6 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Die in 2018


The Digital Marketing domain is something that has constantly been developing. What was so important and vital yesterday could have absolutely no value the very next day. Businesses today have learned the value of digital marketing and its usefulness to target potential customers. Trends come and go all the time, and to pave the way for the new, the old needs to die. In this post, we will discuss 6 digital marketing trends that will be rendered obsolete in 2018:

digital marketing trends
1. Text Optimization:

There was a time when big long blog posts used to get preference on Google in search and relevance. This meant that all websites did engage in writing acre long texts to be ranked preferentially over others. This fad will finally die down in 2018. Google today has changed its search engine preferences to give way to showcasing better and engaging content on its pages. Businesses need to start priming their audio, video, and visual content today to stay ahead of the curb.

2. Organic reach on Facebook:

Social media trends like Facebook’s Organic reach will become a thing of the past this year. As the company leaps to become more commercial, this trend will die down for good. This has been on a slow decline since 2014, ranging from 5-10% until last year and slowly getting to nil. Businesses today don’t need to spend more time on Facebook’s Organic reach anymore. Looking for more such interesting content? Then do visit the website imillenialtrends.com.

3. Marketing automation:

Times now are changing, and customers today prefer a more personal touch than the shoddy cold marketing gimmicks thrown at them. It means that brands and businesses need to use this tool moderately and that they get rid of the automization process completely and replace thins with a humane and more personal touch. Customers need to feel awed and connected with the places they want to spend their money on. The personal touch or humanism will take the prime spot this year.

4. E-Books:

As consumers’ attention span gets shorter and shorter, the need for expertly written e-books will die out completely. This has been a long time coming, and businesses would need to find a way around this. Today’s online world is already providing marketers with a plethora of options to develop and share information in a more engaging manner. What people need is concise information in a small package that doesn’t require deep introspection. Therefore, the need for specialized and expert e-books will have to take back foot this year.

5. Generic blog posts:

Click baiting is something that the new age consumer is tired of, and making the mistake of driving traffic using this tactic is bound to backfire come 2018. This means that businesses need to create specific or articulate blogs with a focus on quality. Unless your construct addresses their pain points, you can be assured they won’t stick around for more than a few seconds on your site.

6. Long video adverts:

If your video advert today spans more than 6 seconds, then it is but a complete waste. People on the internet today have a few seconds of attention span, and longer video adverts are bound to be ignored. Even Youtube today is pushing for hyper short video ads. Following close on its path is the social media giant, Facebook. So there we have the 6 digital marketing trends that will not see the light beyond this year.