Top Five Benefits of Home Additions


Well-planned home additions are a smart way to boost your years’ old property’s appearance and value. They let you transform the premises and bring in the much-needed amenities, comfort, and functionality for your families. A home addition may be expensive but doesn’t have an immense potential to pay you back for later times to come. The value they add can be easily translated to cash when you plan to sell the home in the future. Home additions help you upgrade your lifestyle for entertainment and organize your household items in a better way. Here is how it benefits you in several ways:

 Top Five Benefits of Home Additions

Builds an Extra Living Space

The biggest reason for people resorting to home additions is for their additional needs. Not everyone can move to a new location and leave behind where they have grown and lived for years. But what happens when your family grows? Well, in such a situation, adding a room or two seems the most viable solution. You can design the ideal nursery for your newborn, add a mother-in-law suite, guest bedroom, entertainment room, sunroom, extra bathroom, and more.

Saves Moving Expenses

Home additions are costly but great options than you might even think. It is because purchasing a larger home and then spending on moving expenses is likely to cost you more than the addition of a room to the existing house. In the Calgary real estate market, the average price you pay for buying a new residential property is approximately $450K – $500K, which is, of course, way more expensive than a home addition.

Increases Your Home’s Resale Value

As mentioned already, the biggest benefit of home addition is that it boosts the ROI of your house. Not only that, the right kind of screened-in balconies, open decks, and patios enhances the curb appeal of potential buyers and help you reap the benefits when it is time to resell. However, I highly recommend doing a good amount of research or contacting a real estate expert first to understand what kind of addition can work in your favor in the long run.

Creates a Customized Living

The moment you build more space in your home, you see the endless opportunities you didn’t have before. You can explore the layout and redecorate the area with a new theme. You can invite more relatives and friends for an in-house party that wasn’t possible in the past. However, you need guidance from a remodeling professional who can help you design a perfect house addition as per your budget.

Serves as an Additional Source of Income

A lot of homeowners in Calgary make additions to their houses to have them rented. With a full bedroom and bathroom, the entire home can be extended to make a living or cover up the building costs. Though this might not sound like a common route to take, it is an intelligent one considering the current times.