A famous blogger shares what it takes to be a grasp inside the industry


Jia Singh, the brains at the back of Wandering For Wellness, talks approximately how she made it as aa hit blogger. Graet New

The journey to self-discovery is often long and tedious, but there are those with the gift and braveness to introspect from a young age. Through her fitness and tour blog, Wandering For Wellness, Jia Singh has worked her manner to a holistic way of lifestyles at the same time as know-how her very own strengths and capabilities alongside the manner. The “body effective author” shares her insights on nutrients, fitness, travel, beauty, and health on her blog, and accompanies them with fashionably shot pics.
Speaking with FEMAIL, she exhibits, “I’ve been a contract writer for almost eight years now and feature contributed to some of the quality magazines and websites on travel and well-being. I wanted so that it will percentage my journey on a platform that I ought to manipulate. Family and pals entreated me to begin this blog in 2015 because there has been a real dearth of health and wellbeing blogs in India.”


Singh took a concept from the likes of writers Jessica Sepel, Ella Woodward, Hannah Bronfman and Kriss Carr, who write and inspire readers with workout motion pictures, recipe hacks, and eco-aware splendor tips.

Meanwhile, Singh’s attain has grown fast over the last 12 months and staying actual to her oeuvre – of reviewing spa getaways, medical tourism, Ayurvedic Immersions and yoga retreats – has helped carve a gap. Revealing her strategy, she states, “I even have had to diversify and reinvent myself pretty a bit inside a final couple of years to maintain up. While I began out writing food critiques and nutrition bits for the most element, I actually have ventured into the world of tour and well-being writing. I publish on Instagram two times a day – maybe 3 instances if I’m in an area it really is exceedingly lovely – and I try to get a blog publish in each 3 days or so.”



As expected, Singh’s tastefully shot swimming wear snapshots attract their share of admirers, but she has learned to paintings around it. “I was very touchy about what humans would say to me on social media for wearing swimming wear. Many tears and several rants later, I realized that this become out of doors my manager. Nothing I do will ever be able to make absolutely everyone satisfied and I have learned how to discover my peace with it.”

She provides, “Every time I experience bothered approximately someone hating on social media, I remember the quote that Dita Von Teese become recognized for – ‘You can be the ripest, juiciest peach inside the international and there may be still going to be a person that hates peaches.’ So as long as you are not offending everybody and you are confident in your personal skin, I say go beforehand.”

Staying match is going hand in hand, which she credits to the philosophy of “mindful consuming and taking note of your body”. She states, “I have realized that removing rules and permitting yourself to consume intuitively by way of taking note of your frame serves well. If I crave something salty or sweet, I now indulge myself without guilt. It takes the strain off meals, considering the fact that people have a tendency to punish themselves for now not sticking to a dietary routine, that is harmful in the long run.”

While her blog is gaining popularity, the economic kingdom hasn’t constantly been as rosy, as she stocks, “Everyone who has ever written for a blog, internet site or magazine is aware of thoroughly that writers aren’t paid well and regularly writing alone isn’t always sufficient to pay lease and salaries. The money isn’t always great mainly whilst you are beginning out however in case you are devoted, you may find exclusive approaches to earn money whilst writing.”

Yet the journey has been pleasant, with an awful lot to examine over time. “Professionally, I even have realized that it’s miles okay to now not recognize what you need to do with your lifestyles. A lot of us are unkind to ourselves and problem ourselves to a number of needless pressure by traumatic answers we do not have yet. I, too, have done that till I realized that it wasn’t worth it and I became best hurting myself in the process.”


As for her personal lessons, Singh looks at the positives in situations. “I even have learned that we are more potent than we give ourselves credit for. The matters that have changed my mood, health, and outlook on life were the fun of solo-visiting and the bliss one experiences put up a yoga session. I become worried about journeying on my own to parts of the arena that I hadn’t frequented due to the fact I was scared of the unknown, however nowadays, I would not have it every other manner.”

Singh has a few phrases of recommendation for other bloggers. “Don’t surrender your full-time process before you start earning profits as a blogger or an influencer,” she says, adding, “Stick to your niche. You may not turn out to be a hit in a single day but if you hold operating at it and live proper- achievement will come. Also, take into account to submit simplest top great content material. It is ok if you cannot submit normal so long as your content sport is powerful.”

Communicating and networking are also essential in her book. “Try and spot how human beings reply while you proportion your story with the world. Interact with different bloggers from different walks – even in the digital area, networking is extremely important to make pals and be inspired through specific bills. Every on occasion, scroll thru your feed and touch upon debts that encourage you and inform them why. Pay them a compliment however absolutely mean it and comply with up with a message to satisfy or chat. This goes a long manner in setting up relationships, even inside the online space.”