Tips to Maintain Commercial Doors


Every business owner knows how important commercial doors are for safety and the attractiveness of the commercial building. But, because they are used regularly, keeping them in a highly maintained state is crucial. Only a well-maintained commercial door can serve for a long time. If you are also a business owner, you must learn the below-given tips to maintain the commercial doors.

Handle commercial doors gently – 

As commercial doors have to face wear and tear regularly, please don’t be harsh towards them. While opening and closing the doors, don’t put much force on them, and remember not to push with your feet. If you have invested your money in something, you should treat it gently. Also, don’t try to open the locks forcefully, as it can lead to broken locks.

Maintain Commercial Doors

Clear all the debris – 

Another important step towards maintaining commercial doors is keeping debris away. Keep the surroundings clean so that debris doesn’t get trapped in the locking system or other moving parts of the door.

Perform regular checks – 

Being an owner of the business, it is your duty to check your facility’s commercial doors. Perform regular checks by examining the condition of the door. In case you find any issue hire a commercial door repair company.

Keep the door dry –

 While cleaning your commercial facility, avoid wetting the doors and their parts. Water can sometimes lead to rusting, and the lifespan of your door will reduce. In case the doors get wet, get them cleaned immediately.

Lubricate moving components – 

This is the most important step that you should not skip at any cost regarding commercial door maintenance. As the doors are made of moving parts, keeping them well-lubricated is of utmost importance. It is because lubrication ensures the smooth movement of doors. Lubricants decrease the stress on the door opener and rollers and prolong their lives. So, use a quality lubricant at least twice a year to ensure the doors’ proper functioning.

Check the batteries of the doors that are operated with battery –

 If your commercial doors are battery-operated, then you have to ascertain that batteries are working properly. If you happen to notice any leak, then it indicates some potential damage to the locking system. In such a situation, you may have to get the entire door system changed. You can even hire technicians to learn about the condition of the battery.

Tighten the loose bolts – 

With regular usage, the bolts of doors may loosen. Loosen bolts can lead to a hazardous situation if not dealt with on time. So, try to fix them with a socket wrench.

Hire a commercial door repair company –

 If some problems require professionals to repair them, then hire a commercial door repair expert soon. Don’t wait for the situation to worsen. A professional will fix all the issues and thus can help in increasing the durability of your doors.