4 Ways to Avoid Hiring Wrong Home Inspector


Home inspections are necessary for knowing your living space. Your home also requires maintenance and cleanliness, just like you need check-ups and sanitation. Then why compromise with your home? People tend to hire unprofessional home inspectors in a hurry that could be disastrous. They make fake reports and do not inspect your home thoroughly but charge you a lot. It becomes challenging to differentiate between a professional from the less accomplished because not all states regulate or license home inspectors.

Home Inspector

professional home inspector is experienced, licensed, and cares about his reputation in the market. He inspects your home of all the problems and provides a detailed report of an infected area. Here are some steps that will guide you on how to avoid the wrong home inspector-

1) Ask for Credentials and Qualifications-

There is no shortage of home inspectors; therefore, do some researches. Take help from your real estate agent or friends who have hired a home inspector before. Whenever you find a home inspector you think is suitable for your home, check his credentials and qualifications before negotiating. If your home inspector makes excuses or procrastinates regarding his credentials, then he is not right for your home. He may be out to make some money by fooling you into a shallow inspection. If he is the right one, the first thing he will do is telling you about his qualification and credentials.

2) Review a Sample Home Inspection Report-

A professional home inspector must agree to send you a home inspection report. Top home inspectors in today’s business do not offer handwritten reports; they make use of vast technology to come up with digital reports whose records can be easily maintained. The report must be easy to read with different categories explained by texts and displayed images. The length of the report may vary according to the investigation but do not hire a home inspector who presents you a few slides/pages report. Home inspectors inspect and do not repair. If the report consists of repair costs, avoid hiring that inspector. The report should focus on areas that need to be repaired and why.

Main areas that should be included in the inspection must be-

  • Structural
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Plumbing

3) Ask for the Feedback of the Clients-

A reputed home inspector asks for feedback from the clients to overcome his mistakes if any. He will also be ready to provide you with the feedback of other customers so that you can choose easily among various home inspectors. If a home inspector refuses to give feedback to his clients or disappears after presenting the report, then he must be avoided at all cost; otherwise, after your home inspection, you will be disappointed.

4) The Length of Your Home Inspection-

The length of the inspection will help you decide whether you want to hire them or not. Most of the home inspections last for two to three hours and sometimes longer, maybe days. They have to climb different areas for investigation and make use of specific tools to handle stuff. Hire an inspection company that offers a wide variety of inspection services to cover all the areas of your house.