Woodworking Ideas For the Advanced Craftsman


Becoming an advanced craftsman isn’t easy. If you’re an experienced woodworker, you can remember how as a novice, even crafting a simple item was a daunting task. Now that you’ve developed your skills significantly, you need to reward yourself with new projects to make you more creative. Working on advanced projects helps you learn new skills and keeps woodworking interesting to you. Working with wood may seem simple, especially when working on the same daily using an X-carve machine. You, however, need to have fresh ideas that can add value to your skill.

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Here are some ideas that you can incorporate during your woodworking venture.

Wave Shelves

These are magnificent pieces of art that can fit in any corner of a house. They are cheap to make because they require a few materials. Because they are indoor furniture, you can use low-quality woods like Aspen to make them. Before you start making them, you need to carefully study their plan to make the correct marks for cuts and alignment. Any small miscalculation can easily spoil your design. Making wave shelves can be a quick project for you if you’re an advanced craftsman because assembling the cut-out pieces is easy. These shelves also take a short period to produce, making them a good source of quick revenue. You can find a wide variety of wave shelf plans and designs on the internet. If you have CNC software, it can also help you craft unique designs and achieve precision during assembling.

Rocker Chair

One advanced project that you can invest in is to build a rocker chair that can also act as a seat for two lovebirds. Making this chair isn’t as easy as crafting a single chair. It may require you to add rounded arms and a curved back. Because it’s a glider chair, you may have to rack your brain to ensure its rocking mechanism works well. You can take your creativity a notch higher by including a roof in your finished design.

Redwood Gazebo

A gazebo can create memorable outdoor moments for a person’s family. It can be a classic addition to a garden and may offer many perks such as al fresco dining. Making this piece of furniture with redwood can be ideal because redwood is affordable, resistant to termites, easy to with, and beautiful. This can be an exciting project for you if you’re an advanced artisan because it will provide you with opportunities to add a personal touch. Because gazebos can be made in several shapes, using an X-carve machine can help you carve intricate designs. It would be best if you remembered to maintain precision and consistency with whichever shape you select.

The Bottom-line

Though the ideas above are not an exhaustive list of every advanced project you can work on, they can improve your creativity. Working on these ideas may require you to have the right tools and machines to be successful. With the right tools and the right plan, you will find it exciting to implement these ideas. So, roll up your sleeves, and sharpen your blades because these ideas will boost your confidence, enrich your skills, and create revenue.