The Mobile World Congress 2008 – An Overview


Recently, in Barcelona, the annual Mobile World Congress (or MWC) came about, with the fundamental producers showcasing several of what we all may be longing for the rest of the year. It lived as much as expectations, with the three major manufacturers each showcasing new flagship gadgets, in addition to having lots of first-rate surprises.


This annual occasion was previously called the 3GSM Congress. However, the call change does not detract from the purpose – showcasing the most hotly-anticipated new cell telephones to the market. The highlights of the MWC vary, depending on where you read; however, with an event as big as this, that isn’t mainly surprising as some devices unveiled had lengthy-been rumored in addition to others that seemingly came out of nowhere. My non-public highlights have been an interesting improvement from Sony Ericsson, a long-awaited announcement from Nokia, and LG’s trying to break into the huge leagues.

Now, this is a thrilling one. The U900 will likely be the remaining addition to the Samsung Ultra range, following the famous U600 and its 3G [grade, the U700. The U900 Soul (which stands for Spirit Of Ultra) may aim to finish off the collection in fashion while maintaining the equal high-cease functions and minimum length – 12.9mm thick in this example – that made the Ultra Series so popular. The U900 Soul will include a 5MP camera with autofocus, flash, face detection & photograph stabilizer; 3G HSDPA at 7.2Mbps; a 2.2″ TFT 16M coloration show Bluetooth 2.0 with an A2DP profile for connection of wi-fi Bluetooth headphones.

A small touch-touchy panel is positioned underneath the main display, replacing the old button layout. The on-display icons alternate depending on the screen you’re in, such as track keys while inside the tune participant. Although this navigation solution has been seen before in the Samsung E950, a flagship handset just like the U900 Soul will, without a doubt, have this applied higher, and the early symptoms are very encouraging? The U900 Soul looks thus far like a becoming epitaph to the Samsung Ultra series because it combines top-of-the-wall technical functions in conjunction with an innovative navigation technique. Providing that the touch panel is mainly applied correctly, there’s no reason why this can’t eclipse each of the U700 & U600 as a Samsung flagship mobile.


After countless speculation movements with varying accuracy ranges, the Nokia N96 was revealed sooner or later. It’s a beast in phrases of both physicality and technology. Nokia N96 takes the equal layout from the N81 and provides the dual-sliding action from the N95 to house fixed multimedia keys for video & track playback. Although it is a touch on the hefty side because of the 125-gram load, the sheer amount of functions stuffed in makes it worthwhile.

The Nokia N96 has a 5MP Carl Zeiss Optics camera with flash & autofocus, 30 frames in step with 2D video recording, 128MB of RAM, and a DVB-H Digital TV receiver. Connectivity is far and away from the best-scoring factor of the N96. As properly as the usual options of GPRS, Bluetooth 2. Zero & EDGE (class 32 in this situation), the N96 may have wi-fi & 3G HSDPA at three.6Mbps. This does hammer home the factor that Nokia needs the N96 to be the whole multimedia device in the marketplace, and before you ask – yes, that does encompass sat-nav. Nokia Maps model 2. Zero comes pre-loaded to supplement the integrated GPS receiver.

Re-iterating that factor even further is the memory capacity, which is an outstanding 16GB internal, as well as the possibility of upgrading through a microSD card, taking the maximum in all likelihood reminiscence to a large 24GB (it’s assuming SDHC playing cards are supported.) Undoubtedly, the Nokia N96 became the maximum-characteristic pack of the devices unveiled at the 2008 MWC. However, my concerns are with the general weight and the doubtlessly insufficient 950mAh battery, which is bloodless yet proves to be a problem within the unique N95, but we will wait and see on that count. Suffice it to say that if the N96 lives as much as it promises, the N95 will be left standing.

This is individual with the aid of some distance & away the maximum specific offering provided for the duration of the entire MWC, which considers some of the downright unusual stuff on provide, is quite a success. The premise is you buy the smartphone, which operates as a standard smartphone with a music participant. Also, you connect a ‘jacket’ to this small module to feature a particular characteristic. The super component of this kind of flexibility is that, in principle, the Modu will not be out of favor or obsolete. The ‘jackets’ on display have been the boombox & gaming versions, which are exactly as they sound – the boombox is for stronger tune playback & the gaming model is for cell games and a larger display. Further jackets are to be launched consisting of a sat-nav model and a rumored garage version, which would add a USB port to the Modu to allow it to be plugged immediately right into a PC without the want of a cable connection.


All in all, the e Modu is a thrilling concept, and the great component is that so long as improvements (or jackets) remain synthetic and in step with the market area on time, then the Modu is more than able to preserve up with the opposition just by way of adding a straightforward development.