Server Downtime? What Downtime? How to Never have Server Downtime?


Technology: Secrets using technology to keep massive sums of cash, increase profits and increase worker productivity. What IT companies will no longer (cannot) let you know. The 100% commercial enterprise continuity solution.

Technology – Without it, the global business might disintegrate. Unfortunately, with the generation, it may additionally be high-priced and, in instances, unreliable. Our cause is to explain how a few clients have eliminated a chief costly aspect in their business – Downtime planned or unplanned. A seemingly unsolvable and foremost setback for commercial enterprise and Administrators alike that has indeed been the cause for a commercial enterprise to;


1. File bankruptcy within six months of a crash

2. Loss of clients/patients

3. Loss of lots if no longer thousands and thousands of greenbacks annually

4. Loss of jobs and inadvertently causing a business enterprise to downsize

5. Loss of records and the enormous value to restore those facts – if that is feasible

6. And most importantly, the tremendous strain at the enterprise and the techs who paintings so tough to try to keep your systems online.

What are the solutions? Well, the latest requirements may ask you to buy an overpriced cluster answer that still simplest gives 99.9% up-time. That nevertheless is almost 9 hours of downtime every year. On discovering the reliability of a cluster, we talked to many customers using cluster solutions. In reality, they admit that they have no concept the gadget will also kick in if there’s a state of affairs that requires it. We aren’t, including the scripting, control, hardware value, more than one Operating Systems (OS), and programs, amongst different elements. There are many “solutions” that’s a shaggy dog story while you are the only answerable for your structures staying up.


“Well, that is all that is available, right? I imply we can’t find the money for to pay hundreds of lots of dollars just like the big businesses for a country of the art structures.” The reality is even big groups are dropping the fantastic amount of money, information safety, and their high-quality technicians are still at a loss looking to engineer a manageable solution. Sure, you can use Unix or Solaris; however, that is a software program solution, and that still does not cope with the hassle’s hardware aspect. A

This is wherein I am available. I experience in business and mainly the techs. These guys are the pulse of corporations, and they nevertheless get little or no respect and even much less pay for their incredible clear up. However, you will be greatly surprised at companies that are offered a solution and afraid of trade. Personally, I do not lose any sleep if a business enterprise does not use a new technology or at least research what is accessible- their competition will. They can reduce their working price, boom their manufacturing price, and in many cases, each. In many situations, this percentage is over 50%!

I am certain you know this, but technology applied properly needs to make your agency lots greater capital in return. After all, is the motive of investing in any era also the equal motive for making investments within the first area, to make money? To the degree and great one outflow his time, money, and so forth. It may be proportionate to what he inflows. Simultaneously, this conventional simple philosophy of life holds real competence, ingenuity, and the capability to maintain your ground and be triumphant separate those who be triumphant and end up effective and people who do not. With this stated, in clever palms, generation can do fantastic matters; however, it could damage an enterprise and even lives in the wrong hands. However, we all agree it takes cash to make money; however, let me display you a few approaches to help you with all of that. Here are some approaches to earnings the use of technology. Let us take a server. Although IT organizations will by no means admit it, they count on matters to take place.


Servers cross down, and that is very common. We all agree downtime (the time the server is down or inoperable or inaccessible) does certainly purpose a business to lose money, lose customers, and may even inadvertently cost lives; we’ve all agreed on that. We have also agreed that repairing any statistics loss and the alternative issues associated with downtime, to financial loss and horrific PR from dropping clients (and misplaced clients) because you could not serve them after they needed its miles very, very bad. Well, I have a few top-notch news for you! There are multiple very workable answers for venture important servers that we observed that are meager cost.

1. The real definition of Fault-Tolerant servers.

While many servers claim to be fault-tolerant, I most effectively determined one this is sincerely a hundred% FT server! We are not talking about a reflected disk or an HD RAID but the entire container. We observed a server that does not have one unmarried factor of failure! Imagine a whole container that is Fault Tolerant! We actually have a written assurance of ninety-nine.999% up-time!

2. Your client needs and may have 99.999% up-time at a hundred% availability. What does that suggest?

It method that you will have greater possibilities of triumphing the lottery than having your server go down. Most redundant and “included” servers have at the satisfactory ninety-nine. 9%. This is the famous cluster answer. This breaks all the way down to approximately 8hrs and 45 mins. WOW! That is definitely bad, and the well-known well knew for a whole lot of businesses. That is unacceptable for my clients, and in case your employer has simply as many essential records that cannot be down, this manifestly isn’t a terrific answer.


So you may see that a server that has ninety-nine.999% uptime giving a business enterprise one hundred% enterprise continuity will shop your employer thousands if not tens of millions of dollars yearly, treasured time, and significantly boom worker manufacturing. Most importantly, it’s going to cozy your customer’s faith in the ability of your employer. As some distance as I realize there isn’t anyone that desires to hear – “sorry, but we can’t service you reason our servers are down.” But I could be incorrect!

3. Active improve

Can you believe if you may check all of your patches, updates, and improvements before installing? If the new updates are suspected to reason troubles, you could “rollback” to the preceding setting. How good deal money and time will that save you? Let us say that maximum companies spend hundreds of greenbacks every 12 months to have a unique branch or unit to take a look at patches, updates, and upgrades now, not to say repairing a down server if the ones updates do now not work. Do no longer neglect – even though you need to reboot to install those updates – your client nonetheless has 100% availability!

4. The NEC Fault Tolerant server supports many Operating structures (OS) through virtualization if wished.

If needed, you may also have multiple ora on one server thru virtual surroundings rather than buying many additional servers. These machines will also automatically reboot the OS/software and try to get the software again on-line. Again, there may be nevertheless a hundred% availability!

5. Remote management

Lights out computing; Are you traveling in France? With far-off management, you may be immediately notified when a customer’s FT Server is having troubles. Note: To this date, there have never been any reviews of these servers having any troubles.

6. These are also all hot-swappable HD’s.

7. These servers run a little more luxurious than a regular GP (well-known reason) server; however, far less than a cluster answer.

8. many additional benefits and features are very extraordinary, but my process isn’t to sell you – it’s to educate you that downtime is yesterday’s information. The era is incredible, it’s new, and it works. Of path, except you like yesterday’s tools, you’ll need this to get beforehand.

With this stated, how a whole lot is it to you to eventually get rid of downtime?? Do you actually need your opposition to have this era before you? Can you spot that placing your sources from sluggish, expensive, and unreliable servers to the right gadget will permit your techs paintings on the alternative crucial initiatives (aside from downtime)? Do you remember the economic sources you may use to expand your company and, most significantly – the restored religion your clients may have in you?


Wes Tafoya is the Vice President and spearheads for BeechTek Inc. Specialists in casting off server downtime and solving statistics middle issues different corporations can not solve. Wes has workplaces in Washington State, Iowa, Southern California, and the north suburbs of Chicago. Divorced, Wes has one son named Damion. Besides skiing, SCUBA, and other sports activities, along with his son, Wes, in his spare time, spend lots of his spare time analyzing historical cultures, history, and certain sciences. Wes was raised in Orange County, California, and moved to Illinois in 1994 and has been there when you consider that. He tells people, “Sure, I will flow again once I make my first million-I. Do now not want to disappoint me.”