focused on your ability clients. You in no way recognize who you would possibly reach, and it’s crucial to offer a press launch when soliciting all kinds of media.

5. Contact the Top one hundred Blogs

Technorati can provide you with a contemporary listing. Use a conversational fashion, get proper to the factor, and include a promo code. Figure out what ought to sell them to your employer. If there is an exciting angle or tale around your app, this could grow your chances. Ask them if you can do a visitor publish. Who knows? When you have web sites like Gizmodo that get three million page views per day, this could really turbocharge sales!

6. Constantly Improve Your Sales Page

This one is quite primary but regularly overlooked. Look at the income pages of different top apps. What are they doing? Emulate what works and preserve discovery to spark thoughts. You can show up to five pictures as of this writing, so use them! Use the photos that promote your product nice. Ask different human beings what grabs their interest. Use prices from reviewers; percentage advantages first and important. Customers aren’t continually logical, so don’t bore them with information. How will your application make their lives higher?

7. Use Customer Feedback to Build a Better Product

These are elements. First, timely reply to consumer emails and recognize that each interplay with customers, whether right or bad, is an advertising possibility. When you get comments via e-mail or through your purchaser reviews, don’t forget and comprise those upgrades. You can not please all and sundry all the time, and you could have constrained assets so that you may not be able to upload everything. Some splendid ideas are sure to return your way. First-time customers can also help you see how your software is getting used from a novice’s attitude.

The 2d manner of acquiring purchaser feedback is to embed analytics code on your utility. Flurry Analytics and Pinch Media each provide monitoring software a good way to offer insight into how clients interact with your software, inclusive of actual-time down load statistics, all free of charge. This may be mainly beneficial if ninety% of your clients are not the usage of a selected feature. Maybe they don’t know it’s even there!

8. Continually Update Your Application

Here’s a first-rate feature of the App Store. New versions circulate lower back to the top of what is new for your category. Incorporating functions your clients want, thereby making your product better, coupled with maintaining visibility, can assist boom or, as a minimum, preserve consistent income. Don’t abuse this by using converting a few words for your help phase and then resubmitting, or you may smash this for anybody. If you’re running difficult to make your product better, the distribution channel can praise you with expanded exposure because you are renewing.

9. Advertise

Google AdWords and AdMob are feasible alternatives. I agree with we are no longer there yet, but we’re quite near. AdWords does provide the capability to put it up for sale on mobile devices with a full internet browser, but that does not just include the iPhone and Touch. You’ll get Androids and extra relying on which territory you promote it. Right now, they haven’t developed conversion monitoring for apps either, and without this, you may burn via cash with little outcomes to expose to your efforts. You won’t recognize which key phrases are working or aren’t operating. There is one manner to music income using this technique: turn out to be an iTunes associate utilizing becoming a member of LinkShare. You can create a link to your income page inside the App keep and receive a five% commission on qualifying purchases.

AdMob has app advertising down better than Google so far. You are capable of tracking your conversions and goal-relevant Apple gadgets. You can even goal the ones that are either on or off the WiFi community; that’s pretty cool. The downside is that you are paying a minimum of 10 cents a click to ship a person to your App keep sales web page. No guarantee of sales right here, and depending on your software’s price, this leaves a minimal margin to spend on advertising and marketing. It can take 100 clicks to get a real sale, so maintain that in mind. Also, considering the fact that AdMob doesn’t goal your advertisements thoroughly, the people clicking aren’t clearly searching for what you are supplying as they would on a Google search.

Here are some examples of Google AdWords advertisements beneath organizations with cash to burn; this luxury is not something each person can have enough money. It may no longer be profitable anyway.



Kraft iPhone Application

No-Hassle Cooking w/Recipes And

Shopping Lists At Your Fingertips.



Free iPhone Download

Get Local Search Power On Your

iPhone Today! Find. Map. Save. Go.


One closing consideration: even if you damage even out of your advertising and marketing, you could grow your ranking in the shop and acquire extra sales from the accelerated publicity. If you’re famous, income can feed off them. Itunes is a distribution channel; however, so is Walmart. If you’re featured next to the check-in, you’re gonna get an extra income. If you’re at the bottom of the shelf on aisle 34, precise success!

10. Use Social Networks

Facebook Fan pages, online forums, and high-quality comments on top blogs and news websites allow you to get conversations started approximately your organization. Comments are even crawled and tracked by the principal search engines. Be a part of the discussion, and, in fact, percentage, something applicable, or this may work against you. It would help if you quickly came to be considered spam (and despised or banished via your fellow netizens). The subtlety here will deliver you a long way. Also, create profiles to further your cause.

11. Get Featured in the App Store

Obviously, this one is hard because how do you make it a part of your advertising plan? You do now not select. However, you are selected. I will say this for what it is well worth. I contacted iTunes approximately a month in the past and requested to be featured. Today we are. It never hurts to ask, and it could be really worth quite a package deal! You never understand who you’re going to attain. Someone may additionally say something to someone else. That’s how it occurs.

iPod Touch App

Thus a long way, we have increased our common everyday income almost tenfold. We are presently (2/23/09-three/nine/09) featured on the front web page of the App Store in iTunes below “New And Noteworthy” and #7 in “What’s New” at the iPhone/Touch.

Every time I contact media, even though nothing comes of it, I’m sharing my corporation and my product with effective humans (or human beings in contact with effective people). I in no way understand immediately or in a roundabout way where this can lead. Keep plugging away, and please share your thoughts and reports with me. I want to listen to them. I want you the greatest achievement!

John R. Haigh lately collaborated on the indoors design e-book, “What Would You Do With This Room? My 10 Foolproof Commandments to Great Interior Design” through Mark Lewison and written by Sherri Houtz. He additionally co-evolved the iPhone and iPod Touch digital interior dressmaker app, “Mark On Call.” He shares the cutting-edge useful and interesting data from an expansion of sectors (i.E. Arts & enjoyment, enterprise, technological know-how, and generation, to call a few) on his private “Friends With Strangers” blog.