The Major Types Of Popular Commercial Flooring


Enumerated below are some of the most talked-about commercial flooring types recently.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a commercial concrete flooring category that has become extremely popular. In this type of flooring, the hardened core is used along with vinyl, making it easier for the workers and the professionals to improve and work on the subfloor perfections. Vinyl flooring can provide you with a better, hardened core structure. It has the same hardness as hardwood flooring. However, it does not cost as exorbitantly high as the former.
Along with that, they are also easily maintained with a relatively lower maintenance cost. Vinyl comprises synthetic and natural polymer materials, and vinyl floorings are extremely common in hospitals, schools, office lobbies, and other such commercial spaces. Most commercial owners choose vinyl flooring over different categories because of the many designs that can be produced when opting for such an alternative and its tensile and durable material.

Popular Commercial Flooring

Epoxy Concrete Flooring

Apart from vinyl flooring, epoxy concrete flooring is another popular option amongst commercial estate owners. The epoxy coating is spread out over the concrete floors, making it extremely durable and sustainable for a prolonged period. However, ensure that when you opt for epoxy concrete flooring, you are securing the services of a certified and professional substantial flooring expert. You must choose one that provides the best quality services at an economical market price. Applying epoxy coating over the concrete floor’s surface renders it a smooth, high-performance surface, which can be extremely tenacious for a long time. If you have a commercial estate dealing with heavy loads, the epoxy concrete flooring option would be most suitable for you as it can endure heavy on its surface. Moreover, epoxy concrete flooring has been used by commercial estates for many years now, making it a veteran in this category. The hardness of the epoxy concrete flooring comes from blending the hardener’s chemical components and the resin.

Tile Flooring

One of the most classic options for commercial estate flooring is tile flooring. Despite glossy coatings and decorative concrete, this option is still widespread among commercial estate owners. In commercial spaces, larger tiles cover a greater surface area. In this category, the porcelain tiles still seem to reign supreme, giving the room a high-quality look. Even the tiles are quite difficult to install. If you are rendering commercial and professional concrete flooring experts’ assistance, you would not need to worry too much about the installation process as the experts will be competent enough to undertake this procedure easily. Again, you must reiterate that you must choose a reliable commercial concrete flooring contractor to tackle this process without any repair risks. Given that porcelain can be a little expensive, you also get decorative tiles in tangible form, which can fit your limited budget while giving you the same advantages as porcelain counterparts in terms of durability. If you are searching for a commercial concrete floor contractor in the Houston area, you can solicit the services of One Awesome Concrete to cater to all your requirements and demands in this area.