FIU School of Architecture – Why Should I Study Architecture?


With the need to adapt to the changing world and the growing needs of technology and humanity, it is no surprise that architecture has become more diverse. Today, architecture has become more than simply designing buildings and infrastructure. It is a profession that includes everything from urban planning, space utilization, and design to architectural engineering, interior design, and sustainable development.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career as an architect, you’ll need to study at the world’s top schools for architectural design. If you’re thinking of applying to these schools, there are a few questions that you should ask yourself to make sure that you’re studying in the right school.

At the FIU School of Architecture, we are committed to providing our students with a broad-based education that enables them to become leaders in their fields. We offer a balanced curriculum with a strong architecture, design, and engineering foundation. Our students need to understand the theoretical and practical principles behind their work. We aim to give them a thorough understanding of our discipline so they can confidently work at any stage of the career cycle.


Architecture is more than just building.

While the primary focus of an architecture degree is to design and build buildings, you should consider other aspects of architecture. These include how architects are trained, their skills, and how architecture is integrated into society.

Before you apply to architecture school, knowing what you’ll be getting into is important. Some people who study architecture think they will only be designing and building buildings. However, the world of architecture is more than just buildings.

First, you’ll need to study the history of architecture and how it has evolved. This includes learning about classical architecture, modern architecture, and the different styles of architecture, such as Gothic, Art Deco, and Brutalist.

You’ll also need to study how architects are trained. While most architectural students are educated in the United States, the world of architecture is much larger than in the US.

Finally, you’ll need to learn the skills required to be an architect. You’ll need to know the different design aspects, such as how buildings are planned, designed, and built. You’ll also need to know about the different types of materials that are used to construct structures.

While you can become an architect by following a traditional route, it is possible to be a self-taught architect.

What do I get from studying architecture?

Here are five things you’ll get from studying architecture:

  1. You’ll have a well-rounded education.

Architecture is a broad field. There are different types of projects, such as commercial, residential, and industrial. As an architect, you’ll be responsible for all of these types.

  1. You’ll have a unique job title.

An architect is an expert in construction and planning. You can pursue other careers, such as civil engineering, interior design, and project management.

  1. You’ll gain valuable real-world experience.

You’ll learn how to use your skills in a professional environment. This is extremely important for any career.

  1. You’ll have a degree that employers respect.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for architects is about $64,450. That’s about $10,000 higher than the median for all other professionals.

  1. You’ll have the opportunity to work on some incredible projects.

Many famous architects have designed the world’s most famous buildings. You’ll work on some of the world’s most impressive structures, from the Empire State Building to the Burj Khalifa.

Why study architecture at FIU?

FIU is the best architecture school. It’s a comprehensive four-year program provides students with a strong foundation in architecture fundamentals. The university offers a variety of degree programs in architecture and construction management.

FIU allows students from the largest universities in the state. Students can easily commute to campus from many different parts of South Florida. FIU also will enable students to pursue their dream careers as licensed architects.

Students can choose between the Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, the Bachelor of Science in Architecture, and the Master of Architecture. FIU also offers various specializations, such as sustainable design, interior design, and urban design.

The Commission accredits FIU on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, and the Florida Board approves the College of Governors.

Students can earn a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture in two years. They can have a Bachelor of Science in Architecture in three years. Students can earn a Master of Architecture in four years.

How do I apply for admission?

To apply to a top-tier architecture program, you must take the right steps to secure an interview. While every school is different, most of these steps are common among the best schools.

Before you begin, consider the types of schools you’re interested in. The most competitive schools for architecture are called “grandfathered” programs. These programs are highly selective and have a history of accepting only a certain number of students each year.

Some of these programs are private, whereas others are public universities.

If you’re looking at a grandfathered program, you must check its admissions requirements. Once you’ve found a program that fits your interests, you’ll need to find a way to get admitted.

You can do this by submitting your applications early. It would help if you also considered applying for scholarships.

Frequently asked questions about architecture

Q: What makes an architect special?

A: An architect is in the position of being an intermediary between the designer and the real builder of a building. An architect has to be creative and understand the client’s needs. Architects have to consider the aesthetics as well as the practicality of a building.

Q: How important is education in the field of architecture?

A: It is essential for architects to have a good understanding of the basic sciences. If we want a good society, we must keep our population educated.

Q: Is there a career path after getting your degree?

A: There are a lot of different paths for an architect. Some architects enter construction, while others become project managers or marketing directors.

Q: Why should I study architecture?

A: If you study architecture, you can be involved with various fields.

Top Myths About Architecture

  1. Architecture is not a science; it’s an art.
  2. Architecture is only for rich people.
  3. Architecture is only for the rich and famous.
  4. Architecture is only for men.


Architecture has always been in demand. There are many jobs in the field. People like to live in beautiful homes. Architects are needed to design them. People want their homes to be safe and comfortable. Architects create beautiful places that are built to last.

There are many different types of architecture. The study of architecture involves learning the history of architecture. It also includes studying how buildings are designed. This knowledge helps students plan for the future.

Students who have a passion for creating beautiful places will enjoy architecture. People who become architects must have a strong desire to help others. They must enjoy working with people.

Architects are in demand. They can earn a high salary. People who become architects can choose where they live. They can work in their own country or travel around the world.

Architects can specialize in certain areas. For example, they can focus on designing buildings. They can also focus on creating landscapes or other outdoor spaces.

Architects work in a variety of fields. They may design restaurants, hospitals, schools, parks, etc.