Thursday, October 22, 2020

Are you thinking about decorating your house and giving it a trendy look? If so, you should consider decorating your walls with the wallpapers which are highly in trend. When it comes to decorating walls, most people think about applying a fresh coat of paint and hanging some wall décor accessory. You can also update the walls of your home by choosing any finishing material- paint, wood, stone, glass, or mirrors. All these options offer some benefits but wallpaper remains the first choice of homeowners. This is because as compared to simply painting, wallpapers are available in hundreds of different patterns, colors, and textures, which cannot be imitated by paint.

Installing wallpapers is the best way to enhance the appearance of a dull space. They look attractive and classy but their great visual appeal is not the only reason for their popularity. Wallpaper is making a comeback because the latest available options offer many other benefits also than just beautifying your walls. You may apply beautiful wallpaper that matches your home’s theme in an entire room or just on a feature wall. So, if you’re unsure about choosing between wallpaper or paint for refinishing the walls, this post can help you make the right decision. Here we’ve mentioned the top benefits of choosing a wallpaper to freshen up your walls and give your home a trendy look.

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Get a Unique Look

When you have painted walls, you often hear “I have that same color in my house.” This happens because paints come in basic colors and most people choose the same neutral colors that compliment their home décor. But if you apply wallpaper on a feature wall, you get a unique look that you’re not likely to find in another home nearby. Wallpapers are available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and texture. You can easily find a design that perfectly blends with your home décor while adding a personality to your room. You may choose traditional designs, modern textures, or even a wooden and leather finishes for achieving the exact look you’re dreaming of.

Lasts Longer

Wallpaper technology has improved over the years and modern wallpapers can last up to 15 years. If you simply paint walls, you may need touch-ups every 3 years or so. But wallpapers are more durable and can be easily cleaned. The vinyl varieties of wallpaper are designed to last longer and when it gets a dirty spot, you can just wipe it off. However, wallpapers are not best suited for bathroom and other moisture-prone areas. But when installed in the bedroom and living room, wallpapers don’t chip or peel like paint.


Unlike a common belief, wallpapers are not expensive. Wallpapers are available in different qualities which mean that you can find a product in your price range. Due to the increasing popularity of wallpapers, manufacturers are producing products to fit everyone’s budget. Also, there’s an option to install wallpaper on a single wall or small area to transform the look of any room. When you choose one feature wall, you don’t need to buy several rolls. Moreover, if you consider the durability of wallpaper, it becomes a cost-effective option.